How to Get Domestic Violence Charges Dismissed

What can improve your chances of getting domestic violence charges dismissed or reduced? This video begins a new series on domestic violence defense strategies. Visit for more information about domestic violence defense and defending domestic violence cases in Bryan-College Station, TX.

This video explains a domestic violence defense strategy that involves reconciliation, a non-prosecution request, and long-term behavior modification training.

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About This Video:
In this video, Stephen Gustitis explains his domestic violence defense strategy in cases sharing the characteristics of reconciliation, a non-prosecution request, and batterer intervention training. Domestic violence defense strategies like this may lead to prosecutors dismissing or reducing charges against someone for domestic violence. Steve is a Texas Board Certified Criminal Defense Attorney practicing in Bryan-College Station, Texas. He has more than 27 years of experience in the field of criminal law and criminal defense in Brazos County. His videos cover a range of the best defense tactics and defense strategies, including defending allegations of domestic violence. #domesticviolence #gustitislaw #domesticviolencedefense


46 thoughts on “How to Get Domestic Violence Charges Dismissed”

  1. Husham Almashhadani says:

    You give us a great advice thank you for all your support

  2. Tiffany Elliott says:

    My thoughts: Are u really helping abusers get out of facing the penalty for their wrongs and or putting the victims back with the abusers? Do you have a clue what real domestic violence does to people?? And how victims dont even have the first clue until after leaving (if they are lucky) just how much damage has been done. Life long damage for that matter???? I didnt want to prosecute either due to the abuse/cycle and the fact that I was brainwashed and allowing me to stay and drop the epo only harmed me that much more not to mention our children. This is unsettling. Were all coerced 99% of the time into staying, its the only life weve ever known most of the time….. that said do we deserve that for lack of knowledge??? I think not. Defending the actually innocent is one thing. Helping a victim stayed trapped for quick cash is not helping anyone!!! At least not any victim or the abuser!!!

  3. Sam Swag man says:

    What will most likely happen to a juvenile that is in probation but is recently arrested for a domestic battery for the 3rd time

  4. CoolJay says:

    This is pretty neat. I have a question as well I have a court attorney lawyer which is a (older male) and I have 3 cases. One for resist of officer, and the two for physical assault the person did the affidavit for one . I went to jail recently and got out on bond later couples months the person said I was with her again. Now I have a warrant for my arrest and I have court next month. What can you say about cases like this? Any way for it to be easily cases dismiss w/o paying a lawyer? The outcome please?

  5. Theresa Shaw says:

    My ex boyfriend is not my son's father, he's threatened to call CPS on me because he was abusing me. Apparently if you have POS beating you , CPS gets involved even if you try to get him out. He is in prison for 4 years unrelated to his attempt to harm me & he's reaching out to me , how can I keep him away other than me getting in trouble. I'm terrified he's going to get out early & put me in a position where it's going to be me vs him.i can give you his OTIS or whatever .I'm terrified to involve my family as I don't want them to get in trouble for defending me

  6. Mom J says:

    Is it completely out of the question to be able to represent myself. First time offense. We have reconciled, he never wanted me to go to jail (it was a well check due to me being suicidal it had escalated)
    Unfortunately I can not afford to retain a lawyer so I will be going to public defender route:/
    Thank you for the great info!
    I did have my psych draft up a letter in case that would help prove anything.

  7. Issachar says:

    Question what if the police charges you for demostic violence ? What do I do besides hire a lawyer ?

  8. Anna L says:

    My husband is cheating his ex partner with child support for years , he quits his job and gets a pizza delivery job when she brings him to court for more money . I want to leave him now and he tells me I won’t get a penny from him because is his money and that he is going to move his money to someone else’s account and will get a job at McDonald’s at the time of divorce so I don’t get a penny . He laughs and tells me I have no place to go nor money or a car. I am here on a green card because he brought me here to be his wife . I can’t stand him anymore I’ve been with him for 7 years and he is been so aggressive, manipulative and controlling . I am afraid to leave and not get a penny I can’t pay a lawyer Can he cheat ?. Can he do that ?. Put his money into someone else’s account and quit his job again and not give me anything ?. He won’t let me go either he tells me I have to Uber to get out of here and get all my things all at once because the door will be closed for me forever .

