I Lied On My Resume And Got The Job… NOW WHAT?

I Lied On My Resume And Got The Job… NOW WHAT?

So, this is one of the most strange questions and emails I’ve received. Here is what happened.

This guy wrote a lot of skills on his resume to impress some companies. It turns out that this guy did not have ANY of the skills that he mentioned on his resume.

Besides that… Guess what. He just GOT THE JOB. He got the job that he applied to and now he will start working without knowing anything…

I don’t know what to say! lol

So… What should he do in this situation? How can he turn this situation around so that he can actually benefit from the job?

Watch this video and find out!

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27 thoughts on “I Lied On My Resume And Got The Job… NOW WHAT?”

  1. The thing is that most companies are going to train you on the way that they do things. These companies want to make sure that their employees are all on the same page with the work that is conducted. Just soak up that training and nobody will be the wiser.

  2. It too late but here what would I do

    Just tell them you will not able to start job right away you nerd about six weeks to be on board

    In this time you learn the language you mentioned
    All programming language have same logic just different names and different variable definition

    Never lie employer spend lot of time and money and their profit may depends upon your skill

  3. There was a person who was in my class, who faked 2 years of developing experience…..guess what? She got the job and was ahead of me, simply because i chose not to fake it.

  4. i'm a Legal Manager with 2.5 years of experience and a pay of 5.4k per month

    i saw a job posting looking to hire a Legal Manager with at least of 5 years experience and the pay is a whooping 18k per month

    I applied and lied that i have 5 years experience in my resume, while i did not lie about my educational credentials…..i'll be so damned if i actually got the job, really hoping i get it xP

  5. Lying sort of helps unless you know your stuff on mostly of those positions you typed on your resume. The main thing that employers mainly cares about if you can use those skills and displayed on the field or credit rating which alot of people get denied just for having bad credit(which is one of the most stupidest things that this country created in the last 7 years)

  6. I can tell you Exactly what’s going to happen because it happened to me. I saw the title to a job that I liked and I bullshitted a resume and got an interview. The people ended up talking over me in the panel and I basically just nodded and agreed with what they said and read off my resume in the interview. They need me badly so they hired me right on out of desperation. Once I got in the job they started using terms I didn’t know and I can fake it. They were trying to train me and especially me to pick up on things and I was lost. I couldn’t make it at all! It wasn’t before a month or so that I was fired. If it’s something very specific especially with programming YOU CANT FAKE NOT KNOWING THE BASICS.

  7. If u gonna lie on your resume, you might as well go all the way. Get a degree from a diploma mill. Get a job that can change your life. Just don't go for government jobs and don't post your resume on LinkedIn. What will blow your mind is how many CEOs do it, and do there job for years before getting caught. Google it.

  8. This is slightly misleading. Sure you can learn the syntax of a language in a few weeks but learning how to program can take years. Here is an example, tell me you could learn all the different data structures and when to use them, design patterns, object-oriented, functional programming, dynamic programming, regular expressions, big O notation, debugging, testing, choosing the right algorithm etc in two weeks?

  9. What about lying on training or experience. Trying to get into cultivation, but where I live all the companies are asking for expierence growing, or degree in botany, agriculture or horticulture. I don't have a degree in experience and that's the reason I feel like I havent gotten any call backs. Should I just lie, because I'm nervous if I lie then I do get the job and when they tell me to grow it won't be any type of traning because they expect me to "know" since I said I did know

  10. I’d gladly take job advice for a construction job from a dude in a wife beater. Professional work, not so much.

  11. I'm fresh out of highschool & its hard getting a job without work experience but I just recently lied on my job application & I was able to get a job that pays $18 a hour and I didn't lie about everything something's were true.

  12. Fake it till you make it has always been my attitude. Unfortunately, you won't get nowhere in this world being 100% honest. It's a competitive world and pretty much every employer wants some sort of experience. Entry-level jobs don't pay the bills so why not just embellish your resume a little and get a more senior role? The only time lying on your resume is not legal is when you begin faking licenses/certifications.

  13. More than 20 years ago, starting as a Graphic Designer, I said in my resume that I knew how to use CorelDraw, eventually got hired for a job that specifically required it. I did not, but I knew how to use Adobe Illustrator. Twenty years later, I actually know how to use CorelDraw much better than Adobe Illustrator. The program that I actually knew how to use is much more complex than the program they required me to know how to use and didn't. Both were vector programs, and in fact, I was the best candidate obviously. Because of my salary requirements, they tried to hire someone who was accepting less money, and I was passed for the job. That person was eventually fired after a few weeks, and from my temp agency, I was offered the position again, I took the job and eventually got the salary I felt I deserved. True story, I did not know how to use that program when I got the job, but if you are competent, and is something that can be done, you can do it!

  14. I lie on my work experience and get my first job no regret. You may have heard a lot of people said do not lie on your resume. All these are bullshit. Do not feel bad for lying on your resume because you're not the only one. Now I make around 110k in 1 year and bunch of benefits ez. Those people who say don't lie on resume because they have never been the worst situation. Like they have good parents that paying him/her go to a good college or university everything.

  15. i’m 15 and i sent an application saying i was 18…
    i got accepted to it and work 4 hours a day when i can’t legally drive

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