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  1. half of my interviews that I was send to were for medior or senior level….I was fresh out of college

  2. Love these videos but I died when you said ranted a little bit 2/3 rds of the way into the video xD

  3. Recruiters are absolute shit. I've yet to meet a good one. They pretend to care about you as means to build trust with you, but the fact of the matter is they only care about you if they can place you into a job with little effort. They have been an absolute waste of time for me.

  4. You seem like a nice guy. You're young and with that comes a lot of inexperience particularly to the business side of things. I've recruited software developers for years, so how about I open your eyes up to a lot what you don't see. Let's assume a recruiter (in-house or agency) gets a call from a hiring manager indicating that they need five UI developers immediately. (Because everything is urgent). The recruiter requests a job description. They either don't get one, or one that they get is canned and not very "descriptive". That said, the hiring manager wants "immediate" results. Seriously, at the end of the next day they're expecting five or six people to interview. So after about two weeks of searching you get four people interested. That's after looking at 1100 profiles on LinkedIn, sending out 600 emails, receiving 15 responses, and interviewing the eight that were available to talk when they said they would be. The other seven dropped off never to be heard from again. You called it "ghosting". Now you get a call from the hiring manager that they only need two UI developers and that one must be Sr. and the other must be able to speak Spanish but is OK if they're Jr to Sr level. The entire search has now changed. Who gets the blame??? The r-e-c-r-u-i-t-e-r. Or…you get a call that the team doesn't have the budget to hire anyone. Or…you get a call that they moved people around internally and don't need any developers. Or…you get a call that they decided to move the project to another team in a different state. Or…you get a call that they've decided to dump the project. In short, there's a whole load of SHIT that goes on in the background that you are absolutely unaware of. It starts with management. I'd say about 75% of the time, management doesn't know what it wants. I could talk for days about the crap I've been through. Don't get me started on the developers that signed contracts and NEVER showed up.

  5. I've found all my jobs without recruiters. All they do is just ghost you without a second thought and bug you 10 times a day. Recruiters are like vultures. Pointless.

  6. Joshua, I love your videos. They're very informative, and teach real life experiences, in which people can relate to – so valuable for learning.
    But, I find them too long. I find that many of your ~15 minute videos only hold essential value in 7 minutes of them.
    If you could please take my opinion into consideration and try to work on cutting down the in-between verbose, I'm sure a lot of viewers will be happier. Cheers! ♥️

  7. Keep your expectations low and you’ll never be disappointed. Also when interviewing, have you had extremely difficult technical interview questions or are they average for the most part!?

  8. You are the CAR on a used car lot. You may have to do it just to get some experience, but avoid recruiters if at all possible.

  9. After that live stream the other day where I asked you to talk about how recruiters get paid, this video popped up in my list. Your initial response in the live stream was helpful but I'm glad you made this one! Thanks, Josh!

  10. Josh, if you would have to run a recruiter company , how would you do it? What would be your business princeples, your slogangs, your motto? What would you consider a good practice and a wrong practice?

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