I was denied by NICS!

This is an unfortunate situation many law abiding people may face. If you have questions about the appeal process feel free to ask, maybe I can help.


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  1. I always get delayed. Hand guns and long guns. I always get them end the end. Last week I purchased another hand gun and got a delay. The day I was to go pick it up the FFL called me and said the FBI called and wanted to know if they released the gun yet. He said no and they said good he is denied. I was like WTF? I was sitting at my desk in my office looking at a new AR I got two months ago and my Glocks I already own. So confusing. I did the appeal and the UPIN number at the same time. I will update this

  2. Ok guys, any help would be appreciated. I just got a denial and deemed prohibited by nics on my appeal for a UPIN. 13 years ago a girlfriend called the police during an argument… you guys know the rest. I been getting delayed, but ultimately always able to go pick up my guns from the store once waiting the time period. I was CHARGED with misdemeanor DV… after a clown show and a denial (that conveniently never got recorded by my ex ) it was amended down to disorderly conduct M-4… lower than a traffic ticket i was told….. so today I got my denial for a UPIN and my heart sank. As I look at a gun cabinet holding the letter loaded with guns bought and applied for by me… side note ( two of those purchases from Walmart last year being delayed, but ultimately reading "proceed" ) I'm just so confused why I can't get a UPIN, but can buy guns.

  3. I’m on delay in la Cali, I purchased an Baer custom ii and I’m on a 30 day wait. I received a letter from doj saying someone with my name and last name stole a gun and they want me to do a live scan so they can see if it matches my prints and I did that today, it’s been almost 20 days of waiting for my gun 🙁 sucks but I’ll just keep that head up and wish everything is good to go

  4. If you would have gave them your SSN this would have never happened . Why did you not tell the viewers that?

  5. I don’t understand why I got denied . I work for Garda and carry a weapon for work and I got denied to buy my own weapon for home smh

  6. So an update 6 weeks and got challenge back and I am able to own firearms. I took the paper down to FFL to pick up the gun. The FFL called them and past 30 days so had to fill out new form and give them the approved AMD ID #..(which is basically a UPIN for this transaction) FFL said they told him ok that is everything. He is DELAYED!!! WHAT?? I am sitting here with the paper from you that says he can get this gun. LOL it is comical at this point.

  7. This is why you should put your social security in it. It saves you from all the heart ache. People may have the same name as you, but not the same social security.

  8. I wish they would've denied me! They put me in limbo (inconclusive). Now the gun store has my money and my gun for an undetermined amount of time that could last up to a year. It gets even better: I WAS JUST CLEARED ON A FIREARM LAST WEEK. Be careful what you sign when buying a gun. Different stores have different policies. Some aren't on the up and up. Just criminals with an FFL.

  9. My first 3 firearms I got proceed within minutes. Then got delays for the next 2 I bought. After that got proceeds within minutes again. Now I just purchased a new pistol in WA with their new universal background checks, and there is a 10 day waiting period. I’m a veteran with PTSD and I’m hoping that doesn’t affect the decision since I have to give up my 4th amendment rights to purchase a pistol.

  10. I was denied and have a upin. I filed an appeal and they said I was never denied. It’s tiring the amount of hoops I’ve jumped thru for this.

  11. It doesn’t take that long bro just get finger printed and send them to the fbi in Clarksburg WV I got a response in about 3 to 4 weeks and fixed everything

  12. I've bought 3 other firearms the last 3 months. Then got denied on my last one. But I'm just thinking that the weird guy that's always there.., That's dressed funny, lingering around me for hours at the FFL.., Trying his damnedest not to look like an undercover agent… Wasn't able to make it there this time! I showed up real early! Just a few mins after FedEx dropped it off! But, they'll be there the next time I'm sure! Lol!

  13. America really is a goddamned shithole. Don't care about other countries. This one is a goddamn lying sack of shit. I wish they'd just say that we don't really have any rights. Its the fuckin truth. They say they need finger prints, but isn't your social security supposed to belong only to you.? If i give them my social, how the fuck am I being confused with someone else? Our military needs to come home and we need to redo our government. Shit is all kinds of fucked up.

  14. I got denied today at my local firearms shop. What I don't understand is that I have a concealed pistol license (CPL) and they still denied me???
    Yes, I am upset that it costing me more money. I ran 2 background checks today and paid over $30.00 to do so and also lost $260.00 for 20% restocking fee on the firearm I purchased. My background is SUPER clean. What a bad day for me…. Oh well I guess I gotta do this appeal thing. I swear they deny you so they can get extra fee. $41.00 in my state to do a finger print check. what a rip off. Well im glad it went well for you. wish me luck!

  15. Samething is happening to me now! Bought multiple firearms in the past with no problems but now got denied all of a sudden! Sent in finger prints and now just waiting for them to clear me. Very frustrating amd annoying smh!

  16. I get DELAYED 100% of the time, EVERY time that I purchase a firearm.

    I have a squeaky clean record, I have even undergone a Federal Aviation background check – and was cleared, I have been a concealed carry licensee for probably 11+ years, and I am even licensed to sell ammunition! Yet literally every single time I purchase a firearm, I get delayed for "further research"…

    What more could I possibly give them beyond what I have already given them??? I honestly feel as though they intentionally target some people for investigation. Perhaps they monitor our social media accounts? Internet records? Perhaps they use social markers to monitor who we associate with?

    There has to be something more to this, which is obviously illegal for them to be doing, but of which they are not disclosing to us.

  17. Dealing with that bullshit now, was denied on Fri, filed the challenge today.
    Thinking with all the new citizens trying to buy a gun I should document my ordeal as well.

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