I Applied For an Amazon Warehouse Job. Done With Gigs?

I recently decided to apply for an Amazon warehouse job to earn money and keep busy during the summer months (slow for the gig economy). In the video I show you how to apply and some of the reasons why an amazon warehouse gig is a solid choice for work.

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25 thoughts on “I Applied For an Amazon Warehouse Job. Done With Gigs?”

  1. beastumfan says:

    Why not be a waiter?

  2. James Steel says:

    Video is great but bobtoolz via IG is the best specialist on disabled account recovery. bobtoolz successfully reactivated my account without breaking any rules from the platform

  3. James Steel says:

    Video is great but bobtoolz via IG is the best specialist on disabled account recovery. bobtoolz successfully reactivated my account without breaking any rules from the platform

  4. Growth Spurts says:

    Damn bro I’m in Jacksonville Fl too just left Amazon bout a month ago

  5. The Source Within says:

    Is this the Employed Nation channel? Lol

  6. randy love says:

    Amazon owned by jeff Bezo they trwat there people like shit make them piss in the line as the bathroom is to far .jeff , spent the money to buy a yacht with its own pear instead of giving his employees a bonus nice people good luck

  7. rawle cuffiepastor says:

    While You’re at it do some research on Amazon Fba If you want to include an extra stream

  8. randy love says:

    U didnt say, u have to be fast at this and ur given a month to pick the orders as they time u .if u don't make the time in 1 months ur gone .good luck

  9. Graham Bikes (GangsterGamer) says:

    Do they check for marijuana?

  10. Whitney Wright says:

    You’re in the perfect time zone for day trading

  11. Danielle Hall says:

    It's not a summer slow down but something more ominous. Uber, Lyft, Airbnb have raised their prices and are no longer affordable to consummers. As you would expect, drivers are not benefitting from this increase even though there's a shortage of ride share drivers.
    Then Doordash GrubHub and Ubereats are getting sued for charging restaurants illegal fees.
    I think these tech companies have become too greedy and are willing to destroy themselves in the long run for short term profits today.

  12. charlesworkout says:

    Did you try Walmart delivery with Uber

  13. Mywork777 says:

    I worked there. You better be fast.

  14. Chechi De La Rocha says:

    Hope it goes well, I've done both gig and Amazon. Still hated Amazon more but there's nothing like a nice big paycheck. Gig work is just not worth the hustle anymore, they don't appreciate how much we do and just leave low pay rates for years with no change while gas just keeps going up.

  15. Ryan H says:

    When you get hired they deactivate you on flex anyways

  16. Benny Valdes says:

    Dude try door dash and Uber eats. I just moved here and I’ve been doing well here in Tampa. Try it out

  17. Chad The Gig Economist says:

    I wouldn't mind being an Amazon van driver, but they'd never hire me with my driving record.

  18. The Apptrepreneur says:

    Oh man, I wish you would have applied for ANYTHING other than this! The amount of people who walk away form this job with lifelong health problems (many of which involve permanent back injuries) make this pretty much one of the biggest risk/lowest reward jobs out there. The fact that it's part time may make this a little better, but I would STRONGLY encourage you to look for a replacement job as soon as possible!

  19. buzzymakesAbeat says:

    I find out Gig economy jobs cool but more stressful… you work alone and you having a bad rooting to yourself which isn't good for your mental health.. If you work with good team players, you should be completely fine. Good Luck!

  20. Wesley Thomas says:

    Worked at Amazon five years, it’s easy warehouse work and good benefits. Lots of overtime available. What I didn’t like, toxic work environment, favoritism, gossip, people hooking up and openly cheating, some areas can be difficult to make rate, avoiding getting time off task, the warehouse I worked at had a high school vibe about it, anyways thought I would share.

  21. Wesley Thomas says:

    I work at UPS now, more physical, part time hours, but your union and have job security.

  22. jason4275 says:

    For me Gas prices is too high to be working 15-20 hours a week, driving back and fourth from home to the warehouse.

  23. Chris Barnes says:

    I worked at an Amazon warehouse for 6 years. Benefits and such are great. Management is not. They’re hard on their people. Good luck man!

  24. Barbi Bishop says:

    Ive been trying to find any information on the “problem solver” job and can’t find much detail. Are there levels and tiers and what exactly do they do? If anyone has any extensive info on it please let me know! Also the average pay too lol

  25. Jim Columbus says:

    I live in Jacksonville as well. I work at Walmart and I just started doing Field agent and Gigwalk. I'm really looking forward to my new side Hustles. Walmart is not known for their pay but they have some of the best benefits around. They took care of me when I was sick. Now I'm doing gig work and doing different things on the internet like microtasking and other things online. I feel my options are unlimited now. I can decide how much I'm worth with regard to pay.
    Jacksonville is s a very large city landwise and growing. Maybe we will bump into each other on a gig. Good luck to you.

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