How to use the brand new MEE6 birthday feature (Discord)

Today i will show you guys how to use birthdays feature with MEE6 it is a newly added feature.

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40 thoughts on “How to use the brand new MEE6 birthday feature (Discord)”

  1. EonPlix Gaming says:

    Remember to sub thank u and the end screen might np it be working if you are in mobile and change the resolution to the highest for best viewing quality

  2. Hizo says:

    Ty man you helped me ..
    ,Wish you grow fast ♥️

  3. Bey Wei Heng says:

    May I know how could I add the birthdays for other member, this command seems only able to add on birthday myself

  4. raven gaming bg says:

    How do you set up someone else's birthday? Please answer if you know.

  5. EonPlix Gaming says:

    Hello everyone I have had a comment that has been asked a lot of times how to add people’s birthdays how to add birthdays problems with it here is a list of commands that does certain functions.

    !remember-birthday(date of birthday remember to include – in between numbers) example !remember-birthday 02-23-1999. this is to add (your own birthday)
    !set-user-birthday (date of birthday remember to include – in between numbers) example !set-user-birthday 02-23-1999 @Juliet. This is to add (other/members in your server) users birthday
    !forget-birthday is to remove (your own birthday)
    !unset-user-birthday is to remove (Other users/members birthdays) make sure you mention their name. Example !unset-user-birthday @Juliet

    Hope this help remember to sub and join my discord link in description. (Remember this feature is very new and still under beta so do expect some occasional bugs)

  6. Galaxy Raider says:

    I have 37 subs and I basically have the same channel as you but I do gaming. So I was thinking,
    Want to collab channels?

  7. Gaming_with-uni says:

    thx man very helpful lol

  8. Wavez Joe says:

    Nice vid you helped me alot you got my sub but did i get yours?

  9. Ava says:

    Ty for helping me <3

  10. PhoenixsterPlayz says:

    thanks works perfect!

  11. Useless Despair says:

    Thank you, this Video helped me so much omg! <3

  12. Oli Player. says:


  13. RajanPlaysGames says:

    Did you buy premium for your MEE6?

  14. ChillKilled says:


  15. starjitzu says:

    Thank you so much boiii:D

  16. Simply Kanae says:

    Whenever I use the remember birthday command, it just gives me a "invalid command usage" thing. What do I do?

  17. Valentine Love says:

    How do you change the avatar picture on the MEE6?

  18. Desi Rashid says:

    I don't have the birthday plug in showing?

  19. shaniaa alvv. says:

    how do you delete a birthday?

  20. DHARMIK THEJ says:

    Your intro is panzoid? Looked Good

  21. Tanner Mandes says:

    There’s no way u were born in 1999

  22. unknown unknown says:

    i did september instead of 09 i was like wait what why isnt it working? but then u showed me thank you

  23. Sniffelblock says:

    The hardest part is getting the bdays

  24. NicolasCreww says:

    Is there any way to ping @everyone when the message is sent? So everyone can know it's someone's birthday

  25. CTLetsPlay says:

    This Video is nice, thank you! ._.

  26. Anime Freak says:

    thank you so much i was so confused with how to do the command lol. Sad that basically all my members birthdays i can ask have passed though T-T

  27. J_bean1 says:

    how do you make it so OTHER people in the server can set their birthdays? Cuz only i have permission to it seems. When one of my members tried the set-user-birthday commands, it said, "you can't use that"

  28. MaksBloxX says:

    How do i remove my birthday?

  29. The Unknown Gamer says:

    Hey eon thanks for the help!! But if your an admin or the owner and founder of a server can you set a users birthday if the user already left the server??

  30. Hxrii says:

    I would subscribe but it’s on 69

  31. allossii༄ says:

    Thank you so much!

  32. BJoiner RMZ says:

    Черт, это английский гайд. Хорошо хоть subtitles есть.

  33. gmerti says:


  34. JUICY-PEEP says:


  35. Therish Ellaina Benig says:


  36. Drohnen Aufnahmen says:

    cool tutorial


    how to do it for a member

  38. Bubble says:

    When you watch a video that knows how to add clips together but not even add a green screen effect

  39. Acrobat BG says:

    Iam a pot
    I love eating plates
    Dont judge

  40. ImCadezx◢◤ says:

    Such a better YouTuber then me

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