Is your background check stopping you from getting a job?

I understand your pain. Getting turned down time and time again while applying for a job cause of your criminal background or having to settle for jobs so shity that not even a illegal immigrant would work at with terrible pay. Here is a solution for you.

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13 thoughts on “Is your background check stopping you from getting a job?”

  1. You are right brother! I appreciate you telling us your background story! I am also struggling finding a job due to my credit and the amount of debt to the student loans. I am currently starting a eBay business. And you are so right about everything you said! I felt your frustration when they had you going back and fourth like that. Nevertheless, it did make you think of other avenues in generating cash flow. You approached a negative situation and changed it to a positive outcome. Well Played!

  2. Im sorry to hear of this, they could have giving you a warning, this is not right. It does not seem right they could have warned u and given u one more chance, god bless you.

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