How to SING IN HARMONY: Happy Birthday

Most of us have sung the song Happy Birthday at some point in our lives. Now you can wow the crowd by adding in a fun harmony. Three options to choose from.

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40 thoughts on “How to SING IN HARMONY: Happy Birthday”

  1. I'm a well trained Carnatic musician….even I'm finding it difficult to vocally harmonise songs….even though this was of much help can you give more examples of famous songs to harmonise?…..Thank you

  2. For #2 harmony you say go up on the word "dear"…if harmonizing is only going up 2 notes, why does it seem like "dear" goes up a lot more than that? Could you please explain?

  3. I watched this during online schooling I don’t even sing I was just sitting on my couch silently watching this

  4. For me the best one is a combination of 2 and 3…. basically doing 2's harmony but going down at the end like 3 instead of up (can't quite hit that high note!) Well done guys, awesome energy! 😀

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