How to SING IN HARMONY: Happy Birthday

Most of us have sung the song Happy Birthday at some point in our lives. Now you can wow the crowd by adding in a fun harmony. Three options to choose from.

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40 thoughts on “How to SING IN HARMONY: Happy Birthday”

  1. Marrys KreativWerkstatt says:

    4:16 😀 haha love it

  2. Fugo's Fork says:

    Can't sing that high xD

  3. Juan Cruz says:

    Hey, which chord is it? So I can play it with my guitar

  4. SixPomegranateSeeds says:

    Not even through the video and you've got a new subscriber!

  5. Yejin says:


  6. Fimornit Sihombing says:

    Happy birthday to me 25-02-1990

  7. JustP says:

    You guys are so cute <3

  8. Aspen Sparks says:

    Very good, but cringe

  9. Sathya says:

    I'm a well trained Carnatic musician….even I'm finding it difficult to vocally harmonise songs….even though this was of much help can you give more examples of famous songs to harmonise?…..Thank you

  10. Krystal Stuart says:

    Thank you for this: Great example of a mixed head and chest voice.

  11. rsklmn says:

    Nick has beautiful eyes!!!!!!

  12. Joseph Brown says:

    Nick, your a really good singer

  13. Jessica_ the_eggo says:

    Ironically that’s my name Lololol GO JESSICAS

  14. George Hamilton says:

    2 is my favorite.

  15. BrookLemore says:

    1:10 Is the start of this video without all the intro
    #1- 1:09
    #2- 3:40
    #3- 5:50
    Thank you guys! ❤

  16. Giana Fiorino says:

    can you do all of these at once?

  17. zimshah says:

    That was so great!! Thanks for teaching this.

  18. dkurtz786 says:

    For #2 harmony you say go up on the word "dear"…if harmonizing is only going up 2 notes, why does it seem like "dear" goes up a lot more than that? Could you please explain?

  19. abijah shaleem says:


  20. lalberodellamusica says:

    sheet please 🙂

  21. Mayumi Kakizaki says:


  22. Connor Lee says:

    Actual video starts at 1:11

  23. shilpa kapoor says:

    Hi I love you guys great happy birthday to you

  24. Colin Liles says:


  25. just me says:

    Oh thx wow it is my bday

  26. Smita Sanjay says:

    in all d same !

  27. chandelle plevier says:

    I watched this during online schooling I don’t even sing I was just sitting on my couch silently watching this

  28. Chinerh Guerrero says:

    she has facial exppression when shes singing

  29. jessica zajac says:


  30. yelnats61 says:

    I listened to this, and the whole time I’m wondering why so few harmony notes?

  31. mörle says:

    You're awesome 😀

  32. Bentley says:

    Happy BUHHHthday

  33. Classy Chaos says:

    Now I can be even more of a show off at birthday's lol

  34. Ricky Morton says:

    My name is harmony

  35. Wavyleaf Thistle says:

    Version 1 – 1:16
    Version 2 – 3:41 (best)
    Version 3 – 6:14

  36. Matthew Docherty says:

    For me the best one is a combination of 2 and 3…. basically doing 2's harmony but going down at the end like 3 instead of up (can't quite hit that high note!) Well done guys, awesome energy! 😀

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