How To Fill TCS BGC Documents | Background Check | How To Fill BGC Documents In TCS | TCS | Grstalks

How To Fill TCS BGC Documents | Background Check | How To Fill BGC Documents In TCS | TCS | Grstalks


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32 thoughts on “How To Fill TCS BGC Documents | Background Check | How To Fill BGC Documents In TCS | TCS | Grstalks”

  1. I have submitted the mandatory documents on the next step portal with mark sheets till 6th semester.

    it is showing "pending for approval" as status.

    Now,no link sis available over there to upload and submit the marks sheet for 7th and 8th semester.

    When will I get the option for that I mentioned above ?

  2. After 12 with preparation of entrance exam i had given improvement too that marksheet is allowed na..

  3. If my present and permanent address is not same then what could I upload in present address section ? My present address is Bangalore in a rented house then what could I upload there

  4. In my birth certificate my father name was wrong. Can I submit that? Should I apply for birth affidavit? Please reply..

  5. Should I fill the BGC before getting the explore mail? Or should I wait for the TCS explore mail?

  6. I have been living in the same house since my birth. what will I give in present address period of stay

  7. In my certificates my name is Dharla Jagadeesh . But in aadhar it is D Jagadeesh. Will they accept it or not bro. Plzzzzz give reply bro

  8. Bro i got offer letter on 24th march , but i didn't get joining the letter yet. In nextstep portal it is showing ilp eligible, so can i upload my documents now itself or can i wait till joining letter. Plz reply bro?

  9. I got an offer letter on 24th march, but still i didn't get joining letter. When will i get it bro? How many days it will take to get joining letter?

  10. Sir i need your help plz tell me how to prepare seurity form of tcs plz tell i I have to submit tomorrow. Plz tell today so can i make this document tomorrow. Plz help i will be grateful to you for all your help

  11. In my bgc form I put my cgpa. And equivalent percentage I wrote wrongly will it lead to any problem???

  12. I had less than 60 percent in 12 boards but after improvement exam I scored 91 percent in 12 exam. Is my improvement marksheet is considered by Infosys, TCS , Microsoft or other mncs?

  13. Hi..
    I have few doubts related to the BGC.
    I don't have my birth certificate with name. So have to apply for an affidavit..but I have like some other documents which are good to be uploaded. So can I upload what I have and click submit button or just upload and save them and final click only after having all.

    Documents like service , nca , medical we shud wait for the joining letter annexure to convert them in stamp or use the formats available in net ?

  14. Hi bro i have selected in tcs, mean while on bgc check they are asking marks sheets……… I have cleared two backlogs ny the end of 2 year and if I keep the marks sheet it will be effect Or not

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