I got a job offer from the Post Office!

6 days after I interviewed I received and accepted a job offer from the USPS!


20 thoughts on “I got a job offer from the Post Office!”

  1. I took my drug test, background check and accepted the job offer about 3 weeks ago and I know i passed both. Does it take this long or should i give up on it?

  2. Man, I have the opportunity of a lifetime to choose between the Postal Office (CCA) and working as a Transportation Security Officer, I got both offers around the same time.

  3. If you start orentation does that mean the background is all cleared? Or they can still fired or terminated you for background?

  4. I have question for usps job they took my fingerprints it’s been 3weeks I have not yet received email or response from usps the post office submitted the fingerprint I turned in

  5. Applied on July 8th (for 2 RCA jobs) and July 11th (ARC), and July 15th (another RCA).

    July 16th – Asked for MVR and got results back fast

    July 22nd – Received a phone call and 2 e-mails from 3 different offices that want to interview me in the next week.

    I got a 76 score on my 474. Actually have a interview tomorrow morning as a matter of fact! Just hoping I do well. Some schedule conflicts as well but currently trying to work those out.

  6. What to do when you have an orientation scheduled for the 3rd-5th for an Arc but have an RCA offer in your email?! Ohhh my… Both are the same distance away. Both email sent the same day. What would you do? So confused.

  7. I have a question … Im in the processing steps for CEP Casual, I understand its a seasonal job. But if there a possibility managers or postmasters will approve me to stay ?? (Full time) I guess when season is over I would love to continue to work with the postal service

  8. I thank you for all your great info sharing your doing with us. Question? How soon after the job offer did you give your other job your two weeks notice if at all???

  9. Hopefully if you're still there, your experience is going well. I started working as a cca in December of 2019. I got fired today because I called out Monday, mind you Saturday I went to the er because I had a medical emergency. The Dr gave me a note to take off Monday so that I could go follow up with a specialist. I contacted the supervisor and let her know I had a Dr note to take off Monday. She basically said I didn't have to return because I called out in my 90 days, ha! So I'm supposed to bleed to death right? FOH. So, I spoke to my union rep and will be getting a lawyer. Fuck the post office.

  10. Hey man ..how did the drug test work …I can pass but just curious like how they do it ..do they send you to a place is it mouthswab pee like how did that part go

  11. I applied did the assessment then I got a job offer which I accepted. Just waiting for the guy to get back to on the background and fingerprinting. Does this mean I’m already hired? I didn’t interview. My application says job offer phase ext

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