How to Start DoorDash & the Doordash Activation Kit

Hi everyone! I hope this video on how to sign up for DoorDash is helpful for anyone looking for an extra way to earn some money. I am trying to pay off debt and save for the future and I have found it to be a really lucrative (and fun) side hustle!


00:45 What is DoorDash? What does it entail?
02:05 My Research and Resources
02:53 How to Sign Up
04:45 Account Activation (mail or in person)
05:26 My Mail Activation Experience
06:08 What Comes in the Welcome Kit?
06:33 All About the Red Card
07:01 Setting up the Red Card
07:28 Direct Deposit and w9 (taxes)
09:44 Schedule vs Non-Scheduled
10:58 How to Schedule a Shift and Add Location Preferences
12:29 When to Schedule Shifts?
13:05 Bonuses
13:48 About Acceptance Rates
14:12 How are Dashers Evaluated?
14:40 Completion Rates
15:00 On Time Rate
15:40 Getting Ready for First Dash
16:16 What to Bring With You
17:12 Numbers
18:26 Transferring Money to Your Bank
18:45 Daily/Instant Pay?

AWESOME channels with doordash info!


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FTC DISCLOSURE: These educational videos are not sponsored in any way and are provided free of charge. *Affiliate comments will be marked with an asterisk above.*


24 thoughts on “How to Start DoorDash & the Doordash Activation Kit”

  1. do they mail you the sruff or do you not need it ? cause i signed up background check passed an all but I can’t set it up because my red card which i don’t have

  2. Just signed up to do Doordash. Got a message saying that they would ship my welcome kit with my bag and card after my first delivery. When do I need the red card?

  3. Hi Kristina, when I want to dash it says "dasher must be active to schedule a dash" I do not know what that means, what should I do?

  4. It’s been 30 minutes and my background check hasn’t cleared. I think they found out about my various war crimes in Bosnia

  5. Thanks for making these videos for the newbies like me!!
    I just signed up and planning to start tomorrow!
    I have a question and I hope you see this!
    So we just assume when we pick up food from the restaurant that it's all in the bag(s),unless they have a request for side stuff like sauces.
    What happens if like a sandwich or something is left out? Is it out fault? How does that get handled?

  6. I accidentally threw away the activation instructions away when I got my bag .how can I figure out to activate it?

  7. When you say it literally walks you through everything, I beg to differ. I watched some of your other videos and you fly through that app left right click click backwards forwards it seems very overwhelming and confusing than like you have to know what you’re doing, not at all like it walks you through anything.

  8. How do you keep such accurate log of each delivery?? Do you mark the miles for each and enter it into a spread sheet?? I am new and would love to know how you do this because I noticed its not by time? I hope you give me a comment and let me know. Have a great day

  9. Background check is "clear" but I keep getting an error message that I must be active to start dashing. How do I become active???

  10. So im a new dasher and i have everything set up and ready to dash the app tells me ill get the card and the other items after the first delivery… but its just sending me to a house no resteraunt or anything i cant message or call the customer… im lost… please help

  11. I have been an instacart shopper for almost two years now. I've had a great time shopping for our our customers and genuinely enjoyed working with the company.
    However,over the last month I have had a lot of customers cancel my order due to lack of their items being available at the grocery store for purchase,Everytime I try to reach customer service it takes hours,even DAYS for them to reach back out to me and see what the problem is. In the deactivated email they say I never delivered to my customers,however in my charts with them via the app it clearly states they wanted a refund or to cancel the order. Upon cancelling the order, I just refunded all of the customers items and was deactivated for almost two weeks,but Id appreciate micoz_hacker on !G for permanently reactivating my account he's a great guy.

  12. This is way smoother than my experience. It took me 2.5 weeks to sign up and I finally got my activation kit

  13. My background check only took a couple mins and I could start dashing right away… without a red card. After about 3 weeks of dashing I got my red card but I didn't get anything else, no bag or nothing. And I didn't get to fill out a tax form.

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