How to Get A Job With A Criminal Record with Anthony Lowery

Wanting to discover how to get a job with a criminal record, or how to get a job with an arrest record, then this is the video for you. This is the visual to the podcast, But What About Me? on soundcloud (link below).

In this episode we speak with Anthony Lowery about the impact of criminal records when seeking employment. As an individual with a criminal record, Anthony shares his own obstacles and provides strategies for navigating the barriers to become employed. He is also a leader at the Safer Foundation, a community organization with a mission to support people with criminal records to become employed, law-abiding members of the community and as a result, reduce recidivism.

Resources Mentioned in This Episode: The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander (

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Below are show highlights, follow the timestamp to jump to the section of interest for you:

✔[03:30] The impact of criminal records on current segments of population

✔[05:40] Why the barriers created by having criminal record is a civil rights issue

✔[09:40] What you need to do the first 90 days of reentry

✔[11:50] Healthcare opportunities for job seekers with a record

✔[15:10] Why it is unlawful for companies to have a blanket policy for job seekers with a criminal record

✔[27:30] Why you should prepare a letter of explanation

✔[29:40] Sealing your records

✔[32:12] Who you should contact it you feel like you have been discriminated against


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4 thoughts on “How to Get A Job With A Criminal Record with Anthony Lowery”

  1. This need to be sent to Wavy TV 10….because Hampton Roads need Ban the box and all of this INFORMATION NEEDS TO BE SHARED!!! It's so true…..I need information on how can you get a job if your misdemeanor is less than 5 years old? In Virginia..they do not have Ban the box. Norfolk Health Allied has denied me employment because they consider the misdemeanor as a barrier crime. Please educate the City of Portsmouth, VA aka the city of Poverty. All of Hampton Roads needs this information.

  2. My criminal records hunted and hindered me from getting proper jobs for years , i got desperate and tried getting a lawyer to help out but soon realized they weren't taken my problem seriously and I could be in this situation for years, I read on Reddit about how HACK GENUIS helped clear criminal records and driving records for an affordable fee, we discussed and negotiated on fees, 7 days later I got a postal mail stating my criminal records has been expunged under the state laws and am free to go about my dealings again, I greatly appreciate what hack genius did to my life..I am urging ya'll who are in the same position I was to hire him..He's a genius in his field..([email protected])

  3. will a pbj probation before judgement show up on a full background check for employment/housing/nursing school? what can a person with a pbj do to help themselves move on besides expungement?

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