How to Know If Interview Went Well (4 Signs)

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In today’s video, I’m going to teach you 4 signs to look out for during an interview that will help to determine whether or not the interviewers are interested in potentially hiring you and seeing you as their #1 choice.



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42 thoughts on “How to Know If Interview Went Well (4 Signs)”

  1. Jabarioffical says:

    If they say we will call you back

  2. Dr. Jon Tam - Career Clarity Coach says:

    01:32 – How long was the interview?

    02:51 – Was the interviewer prepared?

    03:45 – Did they seem intrigued with your answers?

    04:36 – Did they feel like a natural conversation; getting to know each other, or was it a stiff Q&A?

  3. blwhere says:

    The time frame for the interview was short, about 15 minutes.
    The hiring manager was laid back (super nice though).
    They were laughing throughout it.
    Definitely natural. I feel good about it, but I'm nervous.
    I have to wait for his answer but they gave the indication that I might be hired by saying "it should be good news".
    I'm hoping it went well! Ugggggh…

  4. Abdul K J says:

    What about online interview??

  5. Blink Araullo says:

    The interviewer who failed me was so biased! When he knew that I am not into premarital sex and third sex,he failed me immediately! He's so inappropriate.

  6. Tootsie Roll says:

    Of course you don’t have the absolute assurance of getting hired unless you signed the contract.

    Give the lady a credit. She is just giving probabilities.

  7. Cristiane Carneiro says:

    Thanks, great content. Nowadays with online interviews I feel it might be harder to "read" the situation.

  8. WEDEMBOYZZ _OG1 says:

    Well now I know how I did…

  9. Dave Toth says:

    Thanks so much!

  10. GG Reddy says:

    Even if interviewer expresses interest in you and says positive things of you, it does not mean you got job. I had experiences like that… there are many other factors you can’t control, to get job like competition,hiring manager personal choice, etc..

  11. Camille Anwuli says:

    Had an 1.5 hour interview w a big tech company and used up all the time. I noticed that the Operations Manager was 5-7 minutes behind due to tech issues and the second interviewer didn't have a copy of my resume. In the phone interview, the girl interviewing me had a bland personality and only asked 3 questions. Sucks, but I know that there is something better out there.

  12. har fateh says:

    I have a question, what if interviewer is helping you answer the question you don't know? At my last interview my interviewer was helping me out a lot. thanksss

  13. Richard Nyak says:

    What about when interviewer hardly ask you any question? Just done this interview but the interviewer hardly ask anything.

  14. nicolelovesssss says:

    It’s even harder to know if they’re interested when they are wearing masks lol

  15. Redmi Y2 says:

    Paying mind on these things may definately distract u and may become the cause of not good interview.

  16. Martha Flagg says:

    What does it mean if they say they have to crunch. Some numbers for payroll and will get let you know

  17. Laura Hulland says:

    Well according to this I just had a terrible interview. Bye bye optimism

  18. Yeison Samayoa says:

    Well basically, trust your gut when you leave the interview or do a test or anything related you will feel in your gut! If you make her think about situations and make yourself memorable it’s easier to get hired. To do this dress different over dress is a good thing, talk about something that may relate to the job if you don’t have one! Example- no experience wants to work in McDonald’s- interview question- why do you want to work in a place that provides pressure on you everyday- answer- I like the pressure I use to be in a soccer team I would be screamed at verbally abused put on the spot and I got out of that I came out with the win and I felt a sense of amazement that I did it that feeling of pressure makes me want more and this jobs applies that well trust me I will win

  19. Win N says:

    I don’t care if the interview went well or the employer says that it did. I care if I finally land a job and get through all this bs

  20. Ruby Rose says:

    Just a note on government interviews (Canada – Federal, Alberta, and Manitoba). The interviews are structured and the interviewers won’t have the luxury to make eye contact or go off script as they will be writing things down. Don’t let this bother you.

  21. Marko Bošnjak says:

    I have finished my interview this morning. Do not know what to say,
    , lady was smiling a lot, she seemed really intrigued by my history and experience and she asked a lot of questions. Director was also fine, asked me about my family that I did not even mention. Wish me luck guys!

  22. P M says:

    Based on this I hopefully landed my dream job. I should find out in the next couple weeks. It’s been so tough lately but I haven’t given up. Wish me luck, please.

  23. Tx Cajun says:

    Before interview: I got this
    After interview: There's no fucking way Im getting hired

  24. baller says:

    The best sign if the interview went well is if you got an offer, wondering if you got the job is such a waste of time…

  25. Joseph Patin says:

    How you know you aced the interview?

