Immigration News Updates: May 2021 Visa Bulletin | FAMILY-SPONSORED & EMPLOYMENT-BASED | USCIS News

Immigration News Updates: May 2021 Visa Bulletin | FAMILY-SPONSORED & EMPLOYMENT-BASED | USCIS News

Hello Guy’s
In this video, I’ll cover the May 2021 Visa Bulletin: Advances in Employment-based categories and Family-based as well

So watch this video till the End
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47 thoughts on “Immigration News Updates: May 2021 Visa Bulletin | FAMILY-SPONSORED & EMPLOYMENT-BASED | USCIS News”

  1. YASAM _24k says:

    God bless you Sir for sharing information of Visas

  2. M Ismail says:

    Whats that mean f2 current, and we are wating for interview since ocotober 2020 pirotry date 23 may 2019 ???

  3. jackg40 jackson says:

    Appointment for Visitor Visa was canceled today. My friend in Zambia has been trying for a year and 1 month to come visit me in USA. Appointntment was for 5/24/21 and now canceled. Jacob thanks for all you do. Any updates on Zambia?

  4. Susan Wutz says:

    Our priorty date is Dec.21,2018. I am an American, married to a Ghanian. When can we expect to get our interview and Visa?

  5. Susan Wutz says:

    Please, answer!

  6. Jacob Wilson says:

    When will Liberia be included in said update?

  7. Jacob Wilson says:

    Please pin your number

  8. Merari Soto says:

    So what Category does K-1 Visa falls into??

  9. Rewan Selah says:

    So I dont get it because of corona the family based section is moving slow but for employment not? Why is that? They have powers not to affect corona? . This corona sh’t is a big lie and this is unacceptable

  10. Linda Baldeh says:

    So frustrated documents all qualified over a year ago at NVC my husband is in Gambia. Have tried to expedite, Senators office even trying to help with three different medical letters.

  11. Linda Baldeh says:

    What about the continent of Africa

  12. nayeli says:

    How are things at the Ciudad Juárez embassy looking??

  13. migz Lloren says:

    how about the K1 visa Phil.

  14. Syeda Iqra says:

    Anything for f2b? Prediction for coming months?

  15. Mayank Bhatt says:

    When the interview gets start it been 1 year now f2b category.

  16. Junjun Delapena says:

    Hope to know what year is being process now, our family petition way back 2004 from Philippines, until now no email yet

  17. Winsome Thompson says:

    What about IR5 visa appointment for Jamaica? I got an email that my documents are at NVC since February 2, 2021. I don't understand the bulletins, please help me.

  18. Tarak Nanavati says:

    Can you please share some information on documentarily qualified case..

  19. Juljan Ocka says:

    I used to live in the United States for 13 years i left in 2017 when Trump becomes President All these years i live there i used to paying Texas when I leave United States I make I 130 weth my mather and they told me I need to wait over see 10 yers . What is going on weth my situation now

  20. Yemi Habte says:

    Hello, thanks for the update. I have Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, Receipt Number WACXXXXX, but the message I have got online by the time I was checking the current status of my case, I receive a message which says that notice has been sent already. My mom said she didn't get any notice. The form was approved in April 2018, I felt that we might miss what was supposed to be done because of the missing notice. is there any other form that needs to be filled after I have got the I-130 form approval confirmation from USCIS?

  21. Nikhil Sharma Nyoupane says:

    My Immigrant Visa becomes documentarily qualified on Mar 31st, 2021. How much time will NVC take to contact to US Embassy/Consulate General for appointing the interview? Visa Category-F4(Brothers and Sisters of Adult U.S. Citizens)
    Priority Date – 6 JUN 2006

  22. Haddy Mboob says:

    Enjoyed you channel. My question is 2b visas in Africa Senegal Dakar. Gambia

  23. Dipankar Mohanty says:

    Any update on L2EAD processing?

  24. Sania Najma says:

    Bro when u will start b1 b2 viza for muslims

  25. film review says:

    Oh very sweet and nice man

  26. brian problems says:

    PD: July 2018
    DQ: April 2020

    Still no movement!!!!

  27. vani magadi says:

    Hello Jacob, Can my daughter change her status from L2 Visa to F1 and complete her 12th grade in same school here in USA?

  28. ljgella says:

    How. Can we inform the nvc or embassy that my sister will be 21 years old. The case submitted and approved in 2019 and was delayed for Interview due to Covid? What will we do?

  29. ljgella says:

    What will we do if last year I was interviewed but was advised to comeback again for the submission of documents however the province was far away from the US embassy and I failed to pass the remaining documents. We plan to come back to the Embassy and pass the documents and as I check my status my visa was canceled? How can we reiterated the visa processing? I CAN'T submit last year the documents due to Covid andbecaue of travel ban. Can you help us.

  30. Ronald Remudo says:

    What about the J1 Cultural Exchange Visa for teachers?

  31. Luz Jandayan says:

    Our family class-parent category pls indicate when will be processed. We are given pre departure services when coved pandemic was going through. Just an advise for us. Thanks

  32. Randal Jackson says:

    Thank you for your information

  33. devon Maxwell says:

    Can I get a number for you i need to call you

  34. Muhammad Zohaib says:

    what about ir1 from pakiatan

  35. Avdo Dautovic says:

    Any updates f3 visas i wait 6 mounths on the interview termin?

  36. Kayceleen Leynes says:

    Current without priority dates means that anybody who filed for eb3 in the Philippines can be scheduled for interview?

  37. American lifestyle says:

    Sir i received notice of case creation letter for f4 visa.. I need to log in CEAC. We need to spend 12step of priority date is 2013 and ,i am from Bangladesh much time can be take for scheduled interview..?
    In our country 2007 priority date getting interview..

  38. Okems Peace Udochi says:

    Pls who has receive any mail from NVC recently,I mean mail that contains case number and invoice ID,I have been waiting for almost 6months now no response from Nvc who's waiting too or who has receive a response from them recently,I got approve notice last year October that my case has been transferred to Nvc and no letter from Dem.

  39. Oluseyi Babalola says:

    Hope Nigeria move forward too.

  40. Isha Taymoor says:

    Hello! Can you please help me?

  41. lamia B says:

    Any updates on F2A interview in Morroco please

  42. kavya S says:

    Mh priority date is feb, 2016, EB2 category and wanted to check with you, I am currently located in india and our employer is willing to file H1b cap exempt petition. Do you suggest us to downgrade from Eb2 to Eb3, once we find project and move to the US?

  43. Suraj Parkash Walia says:

    Hi sir
    Parents of us citizen comes under which category from F1 to F4 for green card

  44. Suraj Parkash Walia says:

    Our application for green card was approved by uscis for green card on 16 th March 2021 and now the case is at NVC Mumbai for interview process. I want to know the process time at NVC & when can I expect the interview appointment letter

  45. StevenyGabby Perez says:

    Our application is at the embassy in Honduras on a K1 (fiance) visa. They have instructed to go online and schedule our interview. We have already paid and submitted the DS160. Online we keep getting told there are no appointments available at this time with the embassy. What does this mean? I figure if they have an appointment within the next 6 months to a year they could assign that. My fiance's aunt just got an interview date for next year (different type of visa). Does this mean that we will likely be waiting longer than that? Our USCIS receipt date is July 7, 2020.

  46. Law Offices of Jacob J. Sapochnick says:

    Thanks for Watching

    Make sure to like the video and

    Subscribe to the Channel for more video:

  47. Vishal Maharaj Halol says:

    My Brother in law is us citizen ..How to apply for immigration

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