How to Pass Background Checks with Flying Colors (Matt Chung)

Let’s assume you have successfully passed all the interviews and have received an amazing offer from your dream company. Congratulations. You have signed the paper and now the employer is about to kick off the background checking process.

You know that people are supposed to pass background checking as long as they don’t lie. But at the same time, you have also heard of people’s offers be rescinded due to failed background checks.

So how do we ensure that we get through this last process smoothly? In this video, let me share with you how to pass background checks with flying colors.

Generally speaking, as long as you do not exaggerate your compensation or lie about anything on purpose, you will most likely not have any issue. I don’t expect anyone watching this video to lie; But I have certainly seen job seekers inadvertently make mistakes that can delay the process or even lead to failing the check and lose their hard earned offer.

1. Accurate Resume
The first step in smooth background checking is an accurate resume. As mentioned, one of the biggest parts of reference check involves confirming the content of your CV; So it is imperative that your content is absolutely factual.

When it comes to background checking, I have found that the following areas are the most error prone; So please pay special attention to them.

– Dates
No need to mention the actual day, only provide year and month unless specifically asked to do so; If you have to do so, please double check every date against contracts or on your reference letters
– Job Titles
Make sure you mention your official title given by the company in your CV. I know that sometimes the official title may not really describe what you have done. In such cases, You can always indicate your actual or more accurate titles within a bracket next to the official ones.
– Certificates
Make sure that they are still current. If they have expired already, please indicate that in your resume to remove any misunderstanding.

2. Salary
Make sure the salary info you input is accurate, not rounded up or rounded down.
If your salary is 98,201, write it as 98,201. Not 98,200, not 98,000, nor 100,000.

The best way to do this is to check your payslips or other compensation documents first before writing down the numbers.

More often than not, the background checking companies will ask you to provide supporting documents. So have the supporting documents ready and based on the documents, input your numbers

3. Getting supporting documents ready.
– Payslips
– Contracts
– Any letters indicating promotions or change of titles
– University degrees, transcripts, certificates
– Reference letters

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