How To Get on Section 8 — How to Bypass the Section 8 Waiting List – Section 8 Secrets Revealed

Tenants and Landlords, learn from a Detroit landlord and property manager who sells turnkey properties how people with low-income are able to get a Section 8 voucher. After hours of interviewing a Section 8 director of a PHA, Public Housing Agency, I learned all kinds of Secrets of Section 8.

This video covers the details on how to get a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher:
*Find a local Section 8 office accepting applications
*Required documents when applying
*About the Section 8 waiting list and the Section 8 lottery
*How to bypass the waiting list
*About how Section 8 handles domestic assault applicants
*What the PHA looks for in their background check
*How a landlord knows the tenant can pay her portion of the rent
*The catch to the 30% rule

Community Housing Network sign up to get notices for waiting list openings in the Detroit area:

Find the HUD guidebook chapter 5 link, list of all the necessary documents to apply, and Michigan housing authority links in my blog:

Section 8 Secrets Playlist:

Section 8 for Dummies

What is Section 8 Really? Knowing Regions & Porting Can Save You Money!

How to Make a Complaint about a Section 8 Inspector:

How to Make a Complaint about a Section 8 Office

Can I Tattle to Section 8 if my Tenant is Bad? Know Your Role.

Story Time: The Fatal Holding Fee — Vulnerable Time Between the Move Packet and the Inspection

How to Get a Section 8 Voucher — Landlords Need to Know

Pros and Cons of Renting to Someone With Section 8

How to Screen a Section 8 Tenant — The Background Check

The Most Important Screening Tool of a Section 8 Voucher Holder

How to Pass a Section 8 Inspection and What You Need to Know About Section 8 Inspections

How to Find a Section 8 Tenant — Advertising

How to Take an Initial Call From a Section 8 Tenant Before You Even Show the House

The Section 8 Paperwork Landlords Must Do

How to Set the Rental Amount for Your Section 8 Tenant

How to Raise the Rent on Your Section 8 Tenant

What to Expect Once the Section 8 Tenant is In Your House

How Did My Tenant Lose Her Voucher?

Side Deals on Section 8. How to Get Rent the Legal Way

How to Get Rid of a Section 8 Tenant

Do not Discriminate — Can You Say “I don’t accept Section 8?” And other tricky ways landlords have accidentally discriminated.


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31 thoughts on “How To Get on Section 8 — How to Bypass the Section 8 Waiting List – Section 8 Secrets Revealed”

  1. Im 16, my two siblings and single mom have been homeless all year and staying in hotels. We've been waiting forever, my mom has been applying for places for months with no luck. Any advice?

  2. And by the time this video ended if you have a second phone you can look for places to live 300-400 $500 what is the point of view just telling us how to do it you literally ranted after a while it falls on deaf ears we are done

  3. My dad is a disabled senior who has been on the waiting list for 7 years… no convictions or evictions, and a taxpayer for many years. What’s the legal way for him to get through the system?

  4. I did the application and it took a year for them to get back to me. I filled out the paperwork now I'm just waiting for the interview!

  5. If you are already on section 8 an trying to move an receive a new RTA what documents do I need to give my landlord besides the REQUEST TO MOVE FORM .???

  6. Hi , so I’m currently living off unemployment. I saved my tax money for a down payment for an apartment. How do I get section 8 after the next months after that. I can’t afford it after that. I just have enough for the down payment. I have a dog and a baby. Please let me know

  7. Hi I need answers so I received a letter to fill out from the hud …tenet papers …but I applied to a different county and there preferences is that I lived or worked out there the time I applied. But I been moved to a different county same state tho …will this disqualify my eligibility

  8. I'm a property owner, and I don't accept Section 8 vouchers for my rentals. It isn't personal … just too much red tape and unnecessary waiting to fill vacancies. Plus, the rent limits are too low.

    I'm willing to listen to anyone who thinks I should change my mind. I don't care who you are or what you look like … my problems with vouchers are limited to only those I mentioned.

  9. My grandmother died a few months ago (I had been helping her for four years) and unfortunately I have to stay in her house until I get A HUD apartment….my sister helped me fill mine out. I get disability about $800 a month I have trouble getting around anymore and put on my HUD application that I would need something to grip onto for the shower and transportation cause I can't drive. I'm worried because I don't know where I will go if I don't get help. My grandmother was in debt too….I'm so worried.

  10. My name just been pull from the waiting list lottery and they told me to fill the package by a certain date once they receive it they set me up a phone interview… Im on a fixed income…

  11. Hi good morning do you have email address I will like send some information for some advice thanks

  12. I grew up in a perfectly good neighborhood as recent as the 90s and in the 2000s the city started doing section 8 tenants that were Ex cons and people who have been through the system and it changed everything in the neighborhoods through out the city. There were armed robberies, houses weren't maintained like they use to be etc etc. The reality is section 8 can sometimes ruin good neighborhoods. It's a shame.

  13. You seem to be a person with lots of sense as well as a heart. Thank you for your attitude towards felons. Every person & every situation is always different.

  14. My neighbor literally has ten guys that pat her cash that she hides and this is in California . She’s literally running an escort business off of government housing . I mean I live in with 4 other ppl renting a room. Government really doesn’t check out here . I just don’t get it. It should not even be a problem . I couldn’t get it even tho my ex is in jail for assaulting me.

  15. I live with my uncle long time ago more than 10 years and he has Seccion 8 . All the time went to the office with him and soliciting to put my name in the Vauvher, but I only app like assistance living. I spite of they’ve all my information I I have same address. I very much concern because he has 92 years old, so pleases telling me what can I do to resolve the problems. Pleases and thanks

  16. Califonia was one of the last states to finally ban source of income discrimination. The only problem is landlords find ways around it…such as not filling out paperwork that is needed for tenants to move in…or not returning calls or emails if they are unfamiliar with a different source of income. Now they have people investigating and reporting these managers who pretend to accept all sources of income but don't follow through with getting those tenants a place to live.

  17. Can you avoid the waitlist by knowing a landlord that has a vacant section 8 house available?

  18. I'm working on trying to get a voucher I live in Ms ,hope it doesn't take to much longer it's been over 10 years

  19. Are you familiar with the California section 8/housing situation.
    I've heard a few different stories on the subject.
    Example: Even if your income is 80 to 100 thousands plus a year.
    Their saying you still need to apply and place your name on the list.
    (Regardless of high or low income if you live in California you qualify for and will receive housing assistant.)
    I myself do not have any access to the Internet news media or any government assistance programs.
    (I'm single and I've been living on my own. Stop working in 2012.)

  20. lord please help me get this section 8 cause i am tried of living on other peoples i need my own again

  21. I’m number 556 on the waiting list and I’ve been waiting for almost 3 years now am I close to getting a call or a letter ?

  22. This is very upsetting, but clarifying. I was a DV victim in a DV shelter & disabled. They were helping women get their vouchers. I was told, "you make too much $," but I was not employed. I was/am on SSDI. I felt they were wrong. I asked for clarification & was told the same thing. I was treated very poorly there. I am in the Flint area.

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