How to use the brand new MEE6 birthday feature (Discord)

Today i will show you guys how to use birthdays feature with MEE6 it is a newly added feature.

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40 thoughts on “How to use the brand new MEE6 birthday feature (Discord)”

  1. Remember to sub thank u and the end screen might np it be working if you are in mobile and change the resolution to the highest for best viewing quality

  2. May I know how could I add the birthdays for other member, this command seems only able to add on birthday myself

  3. Hello everyone I have had a comment that has been asked a lot of times how to add people’s birthdays how to add birthdays problems with it here is a list of commands that does certain functions.

    !remember-birthday(date of birthday remember to include – in between numbers) example !remember-birthday 02-23-1999. this is to add (your own birthday)
    !set-user-birthday (date of birthday remember to include – in between numbers) example !set-user-birthday 02-23-1999 @Juliet. This is to add (other/members in your server) users birthday
    !forget-birthday is to remove (your own birthday)
    !unset-user-birthday is to remove (Other users/members birthdays) make sure you mention their name. Example !unset-user-birthday @Juliet

    Hope this help remember to sub and join my discord link in description. (Remember this feature is very new and still under beta so do expect some occasional bugs)

  4. I have 37 subs and I basically have the same channel as you but I do gaming. So I was thinking,
    Want to collab channels?

  5. Whenever I use the remember birthday command, it just gives me a "invalid command usage" thing. What do I do?

  6. i did september instead of 09 i was like wait what why isnt it working? but then u showed me thank you

  7. Is there any way to ping @everyone when the message is sent? So everyone can know it's someone's birthday

  8. thank you so much i was so confused with how to do the command lol. Sad that basically all my members birthdays i can ask have passed though T-T

  9. how do you make it so OTHER people in the server can set their birthdays? Cuz only i have permission to it seems. When one of my members tried the set-user-birthday commands, it said, "you can't use that"

  10. Hey eon thanks for the help!! But if your an admin or the owner and founder of a server can you set a users birthday if the user already left the server??

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