How to Request a Job Offer Extension

If you received a job offer and you need to ask the employer for an extension to give you more time to decide on the offer, then you need to watch this video right now. I’ll teach you how and when to ask for a job offer extension and the right reasons.


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  1. Just wanted to thank you for all these tips. I used lots of the tools you talk about in an interview day at my college and got 3 offers out of the 5 companies I interviewed with! I accepted one of the jobs just 2 days ago!

  2. I used your videos to practice my job interview. and right now I got this new job! thank you so much!!

  3. Hi Don I actually take the other view – if you’re wanting to ask for a time extension then your inner voice (some would call it intuition) is telling you something is not quite right. That happened to me – I delayed accepting a position and signing the contact…and on the second day I realized I had made the wrong decision. Four years later I’ve just resigned from that toxic work place. It isn’t fun working for a narcissistic sociopath who enjoys destroying the self-confidence of the staff who work for her.

  4. I don't know if we are talking about the same thing, but I would never accept the terms of a job without having my attorney reviewing it first. There are so many things that need to be in a contract like guaranteed severance, non compete terms, etc.

  5. Don, thank you for your videos. Because of your excellent advice, I find myself in my current situation. I had three interviews. All three went really well.

    I got an offer from the second company I interviewed with very quickly. Company 3 is my first choice (location/salary) and company 1 is my second choice (F100 company/career growth). Company 1 advised that selection process could be up to 6-8 weeks. Company 3 (gov't) said it could be up to 6 months.

    A week after starting company 2, I get an offer from company 1. Now I'm in the sticky situation of going through the onboarding process for company 1 while company 2 is investing time and money in me. I feel really bad because the pay difference between company 1 and 2 is 27% more plus bonuses, much better benefits and $15k/yr graduate degree tuition assistance (Company 1). I'd be foolhardy to not pursue the new option.

    Question is, how would you handle telling company 2 "good bye" after working for them for almost four weeks for a newer job? I'm sure I'm burning the company 2 bridge to the ground. It's a consulting firm and probably can't match the salary/benefits package of a F100 company.

  6. So what should you do after accepting the offer, with regards to other employment opportunities you are pursuing? Is it a horrible idea to ask if you might be able to get an interview sooner? Or is it best too just have that extra confidence in your back pocket, and keep it to yourself?

  7. But what about negotiating? Shouldn't you usually make a counter offer unless the salary exceeds your expectations? I get what you are saying but this whole process gets confusing.

  8. I've taken this advice. I'm waiting for my Bay street law firm job to get back to me (the "Wall St" of Canada) but I've accepted my offer at another law firm in downtown. I simply can't wait for them to get back to me because the other law firm wants me to accept within 2 days. If I end up getting the other job, it's going to be awkward leaving this one that I've just accepted. I don't know if I would have the guts to do that. Don is right!

  9. Hi!
    was about to be given an offer to a different place or location I did not apply to, but I could not respond immediately they advised to go and think about it and they will call me to get the final answer. Did i make a mistake ?

  10. Best advice…Think survival mode something is always better than nothing…Lastly if you end up getting the other job offer go back and respectfully resign offer show gratitude.

  11. What if I am interviewing for differents jobs at the same company? I received my first offer but another department in the company also wants to meet me. The job would be really similar, the two teams cooperate and the only difference would be my title and my salary. What are your advices on this situation?

  12. Hi Don Georgevich. I would like to reiterate what another commentor here said. What do you do if you are looking to negotiate the offer? Don't you need to take it home and review and then present them with a counter offer? Would it not seem reckless or grasping to immediately counter offer on the spot without taking the offer into consideration? Surely you can't accept and THEN say wait I take it back; I want to renegotiate. Also, in a separate video, you explained how, if you have 2 offers, you can go to the employer you want and say (in glib paraphrase), "I really want to work for you but I have this offer from another company so can you do better?" Doesn't you advice to take the 1st offer without delay contradict your instruction to play 1 company off of another?

  13. I want to accept the offer but I need the start day to be after a month. How do I explain that?

  14. I really needed this. Wanted to give 2 likes. I have an interview coming for an job I want less while waiting for the interview for the job I really want.

  15. I was afraid to accept the first job offer but I completely understand where you are coming from. I am waiting on a call from one company but I am shadowing at another on Wednesday. The first company should call me back any day now with a offer or deny.

  16. i dont understand this guy's advice. How is accepting the job and then flaking on them once you get the other one any better than asking for an extension? Unless of course the scope is to cover your own ass, oh then it makes sense.

  17. I want to know why asking for an extension is showing disrespect but ACCEPTING it and then potentially RESCINDING your acceptance (you got a better offer a week later but before you started) is NOT disrespectful…?? The former seems far more polite than the latter…

  18. Yes more important, like money when they offer you way less than you’re worth and way less than you asked for. That’s a good way to get put on the back burner for good reason IMO.

  19. This only applies to the average applicant (the majority) If you’re world class at what you do, you can shop offers all day long. When companies know they’ll make money by having you on their team, they’ll hire you even when they’re not hiring.

  20. Thank you!! I had a final interview today and anticipate an offer but am in the middle of interviewing w/2 more preferred co's. I will delay the final follow up call to give myself time to complete the other interviews.

  21. Imagine this:

    You have two job offers. Both are great, and you accept the one you prefer, and you decline the other one. A week later, the company that you think you are joining tells you "sorry, so sorry for wasting your time, but unfortunately we found someone else we like more and we are rescinding the offer we made to you".

    Sorry, Don. You are promoting a highly unethical practice.

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