How to Survive the Background Investigation

If you are interested in joining law enforcement, you will need to understand what is included in the background investigation and how best to handle each part.


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  1. So you can have an impeccable background check, but if you have bad credit and an unstable work history you can be disqualified. BS!

  2. I have a quick question. What if you have one not-at-fault traffic collision on record and an at-fault traffic collision on record how do you think the investigator will perceive that and will it something that is disqualifying. Also, what if you didn't have good grades in Highschool , but you got good grades in College how will the investigator percieve that?

  3. I've been dinged twice by CDCR in the background stage for my driving record. I have had a clean driving record the past 4 years but tickets and what not are still on there. Is it good to go through thr process still for CHP?

  4. What if you are 40 years old, never owned a car, haven't driven a car in a few years, lived alone for most of your life, the high school you graduated from 24 years ago no longer has records, you're self-employed, your relatives only see you a few times a year, you only have a few close friends, and your ex girlfriends are cop-haters who won't let you give the PD their contact info, but you have a clean record, no alcohol or drugs because you're a prude, good credit, and never lose your temper?

  5. DO NOT LIE ON THE APPLICATION, IT WILL COME BACK AND BITE YOU the person interviewing you has seen all and heard all. My interviewer found where I had made a mistake and allowed me to correct it .

  6. Not trying to be a cop but actually EMT its probably a similar BI though. I got charged with possesion of .5 grams of marijuana when i was a freshman in highschool. Think that would fail me? Havent had any run ins with the law since. Although on a road trip my friend got a ticket driving my car EDIT- the POM charge has also since been expunged. Should I even mention it?

  7. What a bunch of bullshit… if this is done to be a cop…lol. Especially like the college check hahaha 99% of cops can barely read.

  8. I do background investigations as a profession and have since 1981. It is not what they find, it is whether or not they choose to use what they find on a case by case basis. Some things for government service are flat out disqualifiers, some are "wobblers". Yes, a good background investigator will find every place you have ever worked, every address you have ever lived in and depending upon the level of application will contact neighbors, "friends", co workers, past employers, teachers et al. Again, no one is perfect, and they know it. It all boils down to who you are as a person, patterns of irresponsible behavior, time since "occurrences"  and many other factors. One thing is a 100% disqualifier for any government (police-fire etc.) position…………Don't Lie !!!!!   If you do, you are finished.

  9. What I find discouraging is seeing people that are so worried about the hiring process they never apply. And then time slips by and they get older, have a family etc. The majority of people I've seen do this would most likely have been great cops. The specific disqualifiers and so forth vary vastly from agency to agency. I'll say this, if I could get hired you most likely could aswell. The department's aren't going to come knocking on your door one day and offer you a job. Be a go getter and apply. Take all steps seriously. It can be a very exhausting process particularly if you're going through multiple processes. Good luck!

  10. Question- my record in every aspect is clean other than my credit score. I had started of good then lost my job which caused me financial hardship that led to poor credit. I recently enrolled an a debt consolidation program to pay of the creditors in a certain period of time. Will that help me in any way showing that I’m trying to resolve the situation? Atm I’m the process of hearing from my BI with LASD.

  11. I have my background investigation tomorrow for the LASD. I was wondering if my arrest from 5 years ago would be an automatic dq. My ex gf framed me claiming I hit her and they booked me. She dropped the charges and was let go with no bail or charge. Will that affect me ? I'm 24 now. That's all I ever done bad. Oh and I took the polygraph before this. Idk why they made me do that first

  12. Hello sir,
    I am a victim of human Chip/RFID implant by unknown gang stalkers. They made me or sudeced me to do some wrongdo like they engaged people for marijuana(I did not take but one/two puff experimental) twice two years ago, led me to steal though very little amount/stuff two years ago too, and represented me as schezophrenic in family and friends and made several incident reports say by using my wife and family by calling 911 and made me hospitalized(intentionally by them). Nobody beleives my story that i am going through like an Opportunity Targeted Individual (T.I.) but i am suffering from DEW (Direct Energy Weapon) every single moment still now. Should i apply for police officer and explain truly,honestly all my 15 years of chip implanted history and may pass background check? may be with extended background check the investigator will find out more crimes done by those secret organized gang stalkers and i would also may get a free life or freedom from this hostile life in US? please help me suggesting to being an honest police officer. Its my dream now and a challenge for those gang stalkers. Please reply.

