Is NICS Blocking Your Purchase?

There are some misconceptions and misunderstandings around the NICS system. The purpose of this video is to educated the viewer on the NICS background check system and process. There are certain rules that govern the NICS system, which keeps them from holding your status indefinitely. I will discuss the process and the outcomes and why you may be delayed from receiving your purchase. Thanks for watching!


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  1. Anyone have knowledge of what happens after you complete an Expungement for a non-violent felony? NICS should clear, correct?

  2. In Delaware there isn't a mandatory wait, but they allow NICS 25 days of research. The FFL cannot transfer until after 25 days .

  3. I live in State of Georgia and I have a concealed permit and I never been arrested an I been on a Delayed status as this really upset me on why this is happening heck they already got my finger prints with my State Concealed Gun Permit.

    But I guess if you buy a gun on the Military Base Exchange Store they could have stricter rules or regulations.

  4. I live in fort Wayne in and I'm trying to purchase a pistol and it's been delayed ugh this is frustrating

  5. NICS can and does hold status indefinitely. I work in retail firearms sales. Our corporation does not practice the 72 hour release feature so we have no small number of persons who are forced to wait for 28 days and then have to reapply only to be delayed again and again. Reapplying is of no use as the reason for the delay is still there and the applicant will be delayed again. The appeal feature is worthless/useless as none of our customers have ever been able to resolve a delay via this medium. I have recently discerned the Voluntary Appeal File but no one seems to be able to access it.

  6. can a 4473 be terminated or canceled ? I was delayed and found a better deal than my FFL dealer but I paid already, FFL dealer says no refunds but my argument is no transfers have been made!

  7. Actually they can and do. I was held up for 5 weeks with a "Decision Pending". No other explanation and many people have had the same delay.

  8. im from texas do the same agencies apply, because they ,the gum shop, cabelas,besause they said they go through,ATF what are the requrments ,as far as the days to wait,please help me,ive been waiting 3days

  9. I am a CPL holder, and I was just delayed for a shotgun…dealer gave me a 10 day period to get it if I don’t get a answer, but I’m in Michigan and it’s still a 3 business day waiting period. Why would he say 10 days? Makes me think it’s some sort of discrimination

  10. your comment on ncis was very informative,i was told i should apply for a upin packet,to get my personal,so i dont have to hold my gun for so long,do you know where i can get this packet?please email me where to go. thanks so much

  11. I’m in California and I was initially approved to pick up my firearm after 15 days, then they called me back and said I had to wait 30-40 days I was so pissed off

  12. Is all this covid madness and post Biden speech sillyness causing more "delays" with all the increased firearm purchases?

  13. Hey Chris, nice video! I'm just Northwest of Lafayette, Indiana… I'll have to stop in some time

  14. I got my case dismissed for a UCW. I cant seem to find a solid answer regarding UCW charges. Does UCW bar me from buying guns? It was filed under Class A misdemeanor. Everytime I bought a gun. I was DELAYED. But then again. I was DELAYED before the charges were brought against me. I cant seem to find what can be done stuff like this happens.

  15. I've never been delayed after having done at least 20 background checks but I had a delayed for whatever reason today

  16. I just have one question.

    As a first time gun buyer would having a Very common name cause a little longer delay in they system?

  17. It is a convoluted mess, if one has a name similar to somebody who has had a problem you get an approval and have to go through a process, it can be NICS, Now it extends even to misdemeanors, non-violent misdemeanors, basically any excuse , in my case formerly the state had incorrectly inputed Not Guilty as “ guilty”, and even after twice going through the costly process to correct the incorrect misinformation , it was not corrected until finally I put the head clerk on the phone with one of the ladies in disposition who both informed her the verdicts were Not Guilty & then directly sent the State LE HQ the certified court records , then that was finally corrected- reluctantly ,
    The system & 4473 are a huge mess ,and the addition of the non binary as “sex” on the new form makes it a bad joke , meanwhile any foreign terrorist or domestic whack job can be approved

  18. Got delayed today. Most recent firearm purchase was last year. Nothings changed. Very frustrating

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