How To DELETE Your Online Identity | Go Incognito 2.4

Welcome to Go Incognito, a full guide to security, privacy and anonymity. This is lesson 4 of Section 2: Erasing Your Online Identity. This lesson covers how to remove your online digital footprint by assessing what accounts should be deleted/removed, how to improve privacy and security if you choose to keep them. and other useful tips. Have I Been Pwned,, removing social media, tempmail, freephonenum, justdeleteme, tineye, DMCA, and other useful services are all discussed in this lesson to better improve your digital footprint.

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40 thoughts on “How To DELETE Your Online Identity | Go Incognito 2.4”

  1. Jeffrey Carroll says:

    Dude that rocked! ,

  2. KT says:

    Thanks! I’ve liked and subscribed

  3. ZEROKOOL-20 says:

    But if you go on those sites and type in your name, then now is there.

  4. Dave Mighty says: does deletion professionally without it coming up again

  5. xBradt says:

    I found it really helpful to look at my Google Chrome password manager to get a long list of accounts that I've created. I mindlessly added passwords in there for 10+ years. This is an unbelievable amount of effort, but I think it is worth to become more intentional with using the internet.

  6. Tyrone K Jefferys says:

    OK I'm 1 min and 15 secs in, paused it and typed in 'sign up' and 'verify' in my gmail, this is gonna take a while lmao

  7. PREfixel says:

    Omg I just found this course and I just want to say its amazing!
    Unfortunately my dumbass in the past thought it would be a good idea to delete all my emails… so I'm kinda stuck with this :/

  8. a a says:

    good on you mate for doing this

  9. Jay Delorion says:

    I have a feeling he pays someone to read a script so his face isn't shown

  10. Sean's Myth says:

    There is a certain male fashion model who I think may have done this. He doesn't exist online anymore. No name, no hundreds of pictures, no videos on Youtube. It's especially strange because social media is their bread and butter. Kinda baffling.

  11. Ron Parcke-Wms says:

    Re 10:58, LOL Lifelock & Equifax dataleak?
    That's only part of the problem, but can it get any worse? If you include the accumulation actions they've been involved. The company is under nefarious leadership. Dig deeper bro…that rabbit hole goes deep and networked far.
    Indictments are coming if haven't been served already just yet. 10-24-2020

  12. Scott Morgan says:

    Need to delete anything without it popping up anytime your name is searched? is the best at doing just that

  13. Common Element says:

    Pipl seems to (ironically) require a sign up now.

  14. O Susannah says:

    Hi, do you have any suggestions for how to remove personal information on sites that took it from voter registration databases and do not have a working opt-out? My family has been trying to remove our information from but their opt-out consistently fails, and they do not respond when connected. We haven't found any information anywhere that lists anything beyond using the opt-out form that doesn't work. Voting shouldn't mean sacrificing your privacy.

  15. Mc Sam says:

    abchackers,com is the best deleting any information off the internet. I can testify to their competency.

  16. First Last says:

    pipl requires an account now

  17. Thomas Michael says:

    Still wondering how you got the bad reviews online. Thanks so much abchackers,com for the job

  18. Barangay Tanod says:

    Watching all his body movements and facial expressions is like watching a drunk man trying to BS you.

  19. [hERo] says:

    1:35 Pls help I am too dump to find that page…. what do i have to searc? if I just google "google my activity" it looks very different…

  20. Windowmaker says:

    Also microsoft collects your data so dont use any windows versions
    go straight to linux or else all of this effort wont be worth it

  21. J says:

    So Google owns LBRY? Wtf

  22. Claudia says:

    I have always freaked out that my online presence is available. I a more freaked out about how many of these sites require you to sign up to them and pay money to help you kill your profiles and accounts.

  23. Ames Gamache says:

    you could go incognito, but that is a personal seat with your local FBI agent.

  24. lhz_u says:

    i made a gmail account a few years back and it got hacked. i was very young so i was ignorant that even if i had personal things on the inbox i didn’t care. now i am trying to recover it but i can’t because i lost the sim card for the recovery number. 🙁 is there a way i can get this gmail account taken down? it is also connected to a youtube channel and the person who owns that youtube channel now is even impersonating to be me. they have my birthdate on the youtube channel and i made the account when i was 9. it also has foul words that a 9 year old at the time shouldn’t know. will reporting it as a minor get the youtube channel taken down? and maybe spamming the email so all the personal things get covered. i regret being introduced to the internet so young. but besides that i have cleared up some of my information online already like my instagram, snapchat, skype and other socials. + a few google searches that include my name.

  25. rainbow dash 7647 says:

    i love brave browser i use it every day i got of chrome

  26. Txppi says:

    I’ve done nothing wrong it’s just so weird how… MY INFORMATION IS MF ONLINE ITS SCARY

  27. Txppi says:

    Ok y’all

    I’m clean on “sign up and verify”( 1:15 )

    And “my activity page” 1:34

    And I’m clean on searching up your own email




    Ugh— I might just change my name when I get older. This is too much

  28. The BrokenPick says:

    If I delete my email that I have used for a lot of accounts online and start from scratch, every account that I have signed for with my old email will it be active or does this solve a lot of my problems?

  29. Paula Zemeckis says:

    I deleted my google acct and it made my phone not function.

  30. Paula Zemeckis says:

    Not a good idea to enter my info in order to delete my info. I just supply more personal info on a website. Then the vicious cycle keeps perpetuating. Sadly no one's info is private anymore. Get used to identify theft, robots calls…..

  31. 勇樹 says:

    Don't use your real name

  32. Łukasz Strobejko says:

    Algo killer thanks google.

  33. deborah white says:

    Brilliant…thanks for posting

  34. J R says:

    How about a series of videos with step by step on how to do this shit

  35. BytheBeardofYmir says:

    Anywho is asking me to pay to view the information, was it that way at the time of recording?

  36. Ruben de León says:

    I just remove all my passwords from the browsers and put them on a offline password manager (keepassxc). Oh my god the number of sites I am signed up and OMFG the number of sites I dont remember why the heck I'm signed on or for what. Im just tired of that and now I have to start deleting accounts… Just, wanna, cry… jajaja

    Thanks for all this tutorials, your channel is one of the most useful of YT!

  37. Sovereignty One says:

    Great guidance. Thank you. There are many cro*oks stea*ling our da*ta and making money from it. It's time for our cor*rupt g*over* to do something about the da*ta rob*bery by e*vil mon'+*opoly like com*panies such as Go*o*gle. Ourr da*ta is also being used to ex*ploit hum*anity many ways, one of which is tar*geting pol*itical oppo*sition.

  38. Beventar says:

    What is the search engine at 4:32?

  39. Mc Sam says:

    abchackerscom is the best deleting any information off the internet. I can testify to their competency..

  40. Tarun Chand says:

    I have a Facebook account I have not touched since 2016. I don't remember the password, I don't remember the security question and I don't have access to the email I used to sign up. that account is just there. I see it through my friends' accounts and can't do anything about it. I have asked my friends to report the account but they get a generic response like: "thanks for reporting but we did not find the account to be against our terms of service". I wonder how many dead people's accounts are out there on facebook. I don't know what are the getting from this 10 year old account that has not been active for 5 years now. just get rid of it goddammit.

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