How work references are verified for immigration to Canada

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We are often asked to explain how references are checked and how visa officers check employment history. Here’s the brief answer.
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34 thoughts on “How work references are verified for immigration to Canada”

  1. Sir, I have a couple of questions.
    1. which documents are necessary apart from experience letter, appointment letter and reliving letter? ( Bank statement or salary slips )
    2. If salary slips are required than how many?
    3. What if I have 2 different employers. Do I need salary slips from both?
    4. What if I'm paid in cash?

  2. Hi sir. Thanks a lot for this video. Just a querry: is this verification done randomly, or is it always done in all cases?

  3. I have a little bit confusion in noc code. What will be the noc code for self employed private tutor as I am confused in getting it.

  4. Hello Alex, trust you are doing good? Have tried to reach out to you via the office number and equally drop a voicemail but no response. Could please provide the extension number. Thanks in advance

  5. Is there a possibility that immigration officers go check our LinkedIn account to verify our work experiences.If so, should we update our LinkedIn account as per the experience shown in reference letters?

  6. Hello thanks for the information, I have one concern is the one year experience count by months or by dates? Do they calculate number of months worked/stayed or it should be complete 365 days? Looking forward for a response

  7. Hi Alex.Appreciate your efforts to make such a video.I am Indian.i have been in UAE and workin for a company for 6months but they did not give me a work permit .work permit is mandatory in UAE if anyone is in husband visa , working for a company.but I have pay slip joing letter and everything but doesn't have a workvisa.will it be a problem while doing submission

  8. Does the size and status of the company matter? Because I have only work for Small business and he only paid in cash. I have no way to prove the salary in my account. Kindly help

  9. Can it be written not by supervisor, but HR Manager? As soon as HR manager can write in English, can provide period and hours of job, plus job description and my duties etc. AND call it Certificate
    Thanks for the video

  10. Thanks a lot sir. But what of in case my company doesn't have website? Who are they going to call?

  11. For foreign working applications do they call? Or is like the last resource? In which language do I need to send my letters? In case in my work they don’t write in English

  12. Hi Alex,
    The company I used to work A has been sold to a company B. Upon my request Company A gave me a reference letter on their letter head. Since A has been sold to B, contact details of the company A such as website, phone numbers, email ids don’t work anymore.
    But I have tax forms, pay checks, bank statements while being on A’s payroll.
    So if I submit this reference letter, what are the chances that it would pass the employment verification check ?
    Could I submit any additional letter to support my case ?
    Thanks in advance.

  13. sir am working in qatar and my employer is not giving reference letter and am in in a dilemma please help,also i did not take a reference letter from any of my company ,do my visa will be rejected

  14. I am doing my processing on aipp, the problem is that my previous restaurant where i was working is no more existing, its now a textile centre, i worked as a captain during 1997-2001, proprietar sold the entire building.
    My second employer of sands hotel, of adnh group in abudhabi uae sold it to hoiday inn chain of hotels. I worked as a waiter during 2004-2008, at that time i received only experience ceetificate.
    My present employer in qatar never gives either experience certificate or reference letter,
    Sir help me to solve this controversial problem or my dream to migrate canada will b scatter.
    Thank you

  15. Hello there respected Consultant, what format is needed for internship letter? Does it have to be in the same format as a proper work exp letter or the duties should not be in detail?

  16. this US company outsourced in the Philippines back in 2016 to a Local PH company. The local PH company provides manpower and I was hired to work for and serve as a Manager for this US company. This year the US company decided to end their business with the PH company to start their own local subsidiary and operate the locally. In line with that, they also decided to acquire and absorb all the existing employees to continue their employment. It involved some contracts and fees were settled to get the employees. The US Company said that the employees can keep their tenure and they will retain the number of years they gained from the time that they joined the company who hired us to work for them.

    My question is, Should I still get an employment certificate from the Local PH company who hired me to serve this Us company or can I just ask for an employment certificate from this US company (which is now my actual company) and provide the details I mentioned above?

  17. If I apply for a Study Permit, and after obtaining it, apply for EE and receive the ITA while I am in Canada for my studies, will my documents from my home country be still valid?

  18. Good day. What if the place I used to work closed down because of the pandemic? Would it still be possible that the owner of the place is my character reference?

  19. It's helpful. Thanks for make it!!
    I've a question that I'm a skills worker catagery B (NOC) 7313. but i don't have experience later for prove. So is that nessecery?

  20. Hello sir, you are doing a great work keep it up, I have a question please reply. I have a 10 years of work experience of Manager at Honda Bike Dealership and I was hired by the owner of the dealership in my city. Will it be considered as my work experience for the Express Entry as the Dealership is only like a shop or local store rather than a Company?

  21. Waoooo! It sounds Soo complicated. Even a genuine case can be thrown out coz of simple challenges

  22. Hi I got ITA from SINP but my proof of funds are not 90 days old what I should do?and the NOC which I applied… I left that job is it any problem?.Thanks

  23. Hi sir I have question

    3 year ago I had done their bachelor course
    Through a university which now has been blacklist. Than I have two year singapore work experience in marketing department
    I wanted to go to canada for their study

    May I get study permit

    Coz last mine university got blacklist
    Recently where I done their course
    Canada embassy will accept mine degree
    Or not

  24. Hello sir, i am currently working in company from last 2 years and i worked for 4 year for my former company. Is visa officer verify my both reference letter or current company refrence??

  25. Hello Sir, I am working in a government organization for 25 years. I have lot of paper evidence for the job. I don't want my authority to know about my PNP application because it may jeopardize my job. I am planning to get the job reference letter from my junior officers with whom I worked and who know about my job responsibility. If I am invited, along with my submitted papers can I send a request letter to SINP officials and later to IRCC officials to not contact my HR for verification. If they even contact my HR they should keep the purpose of their investigation secret from my HR and referees who gave me job experience letters. For job investigation the SINP and IRCC officials can visit my office any time they want.

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