How to use birthday stories |Facebook birthday card | Facebook stories | Facebook new features

how use Facebook birthday story currently on Android, this is a new feature that just rolled in to Facebook android so you have to update your app to be able to use the birthday story on your account.

Since the birthday story feature is still new and undergoing new changes some of the method to use the birthday feature will be changed as it is.

So if you are watching this video 2019 this is the only way to create birthday story

you can also call it a birthday card, so far you can customize text images, and video to send it already design as a card so is safe to say that its also a Facebook birthday card and you can send it to any of your friend that have birthday.

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this also work as a story which means after you upload the add it will expire after 24 hrs and be sent to your Facebook stories archive where you can see the, reuse or manage the birthday card

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24 thoughts on “How to use birthday stories |Facebook birthday card | Facebook stories | Facebook new features”

  1. Lukaki familie cuộc sống Hà Lan says:

    Nice video sharing

  2. Ruby Rashid says:

    useful video.thanks for sharing

  3. Masifa Khan says:

    Good job. Its very helpful how to use birthday stories. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Naira Maham says:

    its very informative to use Facebook birthday cards with different designs.

  5. Superb Entertainment says:

    Nice video

  6. Møçhã says:

    Where do I find birthday stories does it only go when there's someone's birthday

  7. Rohit singh Singh says:


  8. Ray W Penn Jr says:

    My fb friend she knows how to make the birthday fb stuff think she's got 30 of them made already

  9. Bonnie Yarbrough says:

    I keep getting notifications that people are posting birthday stories to me but I can't find it anywhere

  10. CR Juan says:

    Is there a way to turn off the birthday card option on Facebook?

  11. Alain Medina says:

    How do you respond to it?

  12. Vaishnavi Jennie says:

    Will it sent to that person when I click share now option how can I confirm that I sent to them


    Is story ko koi friend dekh le to
    us friend ko kaise pata kare


    Please tell me

  15. jonathan rangel says:

    how do i turn my birthday story on again ???

  16. Ajit Prasad Gupta says:

    Personalise birthday card not showing in my friends fb ac.Today when my friends sent me birthday card unfortunately i deleted all my card and disabled option in my birthday card.Now I can't find option.therefore my friends are unable to sending me personalise birthday card.

  17. anna Vassiliou says:

    I pressed it to type message letters didnt come

  18. Mozella Moore says:

    How do I see who sent a birthday story if its archived?

  19. Rucha Kamble says:

    Thanx dear

  20. technical sanju says:

    When I am wishing someone a birthday, then the card story option is not coming for every person,
    Can only be written on his timeline,Why is the option of Facebook story not coming for every person

  21. Benjamin Reaume says:

    How come I can no longer send my friends a birthday? When get the notification that it’s one of my friends birthday, I only have the option of writing on his/her timeline. The birthday cards just aren’t there anymore.

  22. Justin Byber says:

    Sala ato dari korsos kan?

  23. anthony demaio says:

    So they changed the birthday format interesting

  24. Mohan Payeng says:


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