  13. If i am from another country, how are they going to operate having the fact its a whole other system?

  14. I take my Polygraph exam for Border Patrol August 5th which I hope I pass I have kept a clean record and school record, but my credit score took a big ding when I started to pay for my university classes for the past 2 years. Would this disqualify me?

  15. Does job hopping and leaving some jobs without two week notice affect you greatly,and I also left out two or three jobs out of the job application because I work there for such a small mount Of time

  16. I have a question. If you were caught shoplifting when you were ten years old and are now 27, will that show in your background or will it have been taken off? Will the BI see that? I was told after a certain amount of years it will be erased but idk if BI can still see it. I'm from CA. Please any answers would help. Thank you.

  17. I had a "hit and run" when I was 17 although it was not added to my criminal nor driving record due to the very minor damage and being that i didnt even know i hit the vehicle. I've searched to my records to try and find it and it isn't there so I didn't put it on my application. Should I mention it in my background check tomorrow?

  18. I was voluntarily forced out of the process based on my family affiliation. I have a squeaky clean record with never as much as a parking ticket in my life, 14 years in the military with two combat tours and a degree in criminal justice but was told by my investigator with the NY State Troopers "thanks, come back later" because my family is messed up with low ambition…..

  19. Will I be disqualified if I quit a job a few hrs before the shift but honest about it on the personal history statement?

  20. Is it true that they can have a warrant for social media history? I heard they can grab deleted posts and stuff and I had some dumb shit when I was 15-16.

  21. I’m a foreigner and my fiancée works for the US government. He said he needs an approval for our marriage and it’s why I must go through a process, then an interview too. He’s requiring me the SF 85P – Questionnaire of Public Trust Position. Had little debate with some people about my employment history, how I can put into words the years I worked without signed work card or a formal contract, I was a promotional model. Does it counts as a job for them? Somehow, it makes me sad and ends making me feel inferior to people who have formal jobs.

  22. What kind of Military "problems " will cause the investigation to seize? Something like a Dishonorable Discharge or something as simple as an Article 15?

  23. So I’m C/O in Florida and will eventually try and get into a sheriffs office or city police department once I get a few years of experience and fix my finances. My only worry is that since I’ve had a suspended license for a failure to pay a fine, it would be a disqualification. In your experience would that be something that would automatically disqualify someone or is that something that’s on a case to case basis?

  24. My department is hiring 6 officers and I’m 6th out of 25 on the chiefs list. I was the first to turn in my background investigation packet and the suspense is killing me.

  25. Ok so I want to know exactly how they can find out if I did drugs? I’ve done MJ and steroids but how exactly will they find out? I did them while in the Army and no one found out and the people I did them with I put down as references so they have my back. I want to know how they can find out it’s not like they were watching me back then? Thanks! By the way I passed the polygraph!

  26. Hi Sergeant , I have a question , yesterday I went to take my live screen fingerprints for California Corrections. Do you know what they are trying to find out? Or what they will find out?I'm going, to be honest with you, I don't know if you could give me any advice in 2013 applied for an agency for cleaning, that agency use cleans the sheriff buildings.Even, that I didn't get a job thru sheriff agency they took my fingerprints to work there. The problem was that I forgot to mention it.Do you think they will find out?

  27. Hi Sir, I have a question , I was checking my PHS for California Corrections and I noticed that I marked No to question Have you ever been fired form a job ?I think I marked No by accident. Whatever , I wrote down the reason I got fired from that job? I never tried to hide anything. I was trying to disclose this after my fingerprints day , but they told me wait until your get a background investigator.Do you think I will be in trouble?

  28. Hello everyone I passed my cdcr written exam on 4/26/2021 and am worried about the upcoming background investigation. I made a mistake in my life that Im ashamed of and am paying for I was arrested in Nov 2020 for Domestic Violence and charged in March 2021 for DV as a misdemeanor. I just wanna know if I can get hired with that on my record. Thanks and have a good day.

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