How to Get Your Resume Noticed by Employers in 5 Seconds Guaranteed

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How long? 6 Seconds!?

Don’t believe me? I’m sharing my personal experience (more on this in a minute), but a number of job sites such as The Ladders (check out their eye-tracking story on how recruiters review resumes) indicate their survey says employers review your resume in six seconds. Ouch.

How do you review the resume?

Click. Open. Big Thunderbolt Mac Screen!

Eye-Glance 1: Name please! My eyes go right for the top center. I want to see your name. Just your name and geography.

Eye-Glance 2: Then I look at the entire top half of the first of page of your resume—all at once.

Eye-Glance 3: Then I scramble down the left column of the first page. I’m looking for the companies you worked for. I’m much more interested in which companies you worked for than the positions you held.

Eye-Glance 4: Then I look at the entire second page all at once.

This entire eye-glancing escapade takes me no longer than six seconds.

How do you decide to keep reviewing the resume?

Now, I need to decide whether to delete the resume or whether to review it. I stress the word review because anyone who has time to read your entire resume has too much time on his or her hands.

Want to know what I’m looking for?

What’s the 5-second magic pill?!

Why did you open this post? It was one of two reasons.

You either know and love me and thought omigawd, Andy has another amazing post and I just have to watch (listen or read). Otherwise, you had no clue who I was, but saw the headline telling you some dude promises you resume glory in five seconds.

I’m guessing the latter. Regardless of your reason, you need to interrupt the recruiter’s mind-numbing review process by giving her something she’ll love—right away. It’ll be your analogous “headline.”

She wants to know you’ll bring value to her organization.

The easiest way to do this is by encapsulating who you are professionally—in aggregate—and also highlighting your (likely three most) valuable contributions.

I suggest doing this in a Career Profile section at the very top followed immediately by a Career Highlights section immediately underneath.

I’ve already given you the exact formula and language in How to Build the Ultimate Professional Resume ( I’ve also given you the templates whether you need a professional or collegiate resume.

Get your ultimate professional resume template with instruction here:

Get your ultimate collegiate resume template with instruction here:



44 thoughts on “How to Get Your Resume Noticed by Employers in 5 Seconds Guaranteed”

  1. Andrew LaCivita says:

    Hi Everyone! What do you feel are your biggest issues with getting your resume noticed?

  2. Dimple Jadhav says:

    Do recruiters care more about the company you worked for than your position?

  3. ZYX Rhythm says:

    LMFAO >> "Guaranteed"

  4. joeycarrion_ says:

    should you do a career highlights if youre a recent college graduate?

  5. Kenneth Holder says:

    I got a question how do u get back a job that u just quit

  6. Aaliyah Miles says:

    Do you have any resume for Freshmen in College ?

  7. Starflight says:

    Do you have any advice for building a resume as a high-school graduate looking for work during a Gap Year before college ?

  8. Radio London says:

    So if people have worked at small companies you dont consider relevant you disregard it? So sad for you

  9. Aniruddha Roy says:

    Can you guide me to create a great resume pls suggest me how to contact you and if it will be paid pls infrom me

  10. Niechelle Wade says:

    Great video, thank you! My unique situation… ran my own farm business for 22 years with lots of community development, but relocated and about to finish my marketing degree. So technically a "college student", but with a good chunk of experience otherwise. Thoughts?

  11. Isaac Mu says:

    How about adding passport size picture next to name? is this a good idea?

  12. Margaret Hall says:

    Mrnin first time may I send u a pic of the resume' I haven written if there is any fault plz correct for me and let me see where I made mistakes thnx

  13. Arya H says:

    Drinking game: Take a shot each time he says "resumes"
    (helped me have fun while looking for jobs and this video got me a job so cheers everyone!)

  14. Juhi Das says:

    I'm based on the second one

  15. Chris Brock says:

    Good if maybe ur not a programmer

  16. Rómulo Romero says:

    So you don’t seem to care what skills s person has, you seem to only care where they have worked.