  9. Apple's bunches says:

    This is crazy!! I was looking it up cause I was half beaten to death was in hospital 3 days!! Then my kids dad tell me his lawyer trying to get him off I’m like this is crazy!! This man hurt other females in the past!! I’m like how can his lawyer want to get him off after all I been Thur!! However I don’t want to go to court cause I don’t want to see him I will be broken they let him just go!!

  10. Mmali the magician says:

    Can they just convict you with no evidence? I'm being accused of threatening someone but it's not true. Also there is no evidence or proof that I threatened anyone.

  11. Tom Dick says:

    Hey i have a question

  12. YVNG BRODY 470 says:

    Subscribed. Well spoken,super clear, and very personable

  13. Nocturnal Sandman032 says:

    Laws need changed its ridiculous I can understand if someone stab u or worse maybe punched you in the face busted your face but something clearly a misfortune or accident example your kid throws the self to the floor your reaction is to grab your child from getting hurt but gets a collar brush burn on their neck or example your kid walks out in middle of street flying car coming you yank your kid out of the way or push them they fall gets a boo boo your kids upset tells mom now its her baby she's pissed she wants u out u don't leave you try to work it out but she's like noooo leave or ill call cops your ass better leave kid got a mark or who ever got a mark your going to jail depending on case and cop of course just leave full that stress

  14. Ryan Cole says:

    Ive had my ex girlfriend, on paper, say she doesnt want to press any charges. I have adjourned this for over a year now. She has lied to just about everybody. And contradicted everything that has been said within the year. She refuses to show up to court and refuses to speak to anybody about this. So the state of new. York picked it up and want to continue to prosecute. Nothing is adding up. Without a victim theres no case right?

  15. Lily Cani says:

    What if the victim tells the judge and prosecutor that they made a false statement, will the case be dismissed will they go to jail what will happen ?

  16. Singnuk Kunnuk says:

    Stop just stop! Think about what you’re doing and why you are doing it. Domestic abuse is not ok. If you have abused someone then pay the consequences. Stop running like a coward to this fool who really doesn’t give a damn about you… he just wants your money. Get real for once.

  17. Monty Minnesota says:

    Here’s a good question. If you take the plea for dismissal can you then be sued in civil court?

  18. Insaniamania Dooright says:

    Is it lawful for a prosecutor to lie to the judge in order to have bond denied or raised?

  19. Angel Garcia says:

    i have some questions if you could please help me

  20. Miranda Walters says:

    Way to look out for the victim?! Let’s defend domestic violence offenders. Solid.


    Behavior modification = BRAIN WASHING.

  22. ricki388 says:

    In Australia the police can lay charges even if the so called victims choose not to and even plead that no violence came to them actually the victim was the aggressor

  23. Tadarius Rushing says:

    I was charged with dv a year ago I’m the one that called the police and went to jail for nothing. The dna test came back week ago and she end of telling the prosecutor it was consensual. What do I need to expect next ?

  24. Rona Stech says:

    Three domestic violence charges but they were all on the phone and she's the one that called them and there's a restraining order affect but it's only for him not her

  25. Alex Kace says:

    I was falsely arrested for a Domestic battery charged.. someone made a FAKE PHONE CALL saying I was beating my mother which is not true… and I want to know how do I prove the offficer falsely arrested me with NO PROBABLE !

  26. Loretta Saffice says:

    My husband and I are both being charged for domestic violence. Neither of us called the police or pressed charges. A doctor did when I mentioned an argument while checking on my swollen finger that I hurt myself. The state of florida wants us both to do jail time among other tasks. The state attorney will not bargain on the plea. The police forced me to make a statement by inducing and scaring me. I said In the statement we argued and snatched things from each other's hands. Dcf was involved. The worker threatened to Baker act me if I didn't say what she wanted to hear. They took pictures of my arm. I hand bruises due to rough sex after the argument. The state attorney will not review mitigations presented or lessen the plea. She wants us both in jail, away from our children.

