Immigration Bills, Dignity proposal, I 485 Questions Answered – Travel, job change, EAD

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Immigration Bills, Dignity proposal, I 485 Questions Answered – Travel, job change, EAD

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Disclaimer: I am not an immigration lawyer and all the information in this video is available on public domain. Your specific immigration issues should be discussed with an immigration attorney.
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US immigration:

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41 thoughts on “Immigration Bills, Dignity proposal, I 485 Questions Answered – Travel, job change, EAD”

  1. Mandaar, thank you for your videos. Very useful and informative. One thing I will suggest- please change or remove the Keurig coffee making scene. Totally unnecessary.

  2. @WisdomTrends do we need i140 approval for Ac 21 or just 180 days pending 485 is sufficient?

  3. Thanks a ton for the info, Mandar! Your video was very informative. I have a question for you – after receiving the EAD/AP combo card, can you engage in part-time employment alongside your job with the employer that sponsored your I-140? Thank you!

  4. Hi Mandar, your videos are informative and I really like them.
    A small correction on travel using AP. If you use AP during your travel, but has an underlying H1, you are allowed to continue work for the employer who sponsored your H1 even if you don't have an EAD. Your status will be parolee as you rightly mentioned. If an amendment or an H1 transfer is done, then your status go back to H1. These are not in the law, but based on prevailing USCIS memos.
    This is based on the legal advice by large immigration law firms.

  5. Thanks Mandar.
    180 days, is counted from received date or receipt date? You said receipt date, it should be received date right.

  6. Thanks Mandar. I am interested to know what are the risks, if any, when using AC21 after 180 days of pending I-485 but I-140 is still pending.

  7. I request you to kindly answer this question…. Is it ok to return to your home country after you get your EAD on an employment based category and avail the consulate processing option to avail the green card?

  8. Have you heard anything regarding the waiver of the interview for the employment category green card since this was the rule of the Trump administration in 2017?

  9. @wisdom trends. Thanks for the video.. need suggestions.Should I wait for my I140 approval. My PD is current EB1C. I140 Receipt Nov 2020. Max out is by March 2022.

  10. What happens if a eb2-eb3 downgrade case changes job using h1b transfer with I485pending 180+ days but I140 downgrade is also pending. Does that mean I have restart perm in new job or just wait until i140 downgrade is approved and file i485j…kindly share ur inisghts..thx

  11. How abt primary maintaining h1b but spouse on h4 using 485 EAD? In this case, are spouse primary no more on non immigrant status?

  12. I received my AP document on I-485 in January , but I have not received the EAD yet. Does this happen frequently? When do you think I should be receiving my EAD? Thank you for your videos!

  13. Mandhar , can you do a video on I-485 processing times for people who became current in or after oct 2020 .

  14. Mandar- why do you suggest to not use EAD? I know many people changing to EAD and have no problems. It can take years to get gc.

  15. Thank you Mandar. I have applied for EAD but my wife was not eligible to apply for EAD as she was out of country(on H4 currently) so what status will she fall into if I switch my employment form H1 to GC EAD and when can I apply for her GC EAD? Thank you

  16. Thanks a ton for keep coming with valuable videos. I am hearing mixed remarks if we can change jobs immoderately after getting GC. Thoughts please

  17. I am on L1 visa. I got my I-140 approval on Nov 23 and then immediately filed AOS and EAD on Dec 30, 2020

    Is 180 day rule for job portability from Dec 30 ?

    Once I use Job portability do I need to move from L1 to EAD as on L1 one can’t change job

    Once I use job portability what if my employer withdraws I140 ? Does it impact after 180 days ?

    Thanks in advance – you are amazing

  18. Thanks Mandar! i have a question about Travel while let say i have applied for adjustment of status i-485 along with EAD/AP but still haven't received it yet, can i travel out of country while the decision is still not done, i am planning to use my H1 or H4 visa to reenter in this case assuming it still be valid.

  19. Thank you as always!! Are you planning a video on the recent live video stream of "Chat with Charlie Oppenheim regarding the April Visa bulletin"? I learned a lot of new things in that video and I think you will be able to explain much better to the vast majority of people who follow you.
    I am specifically talking about the EB category and the future visa bulletins. Charlie seemed very sure that the FAD for both EB2 and Eb3 will progress rapidly and EB1 will remain current for all countries. Another startling information, at least to me was that the beneficiary of the entire spillover from last year's family visas to EB category will be India only as the spillover visas are not subject to the country cap and strictly are based on priority date. Also, he expects similar if not more spillover visas from this year to come into EB 2021-22. Reminds me of the poor people rushing to get water in the movie, Mad Max, Fury road!!!

  20. Hi Mandar – Thanks a lot for all your efforts in providing immigration related information, I follow all your videos and they are very helpful in taking decisions.
    Could you please make a separate video explaining all the scenarios related to downgrading from EB2 to EB3 like :

    I: Once we get EAD in EB3 after downgrade can we go back to EB2? If so what’s the process
    2: If my dependent is using GC EAD after downgrade and I am still using my H1 can I go back to EB2 when dates are current in eb2.
    3: As EB2 and EB3 dates are so close I am confused and I would like to know all the Pros and Cons.


    Thanks in advance !!

  21. Hi Mandar.. thanks for the Info.. could you please do the video on I-824 filing and processing also.

  22. Does the restriction of AC 21 apply to EB 1A category – extraordinary worker or are they completely free to do any high skilled job? I am asking specifically for EB 1A not for 1B or 1C.

  23. Can you switch to a new company with the same job title within 6 months after submitting I485 alone with an approved I-140 over 6 months? thanks

  24. Mandar, Can someone in US do consular processing for family outside US while waiting for his 485 approval?

  25. Hello Mandar, wanted to get your thoughts. My PD is July 2017(eb3). I got a good offer from company B. Is it risky to switch given the fast moving priority dates?Your opinion will be much appreciated

  26. Please let us know if it is worth premiuming EB2 directly re filed (withdrawn)and EB3 downgraded I140 applications …

  27. Hello Mandar, if we compare December 2019 to December 2020 dates moved very fast due to spillover, there was 4 years of progression. As per Charlie's expectations, there could be spillover around 135K Green Cards, which would be more than previous year. We see April 2021 bulletin, they are moving quickly towards DOF, do you think EB3 could come all the way to January 2018 in October 2021 DOF, could you please make a video on this this topic?

  28. Hello Mandar, could you do a video on spillover that happened last year, it would hep us to understand what could happen in the future. Why didn't EB2 dates move as EB3 dates, I thought EB2 would get them first. It doesn't makes sense to skip EB2 and go to EB3… could you please explain why it happened.

  29. Hello Mandar, thanks for all yours efforts in providing insights with immigration issues. I'm a October 2020 filer for AOS and EAD, completed by biometrics around 1st week of March and waiting for EAD. In my case, I'll be maxing out my (L) work visa in few weeks. What are my options if EAD doesn't arrive on time? Appreciate your help again.

  30. Thanks Mandar! Do you know if it's ok to change job location at the same company 180 days after I485 is filed but I140 downgrade still pending?

  31. Hello Mandar
    Did uscis start taking interviews for GC like last year they were waived interviews

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