How to Remove Your Record From Background Checks

There are big companies that are making money by giving access to your criminal record to anyone with a computer or smartphone. Even if your record has been expunged or sealed at the courthouse, these companies will still report that information, as long as they received it prior to your case being expunged or sealed. They tell their customers not to use the information for employment or housing decisions, but the reality is people who access the information on these sites do use it to make decisions about who to hire, who to fire, who to rent to, who to date, and much more. Learn how to can get your record removed from many of these commonly used sites and greatly reduce the risk of them causing you embarrassment or worse.

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32 thoughts on “How to Remove Your Record From Background Checks”

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  2. Can USCIS find ur record, if it was removed due to under age and 400 fine??? (SOMEONE PLS HELP)

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