  17. Hasnan Hussain says:

    Thank you sir this was very helpful. I'm applying for jobs at the moment and I have been out of full time work for a few months. I also feel your video about addressing gaps in employment is helpful.

  18. uzma rehman says:

    Thats some excellent advice, you are so clear and direct. Thank you v much

  19. Abhinav Anand says:

    There are so many factors in Building Resumes nowadays especially for professionals

  20. gaynor martin says:

    Very informative. I thank you for sharing

  21. Faith Andrew says:

    Things would have been really bad cause I lost my job and was staying at home and didn't have a enough money to sustain me and my family until I saw a post about Mr Carlos @carlos1_uptrades on instagram and when I reached out he helped me turn my 600USD into 12,700USD in just six days through forex trade and under his guidance

  22. always A.World says:

    Can we talk about federal resumes??

  23. Ucheoma Nwaozuru says:

    3 years later and this is still relevant. Thanks for the insights. I will be implementing them in my resume.

  24. Kayle Mcleish says:

    "not respecting my time". Most candidates spend hours applying for 5 seconds of review. Think the paradigm needs a shift to be honest.

  25. melisa sontillano says:

    Hi Andrew, what if i dont have experience since im a fresh graduate

  26. Nancy Fox says:

    Hey Andy I'd love you to say something about age on resumes.. Are hiring mgrs trying to suss out age of an applicant?

  27. abdullah purewal says:

    What experience I can add to my resume as I am freshly graduated from University.?

  28. Brandi Shanken says:

    Hey Andy, I have a question. You mention to not put your education before experience (and I definitely agree with you). However, my husband is currently going to school (to finish in February) for a certification for a slight career change. He has minimal on the job experience in that field (but there is some), but the big thing we know employers are looking for are the certifications he'll get from that school program. He insisted the program needs to be highlighted on the front page somehow. Well, my husband was just laid off so we had to start this job search much sooner than anticipated, so it's even more imperative we do the best we can with this resume. In this particular case, would you agree with moving the education before the experience?

  29. erubin100 says:

    So if you're basically screwed if you haven't worked for a "super-bowl" company before?

  30. Rohini Mallem says:

    Resume in seconds so fast, but it's good idea through the shortest way of creation.

  31. Sami Xujing Yang says:

    Thank you Andrew! Your videos are great! I was struggling between one-page resume and professional resume and I eventually went to one-page resume (suggestion from my school career advisor). After watching this I need to re-build my professional resume!

  32. Swetha Nair says:

    I would like to know, what if I don't work in a popular company ,how does it effect the resume?

  33. Ajay Kumar says:

    What you look for ?

  34. CoCaptain says:

    Your videos are so awesome. Thank you so much.

  35. SR k says:

    Great advice. Thank you

  36. TheKateEscape says:

    Thank you so much!

  37. Saily Kawathekar says:

    Hey Andrew! I have been following your videos lately and just wanted to tell you that apart from all the other technicalities which are great,I come back again for the positive vibes I get from you! More power to you!
    P.S just gave my interview presentation by following all your tips and praying for the best!

  38. Omar Nogueras says:

    Beard game is intense, wow

  39. j says:

    thank you for advice I recently applied for a position and based on your videos I revamped my resume and CV and I have an interview set up!!! Honestly it took me forever to be able to re-create my resume and CV but it was worth every minute! thanks for your guidance! you rock!

  40. Sale S says:

    Hi Andrew, what is the fastest way to get in touch with you with my issues!!!
    Thanks ahaid

  41. hanif says:

    thanks andrew

  42. JOSHUA MARTINE says:

    I have been applying for jobs and I have had no luck for 6 months. Is there a way, you can review my resume?

  43. Z M says:

    hey there! great content i must say 🙂 however, does these instructions also apply on lecturer/teacher resume as well?

  44. F B says:

    And another video whch tells how to build a resume, of course, it's again different to what other experts say, always slightly different…

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