How To Run An Employee Background Check In California

Running background checks in California, and elsewhere, can be very complicated. How do you do it, are there regulations, what’s included.

In this episode, we focus on employment background checks, what they are, how to get one done and what to do if it comes back with a negative result.

You can grab our Ban the Box Workflow and the necessary forms, to help you deal with negative results, with this link:

Please keep in mind – this information is provided for general purposes only, and is not to be considered tax or legal advice.

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  1. Hi all – thanks so much for watching. I hope this episode helped you with background checks in California. If you have any questions, or just want some additional help – check out our Knowledge Base. It’s loaded with info and tips to help you on your Leader’s Journey And if you found this info helpful, please subscribe and share!

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