How To Transfer H1B Visa From One Company to Another?

If you are on H1B Visa and planning on switching your company, this is how the H1B Visa Transfer really work! We answer when to tell your current company that you are leaving, do they need to revoke your visa. Do they need to do anything etc.
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20 thoughts on “How To Transfer H1B Visa From One Company to Another?”

  1. You are on H1B visa in USA, how are you making YouTube videos, isn't that against the terms of H1B? Would love to know more about it.Thanks

  2. Great information! Regarding studio setup, it is good. Just one thing that I learned (or got to know) from Peter Mckinnon is that you should probably increase the amount of lighting. That's it. I think you will figure it out.

  3. Hello yudi, I have watched all your videos.
    Yudi make some videos on MS in electrical engineering with specialisation in VLSI and career aspects, University shortlist,GRE TOEFL etc.
    Atleast make sperate video on that.
    There are more content of other Branch than electrical engineering with specialisation in VLSI.

  4. What if the old company has already initiated your green card process? Does the new company again have to initiate the process?

  5. there is nothing is H1b TRANSFER … it is only filling a fresh H1b application (without lottery, out of cap) by the new employer

    you can work for multiple companies simultaneously provided you have valid H1b with that employer

    Again there is nothing like TRANSFER … it is only every potential employer that you want to work with, needs to file their own separate H1 application for you !

  6. My H1B stamping completed but didn't travelled to USA we don't have opportunities with current employer.

    Could you please share some information on how to find the H1B sponsor for the
    H1B Transfer while in India.

  7. Can the h1 be transferred from India without entering US? For ex some reasons my sponsor is ready to transfer.. will this work when i'm in India/in any country?

  8. Can we change roles from tester to developer (software )or vice versa once we start working in USA on h1b visa

  9. Suppose a person had cleared both Lottery and RFE process and waiting for visa stamping. So if the person wants to transfer her H1B the new company will need to initiate a process but the person won't undergo lottery again. Is my understanding correct?

  10. I had a h1b from company A and travelled to USA in 2017 and when i applied my extension it got denied in 2018 and came back to India. Now i am planning to switch to company b in India 2021, if i switch can i transfer my h1b from company A to Company B from india itself. Assuming i have cap exempt valid for 2023

  11. One query I got h1b filled thru Company x now I got an offer from company y.. I have never worked for company x can I still tranfer h1b from x to y ..

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