How to Make a Video for Someone's Birthday (Free Templates)

Make the Video From This Tutorial Here:

In this video, I’ll show you how to make a happy birthday video you can send to someone on their birthday. When you can’t be there on a someone’s special day, a personalized birthday greeting video is just the trick to make them feel loved from near or far. This tutorial shows you how to use just one of the birthday video templates available on Kapwing. There are more links in the description below.

There are 6 steps:

1. Open a Birthday Video Template on Kapwing
2. Add Your Own Images To The Template
3. Adjust the Video Timeline With Your New Images
4. Add Any Additional Text or Elements to Your Video
5. Click Publish and Wait
6. Download Your Birthday Video From Kapwing

Free Birthday Video Templates:

Tutorial Starts at 0:48

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  1. Kapwing Ummm I edited a video for 4 hours for my youtube channel but this time I was on my laptop and I couldn't upload it because the max was 250 and my one was 550 and I am not allowed to spend money on editing apps so I wasted 4 hours for nothing so thanks a lot

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