How to Rent with an Eviction 2021

How to Rent with an Eviction 2021 provides tenants 5 Steps to follow when they have an eviction on their background and credit reports. Tenants can use the steps to understand their situation and possibly overcome the challenge.

5 Steps
1. Get Copies of All Records Related to Eviction
b. County Clerk of Court website where eviction occurred
2. Explained What Happened to Yourself (so can explain to landlord)
a. Circumstances
b. How long ago
3. Develop a plan to overcome eviction
a. Understand financial situation.
b. Contact landlord to see if eviction can be removed.
c. Settle collections.
d. Prepare to pay extra rent/deposits based on finances.
e. Have current landlord give reference/contact info if possible.
f. Find cosigner if possible.
g. Look for roommates or alternative source of housing.
4. Find a Flexible Landlord
5. Repair the Damage from Eviction

1. Free Credit Report:

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In the video, Greg with TenantTag shares 5 Steps to help tenants with an eviction on their background and credit reports. If you need help renting a property because you have an eviction, check out the video.


20 thoughts on “How to Rent with an Eviction 2021”

  1. I need help I moved out of my dads apartment when was 24 years old to my own apartment and after i finished the lease i decided not to renew it so i started looking for a new place and my credit score is over 700 and my monthly income is close to 3000 a month and i have nothing bad under my background and i must have done about 15 apartment apps and i got rejected to all the places i applied to because there's an eviction under my name and it turns out that my dad who has the same name as me got evicted a month before i started looking for a places to live. Now I contacted all the credit report agencies and the consumer report agency and both of the tell the eviction doesn't show up. I contacted the person that evicted my dad and he is no help and ive been to 5 different court houses to see if they can help me clear it off my name and they said that they cant.

    I dont know what to do please me

  2. I got my eviction dismissed after paying it and full and still live here with no problems. However, I’m looking to move soon since i got a new job. Is there anyway to get it expunged from public record?

  3. So I was evicted 2017 during college due to finding a stable job. But the apartment complex took me to court and I agreed to pay the balance so I made a payment plan. The collections and eviction is not on my credit report or derogatory marks either! But it's on my public records. They will do a back ground check they will see that on the public records!? What's your thoughts on this? I have a very good job now could easily afford to stay there credit is improving what should I do!!!

  4. So basically, if you have an eviction on you, you’re better off living in a tent ⛺️ or being homeless . No one will give you a chance no matter the situation that brought you to the eviction. Sad but so very true.

  5. Or just find a way to 'buy'. While not evicted, I choose to end my lease at the end of its term and buy an RV. Cheaper to live there and tour the country, even as a working adult, than it is to pay someone $1,500 a month for the same view.

  6. I have a eviction that’s six years old.
    But the place went out of business.
    What do I do?
    And we never went to court for it.

  7. My issue is that I have an eviction but there is no balance owed to the apartment. There was nothing reported on my credit and everyone I have reached out to tells me to pay them but there’s nothing owed. I don’t know what to do??

  8. I just got evicted due to COVID I was paying rent on time then once COVID hit my job cut my hours then I went through a breakup so he took his name off the lease then I stayed I was paying my utilities on time then right before Christmas I got pregnant this was around the lease being up I told them I couldn’t stay in the apartment but I agreed to pay the rent from December and January I don’t want to go to court about it I just wanna pay it and be done

  9. My eviction is 4 years old. I paid my debt to the previous landlord long before I moved out. I mailed off a CERTIFIED MOTION LETTER to the judge who handles Civil cases in the state/county where my eviction took place. (Orange county Florida) I pleaded with the judge asking if he/she could EXPUNGE or SEAL the eviction from my public record so that I can secure a stable place of residence for me and my son, I'm still waiting on a response.

  10. My take on eviction? Avoid it at all cost. Now more so, because in most county, the jurisdiction for the small claims court has been expanded to make it easy to get the judgement for collection. And I highly doubt people can pay off this collection, since the moratorium has been going on so long.

    My suggestions? Forget taking advantage of private landlords. Make a deal with your current landlord to move out in exchange for not pursuing eviction. If you don’t have a job to prove your income to move to another place, live with your parents or in a car for now. So when you do have a job, you can start on the clean slate. The current moratorium is just exacerbating the problem.

    The real problem is that people are losing their jobs. But the country is slowly opening up. You want to be there with a job with a clean slate. Having a good credit will reward you in more ways. Especially, when practically everyone has some type of dings on their credit. Trust me.

  11. I was 20 and irresponsible and when I realized I wouldn’t be able to pay rent I left upon receiving an eviction notice without going through the process. I don’t see the account on my credit report and it’s not on public record but I know it’s in collections because I’ve gotten mail. What does this mean? Why can’t I find it? I’m trying to pay off the collection agency and I can’t find them on my
    Credit (and I’ve lost the mail)

  12. Hi. Is it worth it to try to get one removed that's 6 years old. I moved out a month early voluntarily, paid the last months rent a couple months or so later bc she agreed that she wouldnt report it if I paid. I sent a money order in the mail and I do not have any proof or documentation bc I trusted her and didnt think id have issues. 5 years later when applying at a new place I found out. The apts say that I'm not even in their records. Management has changed as well. I'm not sure if they reported it before or after I paid the final month. Thanks for any info. You can personally email me [email protected]

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