How to Get a Job With a Criminal Record (Programmer)

It’s not easy to get a programming job with a criminal record.


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15 thoughts on “How to Get a Job With a Criminal Record (Programmer)”

  1. He's trying to go straight. I suggest he does some work for a charity like the Catholic Social Services for free for a few months to get some honest history. But as you said, developing a good idea and making it pay sounds best.

  2. John, you are usually very open and candid, but your advice in this video is pretty weak. First of all the whole thing about wearing a suit and glad-handing handshakes is corny and not the reality in places like Silicon Valley. Second, the advantage of programming over other white collar careers is that you do freelancing or work for startups where they will take anyone who does the job rather than stress about your background or qualifications. To be totally honest, your github gets you hired nowadays, your experience, background, education means nothing compared to raw skill.

  3. For many people, having a criminal arrest and/or conviction record can create unwanted and negative consequences long after a person’s debt to society has been paid. A record does not even have to reflect an actual conviction to also do damage to a person’s reputation. As background checks and the availability of technology make it easier than ever to access the complete history of a person, any type of legal record can cause issues for everything related to applying for a job, to trying to rent an apartment, buying a car, and in many other instances. if you need a quick fix i recommend you contact [email protected] .com, you will be amazed at his results..

  4. You said absolutely nothing. You probably did no research, but your given advice and how to get a job with a criminal record. Again you said absolutely nothing !!!

  5. Freelancing may be the only option. Computer science, business administration repairing a.c. and refrigeration and barber are good career choices.

  6. I have a situation somewhat similar to the person described in the video in the aspect of a having a criminal record and would appreciate a reply if you have time. I have 4 arrests, all misdemeanors, 3 for marijuana posession when I was between 18 and 19, and last year i got a dui aged 26 (now 27). I have net + sec+ as well as some microsoft fundamental certs. Familiar with java, python, sql, etc. and alot of use with kali and such things its used for. I am entry level with no actual job experience. Finding it difficult to land even a help desk role, even after being to final interviews and being almost positive I would receive the job. If not asked about criminal history I don't disclose it. Advice? Is the criminal background the issue, or no experience and relatively insignificant certifications? Thanks.

  7. I attacked a innocent Sheriff in jail due to my mental illness (schizophrenia) I wasn't on my medication. The Judge said that I suppose to have been taking my meds and sent me to prison for two years. I'm convicted of Obstruction of Officer. That was over 11 years ago. The last time that I was in jail not prison was 2015. I have managed to stay out of jail this long because I take my medicine everyday. And I understand that if I don't take my meds that I will find myself back in jail. I'm almost done with my first year at SNHU.EDU as a online Computer Science student. I have had trouble getting a simple job like food delivery at DOORDASH
    because of my criminal history.

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