    1. They say you're hired.
    2. They give you a job offer.
    3. They have you negotiating a salary.
    4. They have you filling out paperwork to start.

    All you need to know. All the "good signs" in the world can exist, but did they f**kin' hire you? That's the key question.

  26. Andrea Levine says:

    My interviewer was not prepared and didn’t even ask if i had any questions. Lasted for only 15 minutes and felt very rushed. Then again it was at 4:30 and at the end of a friday work day.

  27. MOHAMED ASIK says:

    Is it good to accept lower offer ? Or else we can negotiate offer through email as second time ?

  28. alex gebruder says:

    HAHA so point one is basically useless. Going to short can be good, going overtime can be bad. Thanks! 😛

  29. Cut A Way says:

    I passed on all 4. I just followed up and they are now telling me that they are still finishing up and will come together before.making a decision. What does that mean?

  30. Zoë says:

    just had an interview – i was happy with it except that i knew i spoke way too fast because i was nervous : (

  31. Alisa Tihi-Sharp says:

    just had my interview everything was so great the whole company wished for me but is it all to good to be true lets see if i meet these signs
    not only did i get these signs i got better in reality they complemented me alot and said i was well spoken i asked real questions according to them i was even more interesting when i was speaking about me they asked more about me and completely skipped about the position then the whole company was envoled they loved me and enagged and waited around to engage with me something they dont do and the boss was noticing they not only wished for me to succeed and really hoped to see me again they repeated it over and over i felt i was in a hollywood movie i was like my dream job avaliable out of no where everyone loves me wtaf they even hooked me up with other positions just in case i dont get it thats how bad they want me i made everyone hooked i think its clear i got this but in other ways i did not get to see the outcome of the others dame i not only completed my test fast and 100 percent correct my interview was faster because everything was clear descriptive and simple for me i was able to flow with them i asked the best questions they made it clear no ones asked them i didnt relaise this reaction till i was in the lab i started relaising there reaction to me was more of a reaction for them then it was for me i swear i did excellent and all i did was be me oh well fingers crossed hope the rest of yous fucken fail hahhahahha because this job is ment for me someone whos going to keep growing and learning and not someone just gonna sit around and get paid thats what the people said it was like with the other interviewers sucks to be them hahahahaha nah nothing comes to you freely you need to put in real effort and passion otherwise get the chop

  32. Rick's Horror Story says:

    This doesn't seem to hint much when you're interviewing with a panel that is grilling you for a public agency job.

  33. Creepy_ypeerC says:

    my interview went well but the hiring manager tole me she will get back to me in 2 weeks either way, is this mean that i am not selected?

  34. rohit nautiyal says:

    I tell them stories. And everyone loves listening to some good stories.

  35. Future is Everything!!! says:

    What kills me about these companies is like I always get interviewed by someone working not even 3 years always someone young like what happened to human resource manager most the these interviews dont know an experience person when they see one smh

  36. z.pv.nrt says:

    + Caution with the "types of questions" or "follow up questions" asked and about the "small-talk" or "getting to know you" conversations as an indication of interview success.

    Due to the morass of legal liabilities that off-script questions may create if those questions may have some impact on "protected status" information, more and more interviewers are being forced to use "canned" pre-approved behavioral based questions that the legal department has pre-approved. In my company, we have a 500(+++) page manual that lists questions we are allowed to ask based upon the position we're interviewing for placement and we're sternly warned by HR not to stray from those questions and to limit all small talk to pleasantries while staying away from anything that might provide information about protected status..

  37. 15 years and says:

    My interview went for 1 hour with a cook manager he was hella coo but when they called they said we are gonna give you a chance come this day for training I did and they delayed it to a different date n they never called to tell me

  38. Mélanie Tchedou says:

    I just end up my job interview; very short. The interviewer didn’t ask a lot of questions, it just took about 5 min… I don’t know what to think about it

  39. Bryan Espinoza says:

    TLDW: There's no way to know

  40. AntiLLC says:

    My interviewer is a media named AXIOS, they postponed the scheduled phone interview on last minutes at the first, and the second time, they didn’t show…what’s wrong with them?

  41. anna mariya says:

    did any one tell me why nothing here after shortlisted , is they wait for to close the application date or is it a rejection after shortlisted, please tell. i got shortlisted but whats next , shuld i wait

  42. Vishwa Teja says:

    My interviewer in hr round told me that all the best it means try for next company or what?

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