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Testing your Shopify Payments gateway is a great way to see how customers experience the checkout process on your online store. Today you’ll learn how to set up test mode for Shopify payments and how to place different types of test orders.

Before you test Shopify Payments, you should first check if you’re eligible to use the gateway. If you’re not using Shopify Payments, then you can create a test order using the Shopify bogus gateway – see the link below for more details!

Testing Shopify Payments »

If you’re not on Shopify Payments and want to place test orders »

For further assistance, contact Shopify Support directly »

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31 thoughts on “How To Test Shopify Payments || Shopify Help Center”

  1. Shopify Help Center says:


    0:20 – Important details
    1:13 – Enable test mode
    1:44 – Simulate test orders
    4:58 – Disable test mode

  2. Jesus Beltran says:

    Hello Shopify Help Center,

    I recently came into an issue where the item I was buying was 1 per person. I ended up placing 4 separate orders for 4 different persons under the same account where I listed different names under the shipping address. The issues was that when the seller viewed the orders, they were all under my name. Why did this happen? Where is the data from the "Customer" column being pulled from? @ 3:23

  3. Lucas P says:

    do I have to disable PRINTIFY to test this?

  4. Lucas P says:

    (you should re-consider re-taping this video and include this section )

  5. Grocery Gang says:

    What happens if you fulfill the order during test order?

  6. Nun Manith says:


  7. وفلز says:

    I have a lot of payment options but when the customer enter they see pay with paypal

  8. Fabulous_Gii says:

    What do you do with the order afterwards?

  9. Yees baaby aa says:

    in french please!!

  10. Park Mujin says:

    I accidently fulfilled an order while in test mode what do i do?

  11. Cherdaria Simmons says:

    I don't see where it says I can paste the numbers to my account I'm using a mobile phone

  12. Golden Honey says:

    Thanks this was very informative!

  13. pradita Gurung says:

    Hi, how do you remove the test order?

  14. John says:

    For the test item, I just need to hit refund right?

  15. Aditya Chaddha says:

    i am facing issue that whanever me and costomers try to place order it always shows card declined why it is happening with my store my store url is

  16. Lani Brasi says:

    Trying to make the card and it keeps saying there was an error adding this card

  17. show says:

    It keeps saying check out system disabled when I press buy

  18. tony s says:


  19. Jacob says:

    Awesome thanks

  20. Jon Dost says:

    Can I test that and If I have Stripe like Pyament provider ?

  21. Michelle Taramai says:


  22. Dylan Chong says:

    What about Accelerated checkout / Amazon / Apple Pay? Need to test that on my site

  23. Sakis Apostolou Drone Photography says:

    very good and enlightening video. Thank you Shopify. If I may add though they should have had a better way as not to create a sale on the Spocket where I deal with. I cannot delete it of course

  24. Govind Singh says:

    Hi audience, I'm leaving in Dubai if I want run my store only in USA, CANADA, AU , UK can I use shopify payment?

  25. Code Combination says:

    Hello great video,
    I want to generate webhook on failed payment
    Accoring to documentation if i type 3 in credit card number i get error on the page but no webhook response is triggered.
    P.s Webhooks are working in successful payment case

  26. SirFlips says:

    Is there a way to test PayPal express checkout?

  27. JUICY-JUNK says:

    Hi! If i am using Oberlo, do i need to deactivate anything order fulfillment through them?

  28. Mark CPM says:

    I tried this using your test credit card numbers for a succesfull order, but Shopify keeps saying the card was declined. I have selected a plan. Do I need to remove password protection on my store before it will work? I tried the VISA number, the mastercard number, and the AMEX number. All declined.

  29. Fitness ability says:

    This store can't accept real orders or real payments. This error show how can I slove this problem

  30. Rafi Khan says:

    here is not showing the bank account meythad

  31. Chris Door says:

    How much time pass before the payment arrive on my bank account? ( Italy Location)

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