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  1. Bri Stokes says:

    Love the video! I’m in Birmingham too!

  2. Anthony White says:

    I had a damaged credit issues which include the following: bankruptcy, eviction filling and outstanding rental balance, delinquent state and federal tax debts, a horribly low credit score which affect my credit report. Michael Gibbs from CREDIT PATCH UP LCC came to rescue me and He started the repair which he concluded within a week. He raised my score to 780+, payoff my debts and apply new credit cards with good limit. You can also search on [[email protected]], He is a well known debt relief with a lot of experience.

  3. Serina Moore says:

    I love the content you’re sharing. Thanks for all you do!

  4. Mr. Roberts says:

    Thanks for the tips Sis!

  5. Imani Culver says:

    What is considered good credit?

  6. Annabel Richards says:

    I was on the verge of loosing it, but my life turned around when i met tony. Before him, I had 11 inquiries, about 5 – 6 late payments, charge offs, repossession, eviction notice and my credit score was 587. Now I’m at 780. Get at him on +13109862321

  7. Deja Warner says:

    How fresh was your bankruptcy when you moved into your home?

  8. Ella Dolce says:

    Be SAFE and Stay BLESSED!!! Thanks so much for the video!!! Peace Love and Light!!

  9. Ariel Mcneil says:

    So if i come with three months rents its safe to say im in there

  10. Xtra_Melanin_T says:

    Hello, hope all is well. Thanks for the tips. I have a question if you don't mind. Is renting furniture good or bad for your credit score?

  11. Tron Prime says:

    Have you guys ever heard of a renters ID ? Is that legal and has anyone heard of that ?

  12. Ij_ says:

    Any tips with out cosigner

  13. D3VICX says:

    Wow, I was not aware of the EBT part. I'm looking for low-income homing because I have the skills to fix up anything that looks unlivable.

  14. Adorah Taylor says:

    This was a good quick video. Thank you

  15. Malibubee says:

    Thank you sea star very helpful

  16. Kelley Klein says:

    girl, you're gorgeous

  17. José Portillo says:

    this girl is beautiful. –#portilloaction

  18. Shayla Cosmetologist says:

    My credit not good I'm trying to get my apartment like around February or March.

  19. Jenalee Amundsen says:

    what do i say when a landlord asks why i have bad credit? the realtor asked me on behalf of the landlord and idk how to answer it

  20. Kohana says:

    Thanks for making this video I just got denied apartment because of my credit and was feeling pretty defeated.

  21. John Doe says:

    I’m going to make the leap starting tomorrow make a few calls. I make the money no doubt. Just my income to ratio is real off

  22. John Doe says:

    I got 3 years solid with my current landlord. So I am going to do it. Currently paying 750 on a side of a house efficiency.

  23. wintersuga50 says:

    Thank you ..!

  24. Vanessa Russell says:

    Thanks for the tips

  25. WITCHLIFE 863 says:

    You are glowing so beautiful
    Thank you so much for the advice

  26. Fal Dow says:

    You are very pretty

  27. Yikes NM5 says:

    So after being denied and reapply with these methods , you think it’ll work?

  28. Leatrice Love says:

    I was recently denied for an apartment due to credit, ill probably try an negotiate with paying more money upfront and hopefully they'll accept it.

  29. Meeko Kawaii says:

    Yo them jumbos though you're a beautiful queen

  30. Masjid Tafsir IBN Kathir says:

    I’m A Street Vendor I’m Living In A Studio Rent Is $575 Monthly I’ve Been There For 2 Yrs Come June 7th

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