How to EXPEDITE your delayed tax REFUND!! Topic 152, Error department, Bars disappeared

How to EXPEDITE your delayed tax REFUND!! Topic 152, Error department, Bars disappeared

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30 thoughts on “How to EXPEDITE your delayed tax REFUND!! Topic 152, Error department, Bars disappeared”

  1. You should get yourself a tax advocate I've had my tax return from 2019 held up from August of 2019 of 20/20 I'm sorry and in January I decided the heck with it I'm going to get me a tax advocate well I got one and she did her thing and I got a letter from IRS dated February 11th that they're they're doing my refund and I called up yesterday the 25th and they said my tax return is done and I am scheduled for a refund around the 8th of April you should get you a tax advocate they are free and they will work for you good luck and God bless

  2. All the delays needs to stop the american people needs their stimulus check and taxes for bills and food gas meds like yesterday . So get off ur buts and do yawl jobs thats what your getting paid tp do!!

  3. Filed my boyfriends tax return on the 02/12 and was accepted on the 02/13 after 21 days the bar was gone and it said “still being processed” we were giving up we tried calling and we couldn’t get through but I’m happy to say we checked his WMR yesterday and the bars there and it said approved and is scheduled to be deposited on 03/31, we’ve been waiting for 46 days guys. DONT GIVE UP❤️

  4. My refund is going to be garnished so I’m not worried about the money but I am owed about 6k in stimulus money that can’t be garnished and I think that because they haven’t processed my taxes yet with my new address and confirmation of my correct bank info that they already have I haven’t received a second or third stimulus. My refund was accepted on Feb 13th so I’m way over 21 days at about 43 days

  5. I actually called them and got an answer and the customer service agent said that she couldn’t help me with my refund information also she said not too give personal information such as ssc or birthday I filled February 18 and it’s almost April my sister got her and we live in the same house hold which is weird

  6. I phoned the IRS after Charles P. Rettig said to the House the difference between Error dept in Kansas & backlogged. They said ours is in backlogged thankfully, bec Errors in Kansas was closed for a bit due to their weather. If its electronicly processed with no Errors to direct deposit supposidly they are trying to get those as soon as possible. Will see. Accepted Feb12 anticipated March 6th still waiting.

  7. I had a friend waiting on their 2019 and now their 2020 tax refunds. They called their state senators office and asked to speak with someone. They got a call back after explaining everything. The senators office got in contact with the irs, the irs called them within 24 hrs and within 7 days they had their 2019 return in their bank.

  8. I have called the irs ever day since march has begun because i have been in processed since fed 13th. Am still waiting and all it says its still in process and a date will be available when it available. I still have rent i still have due from 2020 car payments and utilities irs wrong year to delay tax returns

  9. I called the regular irs number and asked about expediting my return. This was about 9 days ago and she said they aren't doing that. I was upset.

  10. I'm still waiting on my refund and my stimulus. My husband got both of his already but I haven't gotten mine and I checked the where is my refund and the status of my stimulus it keeps saying that my information can't be found. So when I FINALLY got a hold of someone and they told me that everything is still being processed.

  11. Hi babe I just wanted to say I had to use a tax advocate in order to get my 2019 tax refund now she says that it was supposed to be mailed April 2nd so I guess I got to wait a few weeks to get it just wanted to let you know if you're having trouble get ahold of a tax advocate I'm sure they could help you

  12. Just done this today the prompts were given to me by turbo tax and i was able to file for a hardship

  13. Filed March 15th, got my state tax return today, but my federal still says pending. It just turned over 21 days. I didn’t receive the 2nd wave of stimulus so I’m probably in the error department with the IRS. I’m needing my refund now! Don’t want to put to much information out on YouTube. Lol.

  14. I’ve spoken with the irs, my local congressman and a tax advocate and the IRS rep told me no errors or issues and to just be patient, my local congressman said they would contact me by April 19th (contacted them on March 19th), and the tax advocate told me I was in the ERS department and had a code of 900 then it changed to code 100 and no tax advocate is taking any cases with either code so if you’re in my position your screwed and nothing you can do even if hardship is proven. I filed February 7th and was accepted February 13th, so 2 months almost and no help available and no end in sight!

  15. I am unable to connect with IRS. I efiled and it was accepted in 2/13/2021. I had my W2 and I reported my unemployment benefits. When I look up my status it still saying it’s being processed.

  16. Why are some saying the new child tax credit will be monthly payments and others are saying it might be a one lump sum payment???

  17. i just got a real nice rep she told me i will get my letter in the mail may 31st and a week or two after that letter sent, i will get my direct deposit

  18. I tried the process of calling the # ending 1040, went through the whole process of "ALL OTHER QUESTIONS" not putting SS#, waiting for a rep and it always hung up on me.

  19. So after weeks of that I got frustrated and actually entered my SS# and got a rep. Try changing it up and you may get through.

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