  27. Artavius Brooks says:

    By law was I supposed to get lock for Being a fugitive of justice if I went to go to the emergency room and the person left and to to go get help but the officer knew where I was at but still put a warrant out after I told them I was at the emergency room

  28. Theresa A says:

    i filed charges to my husband in texas and the police want me to fly back to my country USA. now my husband and I barely talk to each other. he wants me to go back. but i am not willing to dismissed the charges what should i do and not do to win my case

  29. Chibiko Hyuga says:

    My case, my boyfriend grabbed me and yelled at me. I slapped him about 4 times. I was drinking. He was drinking. I rarely drink while he is an Alcoholic. I got charged and thrown in jail cause I admitted to slapping him, but not the reasons why. I did not want him going to jail. HE has quite drinking and is planning on seeing a therapist. I have vowed to never drink again. Will that be enough for condition #3?

  30. 7 angel Castillo says:

    I have got a dv on someone who was in my home but not living there but said they were never changed there address moved out 3 years w

  31. Denis mgaya says:

    Hello Sir I recently watched 4 of your videos and I truly respect your work, which is why I subscribe to your channel because I a feeling that you words could come in handy in my future, you have highest respect and I thank you for the information you gave me

  32. courtney robinson says:

    I live in north Carolina.. can you give me me advice on my case

  33. Prabin Pradhananga says:

    What if girl wants to withdraw the case and property is in both boy and girl name?

  34. RudeGirlChelsea639 says:

    sshouldnt be dismissed your are a proven abuser and proven you cant control your self

  35. Orlando Diaz says:

    I need advice

  36. Travis Parker says:

    Hello, I’m in a real bad situation. Me and my fiancé are homeless, and we both have a drinking problem. The difference is, hers is extreme. I have taken her to the hospital I cannot tell you how many times for her drinking. Sometimes she stays sober for a couple months which is amazing, other times she drinks the same day she’s released. She’s very abusive and not herself when she is drunk. This last time, we got into an argument before and I left her at the park where we stay out of being upset. When we started talking again the next day she had bruises on her knees from being so drunk she wasn’t to walk okra stand on her own. This is a common occurrence, in fact when I took her to the hospital this last time, I had to go get the wheelchair because she was so inebriated she could not walk or stand on her own. I wheeled her in, told her I loved her and that I’ll see her soon and I went next to the hospital and waited. An hour later I was arrested for domestic abuse. She apparently told the officers who were called because the nurses saw bruises on her knees that I had kicked her in the back and stomped on the back of her knees while on the ground, Which doesn’t even make sense because I have a disabled leg. There’s a protective order now, I’ve been arrested and I barely made bail, and now I’m being prosecuted for felony domestic abuse which I did not commit. She has admitted that it didn’t happen, But at this point the DA is still going forward. I’m not able to have contact with her because of the protective order, and I’m scared to death and don’t know what’s going on. Is there any advice from you?

  37. commiefornian says:

    If the cops are called and no one goes to jail is that still a charge and does it still pop up in a background check

  38. Jeremiah Douglas says:

    I just went through a trial and she lied through her teeth and even changed her story twice and still got convicted good luck men you will need it.

  39. Drizzy says:

    Fuck the law

  40. ehsan hosseini says:

    Hello sir, so what about the state of Oregon ? Are the laws same ?

  41. MetalcoreRyan says:

    I just got charged with domestic battery and the victim did not want to press charges and they also got me with a felony because they said it was in front of a minor the molinor was in the other room alseep that was not their child and I had no idea also I was not at the scene when the police got there and they tried to tact on a criminal confinement on me how did I confine someone when I wasn't there I left also Im not in a relationship with this person nor live with them shouldn't it be a battery?

  42. stefano lorenzo says:

    Have not seen you in a while, couselor. I hope all is well. You do explain legal procedures very well.

  43. Rudee Meanee says:

    If you were not arrested for domestic violence but was given a summons to appear in court

    Will you still go to jail
    if it was the first time the police have ever been called on you for dv ?

  44. Amanda Watson says:

    Hello sir am in Australia and I have a domestic violence case with my brother i press charges again him we went to the first hearing and now I really want to drop charges on him and I need your advice who am I supposed to go and see is it the police or prosecutor.?

  45. BigV says:

    ‘You’re getting The best defense money can buy’- Saul Goodman Lol

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