How To Pass MEPS EASY! 2020 Guide

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20 thoughts on “How To Pass MEPS EASY! 2020 Guide”

  1. NicksGains says:

    for the guys still watching this ready to leave for MEPS, its super easy and simple best advise my recruiter gave me. yes sir and no sir don't say anything else, and if you lied stick to it because its part of your life now. i passed MEPS first try with that advise.

  2. Mando Martinez says:

    If you want lasik eye surgery will they automatically start looking at ur medical records pertaining to other parts of my body

  3. Vi Anton says:

    dont fart in the doc's face

  4. Brian Doffing says:

    When I went to MEPS, they looked at my dick and diagnosed JOCK ITCH. Strange they didn't tell me about mind control.

  5. Daniel Martinez says:

    My recruiter told me if they ask me for medical records it is illegal is this true?

  6. Baylee Ramey says:

    Me watching this at the meps hotel room

  7. Adam Scheiber says:

    Hey, you all have toxic poop in your bodies

  8. Big Mike says:

    i just did meps in new Orleans its super easy i don't know why i was so nervous

  9. BegottenTech says:

    On my way to meps tomorrow, rewatching this video for a quick recap! I'll try to reply to this comment as a follow up

  10. Jaime B says:

    currently at meps

  11. Wyatt says:

    I had a minor surgery on my right elbow. There’s a small scar. I had to get my ulner nerve moved. It was a 6 week recovery I’m perfectly normal. That won’t disqualify me right?

  12. Abraham X says:

    I swear I hate that the Navy took away the Blue uniforms. Really really hate that. It separated us from everybody. But they wanna say “oh if you go off ship we can’t see you then what?” mf you can’t you hear me if I yell ??

  13. Kirk R says:

    What's MEPS? You might want to explain that at the beginning. Or at all.

  14. Aiden Blevins says:

    Going to meps in an hour. May god have mercy on my soul

  15. Henri Hopgood says:

    Please be my meps guru

  16. Katie Cesé says:

    Went to meps and sworn in as of May 12, 2021 for medical examination and DLAB.
    Post any questions below

    Side info: I'm female, 18, high school senior, marines poolee, have a few medical problems

  17. Prophecy Gaming says:

    Don’t know if anyone is watching this in 2021 but if you’re in the hotel the night before your meps physical, DO NOT MASTURBATE!! It’ll leave protein in your urine and they’ll try and say you have some kind of disease. It’s easier to just withhold

  18. Chåndler Jeroslav says:

    I miss MEPS so much. I thought that it was fun. I just passed 3 days ago.

  19. Nhp Chrisss says:

    At the hotel right now ;-;

  20. Matthew Crawford says:

    IM about 80 lbs over for Meps, this is the real help i need

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