How you can properly screen tenants and avoid nightmare situations.

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30 thoughts on “How you can properly screen tenants and avoid nightmare situations.”

  1. Going thru one now. Horror. Moved these two girls in. Great jobs, great personalities, etc. they move in, lose their jobs, no rent. They are leaving. Learned a lot from this, let me tell you.

  2. My horror story, I employed an estate agent to screen and get tenant , To do inspection reports, feel totally let down as tenant did not pay so the two months advancement of rent eaten into and the house was filthy and wrecked. Insurance company does not wish to know as they are saying that the tenant and the guarantor not screened correctly. Cost thousands to put right. The estate agent used was voted one of the best in the area.

  3. Excellent material from a skilled teacher. I'm a new landlord. If I wanted to outsource my application process, how do I search for someone who provides that? Thanks.

  4. We need to abolish for-profit, private housing and have guaranteed housing with rent control.  Landlords are absolute tyrants and in the internet era tenants need to protect their privacy.

  5. not a landlord but my mother was a complete horror story when she rented. mold on the walls, not calling when things needed to be fixed, didnt keep track of the lawn, the kitchen sink was full of so much stuff that we just stopped using it, she put a towel over it so the bugs wouldn't be visible. She changed the locks on our landlord, hid whenever he came around, kept the house so dirty you essentially had to ninja yourself around the rooms to avoid stepping on clothes/books/whatever. There was even one time when the landlord had to leave town and asked her early in her tenancy to watch his dog, meaning come over and feed it, maybe bring it on a walk or something. no instead she went over, took the dog home, leaving the gate open so the landlord thought it ran off and then she lied when the landlord asked if the new dog that was in our yard was his dog, he was gone about a month and a half and the dog was just a little puppy when he got him so the dog looked quite different by the time he got back. Only reason he didnt evict her was because she was getting her rent subsidized by the government, but he managed to finally get her evicted after SHE tried to sue HIM for harassment after he finally demanded access to his own property.

  6. Remax in Kingman AZ put a class two sex offender in my home and did not tell me or my neighbors, my neighbors found out when the annual pedo list was posted at the college, I got enormous backlash from my neighbors for that, it just gets started from there….. Nightmare!!! Never trust Remax owner's name is Dwight in Kingman, lake Havasu or bullhead City AZ, all liars and swindlers!!!! Golden Eagle realty in Golden valley AZ: also corrupt to the bone!!

  7. Somehow this got into my recommended, I’m a homeowner not interested in renting, my general observation is you look like a snake and sound like a slumlord ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

  8. Hey you little piece of shit your audience is harassing me here. You're being asked once to make that stop. You won't be asked twice. Law enforcement will be receiving complaints from this point forward.

  9. How will I screen businessman? They were never been employed. I was told they were in Toronto who will just move in my place in Vancouver. Please give me advice , 'cause this is my first time to screen businessmen. Thank you so much I love your tips.

  10. I've had a great tenant for four years. Then she moved a pet in and breached the lease agreement. Sure I can add a pet addendum, but should you increase rent due for pets?

  11. The QUESTION that nobody has answered is…HOW do you screen a potential tenant who does NOT have a social security number or is an immigrant (legal/illegal) who doesn't have these histories. Understandably, in California, you can't ask for citizenship proof or turn someone down due to status. What are your thoughts regarding this scenario?

  12. Long story short. I was awarded $300 by a judge, I was looking for $1500, in damages. Judge lets the tenant pay $5 a week. She sends me 20 to 25 weeks faithfully and stops, I never cash a check. I go to court the judge says I can have a sheriff go to her bank and get the rest. I then cash all the checks. Tenant has 25 overdraft charges. Revenge is sweet.

  13. During the financial crisis, many landlords stopped screening and just relied on their ability to kick people out if they didn't pay. An empty room pays zero in rent.

  14. Do you have any videos for tenants ? Such as how to screen for shady/ predatory/ nosey/ invasive landlords ? True story : I came home early from work one day and my landlord (60+) was using my shower while his wife was sitting on my sofa in a robe watching my TV. said their plumbing was backed up. Regardless, they had no right to be in my leased space, these older private landlords are the worst, most feel they can just let themselves in on a whim, because you're just a tenant. I gave notice shortly after and they still gave me grief over my security deposit.

  15. Here's a tip for tenants, never get a tattoo on your face. Tip for landlords, never rent to someone with a tattoo on their face.

  16. Check the applicants car/truck condition and cleanliness. Also do they play loud bom bom music disturbing other tenants. Bom bom music will drive your good tenants out.

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