Immigration to Canada: typical refusal reasons. LP Group

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What are the most common refusal reasons in immigration applications to Canada? Forewarned is forearmed. Be prepared and be careful when planning your immigration.

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30 thoughts on “Immigration to Canada: typical refusal reasons. LP Group”

  1. Had been invited to US 2017 for an exhibition and after approval at embassy the company that had invited was realised it was fake my visa was cancelled within hours ,if I apply a visitor visa to Canada can I be given? Can this affect my application to Canada?

  2. I completed master's, but my spouse is undergraduate. If i achieve higher score in ielts, does his education cause any problem for getting PR?

  3. IN case my EE profile expired and I'm creating it again and I decided to reduce my experience to match up the NOC, (Ex: in First EE Profile I put up, Worked in Telecom 1 yr, Electronics 1 yr & HR 5 yrs in Second EE I decided to add only HR exp). Does this effect in my future rounds. Please suggest..
    Thank You

  4. I did my masters at the same time when I started with job and I mentioned full time in profile I got ITA but now my agent is telling to make masters degree as full time as we cannot proof it but will this change affect my invitation as its reduce my 3 point my profile score is 458 and cutoff was 454.please suggest should I decline invitation or accept it and put my masters as part time course.

  5. Hi sir i was told that my eligibility not met by cic agent when i called them sir Plz help i was having 7 months experience in my old noc then a gap and then 2 and half year experience, so it becomes 3 years….is this correct bcoz i evaluated this way ?

  6. I have one more question I did my medical test but I was 4 weeks pregnant I completed all medical test including x-ray will my pregnancy delay our pr process and my due date is 15 November.

  7. We submitted our application on 17th March after getting ITA how much time it will take time for medical to complete.

  8. I applied for canada study visa in dec 2018 but got refusal may be because of low ielts score but after that i got refusal again for may intake with 6.5 bands not less than 6 . My profile is completed my 2014 then have 3 year work experience letter as a office assistant . I recieved my salary by cash but unfortunately I do not have salary slip . I got married in 2016 but pursue my ielts in 2018 june and applied for canada for jan intake with low ielts score got refusal again pursue for ielts and got good band score again applied again refusal . Now what is issue in my case

  9. Hi iv got a question, if I am a babysitter working in someone's home and receive cash in hand. How can I show prove of income. And will they accept a letter from my employer even tho it's not a company?

    Thank much..

  10. My friend was in canada for 3 yrs and nw he is in india his course was for 2 yrs but bcoz of some reason he didnt complete that he doesnt have his offer letter but does has his student visa
    Is it fine to only have an student visa he wont be refused ? Plss rply asap

  11. Hello sir, i was rejected Australian student visa becus of civil unrest in my country and also because of no strong ties in my home country. I plan to apply for student visa in canada next January and civil unrest in my country has not ceased. However i have sufficient family ties as i recently got married and have a good job. Could the civil unrest in my country still be a major obstacle if I apply to study in Canada?
    I am also concerned whether or not to mention my previous visa denial in my Canadian application given that i applied online and did not get the rejection stamp on my passport

  12. Hello sir,

    Asking for a friend of mine:

    As she is a foreign national who did her undergrad in India, she did submit the PCC from India as a part of the process.

    However, IRCC came back with a letter asking to submit PCC and we are confused.

    The PCC was issued just weeks ago by the High Commission of India in a foreign country.

    How should we go about this case where we have already submitted the right documents but they are still asking for the same?

    You answer would be very helpful. Thank you 🙂

  13. Sir I am from Bangladesh. when I was study in korea I did work in a small restaurant and that restaurant was individual restaurant. Is this restaurant working experience is acceptable in pnp program? Can Immigration office ask for the documents about work permission?

  14. NOC 5252 license soccer coach in a club plays in the third section and, studying to get my master degree in training and I have more than 5 years of experience i can get experience letter from the clubs i work for it do I have chance in self-employed employed immigration

  15. Hello Alex, This is my case, I have near 4 years of related and continous job experience and about a year ago I resigned from my job and focused on studing English. It means for a duration of one year I have been unemployed due to studing English and I have the proof. so my question, does this recent one year unemployment cause rejecting my application by officer? How can I state it in my profile?
    Thank you for great videos.

  16. Hello Sir
    My Son work Canada on limia and 2nd work permit Time his file go to back ground check
    which time Apouve his application ?

  17. good day sir is there a chance to work in canada if i am hepa b positive… pls i need your answer sir

  18. Sir i am type 1 diabetic it is well controlled by insulin and i want to go canada for my studies
    Can i go?
    Can i get PR after some years ?
    Can diabetes will make any impact? On my PR process
    Please reply sir

  19. Sir i am syphilis infeccted becausr of some reasons but i can complete my treatement and now i am completely fine so is i capable for camada student visa plzz sir help me i am very confused

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