I got rejected by Amazon (Interview Fail)

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20 thoughts on “I got rejected by Amazon (Interview Fail)”

  1. nioutest says:

    These companies are so arrogant. In the end it s their losses as they hire people that are good at interviews and not people that are good for the job (and yes, you can be in both categories)

  2. Edpacis0506 says:

    Nice!!! Well said!!! Bro…

  3. julio donadello says:

    i think they change the address on purpose. One friend of my had the same experience in Amazon Brasil an he is sure he didn't mess up the direction.

  4. Jimmy王 says:

    thank you Joma

  5. skogenburzum says:

    A buddy of mine has the AWS Security specialization and didn’t get the job because he didn’t answer the way they liked.

  6. IDarkNight says:

    5 interviews? What a waste of time. Max 3 interviews is my rule.

  7. mochno1 says:

    They reject me too. That i want to grow toonfast they can offer.

  8. gomez richard says:

    Yooo this content is fire! This is my shit right here bro

  9. Lin Zhang says:

    My daughter is 5 years old and always cry when she fail to do something. Like unable to untangle a knot.. I am going to show her from 9:13 hahah 🙂

  10. Jose Sanchez says:

    What is Sweet?

  11. Shikhar Tiwari says:

    And I was expecting something sarcastic at the end. Wtf is wrong with me

  12. Rooney Daniel Cash Medrano says:

    Well those young people is the future of silycon Valley? Really? That girl was pretty funny

  13. Clarisza Bata says:

    Can I get your email? I will send a proposal. Two project proposal.

  14. Link Fang says:

    I have been curious why Microsoft is not in the Fang list.

  15. Doctor Emmett L. Brown says:

    Big Tech sucks anyway, and they are corrupt. Better enter a small tech and make it big.

  16. plonkster says:

    Also failed amazon interview some years ago. Turned out to be a good thing. I now do something a lot more rewarding.

  17. Esther Lopez says:

    Needed this so badly, just totally bombed my grad interview, I’m expecting that rejection letter in 2 weeks, definitely feel depressed but whatever

  18. Gregory Galushka says:

    @Joma That was a superb motivated speech. Thanks man.

  19. Nicholas Drake says:

    this is giving me anxiety – just listening to it

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