How to Get Hired with Outschool: I applied THREE TIMES! Here's what I learned from my rejections!

It took me three attempts to FINALLY get hired from Outschool, and I learned some important lessons the hard way. Outschool has an AWESOME support section and team, and I’ve linked some helpful articles below that can help you get hired and learn more about them, AND some great YouTube channels that have great content about Outschool!

Sign up for Outschool here:

Outschool’s Guide to Creating a Great Teacher Application:

Outschool FAQ:

Outschool Hiring Process:

Outschool Topic Requests:

Shoutout to these awesome Outschool teachers for providing tips on their channels, go subscribe to them!
Brooke Nowlin:

Kristen’s Classroom:

Teacher Island with Lauren:

Caroline Wise:

Cristin on Demand:

Kristina Garcia:

Mary Clayson:


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29 thoughts on “How to Get Hired with Outschool: I applied THREE TIMES! Here's what I learned from my rejections!”

  1. 1. Make sure you're in alignment. 2. Highlight this. 3. Make your video memorable. Maybe you could put your points in your post. It was a little hard to follow you. It would be a little easier to follow your videos if you spoke a little slower. <3

  2. Thank you so much for sharing and being so transparent! This is helpful. I recently applied and received the same rejection email. I started to get discouraged, but after watching your video I will utilize your advice and reapply. Thanks !

  3. Great video but I'm confused. You show cased piano don't you have to teach piano? The classes you came up with post getting in don't match. Just wondering because I'm wanting to also try again

  4. Thank you so much! I am going to watch this and read your link 10x over. I’ve been denied once and don’t want it to happen again! Thank you!

  5. Thank you. I was denied on my first application submission. I actually taught a class. Assuming that is not what they were looking for. Back to the drawing board.

  6. UPDATE: I just saw another YouTube vid which indicates the application process has recently changed. What was once a 90 second intro vid is now a 3-5 min vid with sample lesson.

  7. Thank you, Angela! Your video is inspiring and helpful. It is great to see someone who had to try again a couple of times. Somehow, it's more helpful to me than seeing the people who got "in" right away. I'm on my second try for the application, and am grateful for the strength and support I feel from your video. Thanks for having the courage to put yourself out there to help all of us!

  8. Hi Angela! It's been about 2 months since you started Outschool. How is is going? How much do you teach each day? Are classes filling up? Pay expectations met?

  9. Hi Angela, are you reviewing videos and applications for Outschool? My class interest is in movement. Please let me know. Thank you!

  10. What a perfect video for new applicants! Thanks soooooo very much for the great info and especially for sharing your 3 videos. Big Help!

  11. The first videos dont seem like samples classes they seem like an interview. Its supposed to be a sample of a class as if a kid is watching

  12. Thanks~
    I also have been denied twice. I have been (slowly?) making my way toward a third application & video.
    I think these tips have helped, but we shall see.

  13. I just applied last night. I ran through it like I did with all my applications and was not so lucky this time. I’m defeated. It was def an automatic kickback. I’m in the US so it is not location. I sent it last night and had a denial early this morning by 8. We are talking about like less than 12 hours. I’m like did they even look at it? I did something I was passionate about but I only discussed my first class bc I thought that is what they wanted. I’m so confused. Idk if I will reapply. There is a parent out there that needs this class and is requesting it and once I saw that I pushed forward with my application that I started months ago. I saw it as meant to be but even though denials seems to be a common thing I just don’t know….. sigh

  14. So, you advertised yourself as a music teacher…but then once you got in they allowed you to teach classes outside that realm? Did you have to do a lengthy approval process, proving your ability to teach in each new subject? I want to apply, I just don't want to narrow myself to strictly one subject.

  15. Thank you! I got denied on my first attempt applying based on only what the Outschool website provided. This video helped me realize a lot of what I was lacking on that first attempt. It's gonna take me some time to get ready for my next one.

  16. So I’d like to teach phonics but I’m lost on what kind of video to make and what to write I know.

  17. I know why your name is Angela……It's cause you're…an Angel. Thank you for helping and inspiring us.

  18. I got accepted the first time for music and honestly I didn't perform anything. Wouldn't had been a bad idea though.

  19. This is crazy. I got accepted the first time from Outschool but can’t even get pass these mock classes for VIP 🙁

  20. That’s so honest and humble to be upfront with your first two rejection. Your third video was such an improvement well done for getting in. Recently started thinking of applying I have to put more thought into it so I can get in. Thanks for your video

  21. Didn’t know this whole time I’ve been following you that you were in NC too!! Your videos helped me so much when I was applying and starting to with VIPKID. Now I’m making the plunge after almost year of thought lol to finish my application to Outschool. 🙂 thank you for all of your tips and advice!

  22. I worked my tail off on my application, matching my experience to my education, etc. I made sure to be detailed and followed their example answers… And I was rejected within like an hour. And they won't give me any explanation why. I'm so disappointed. I really feel like they arent specific enough with their requirements. I mean I spent hours reading their sample answers, watching YouTube videos and following them specifically, checking the flow and alignment etc. If they're gonna reject teachers, they should at least explain why. We shouldn't have to keep guessing what's wrong and how to fix it.

  23. Are there any copyright issues when playing others’ songs on the piano? Curious and confused

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