Job You Can Leave-Off Your Resume to Avoid Resume Gaps

In this video I’ll show you which jobs you can safely leave off your resume and how to fill the employment gap that is left behind. Sometimes we only work a job for a few months and then leave, and those short stints make prospective employers question your candidacy. Resume Gaps draw a lot of attention from employers so you want to make sure that you don’t have any employment gaps. Explaining resume gaps and employment gaps is easy once you create a resume that minimizes the gaps you have.

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23 thoughts on “Job You Can Leave-Off Your Resume to Avoid Resume Gaps”

  1. How can that info be omitted using LinkedIn or applying using companies' websites asking for month and year?

  2. I have elongated a couple of jobs lately to fill some gaps . Thankfully the people i need to get references from ( ex employers) wers cool with this . Although where p45's are concerned, makes it a little difficult. The p45's dont match the start & end dates – luckily, no one has noticed so far.

  3. Single handedly alleviating job interview anxiety one informative video at a time and leaping tall buildings in a single bound way to go Don G !

  4. Hello Mr. Georgevich. Are you sure that background checks wouldn't be able to uncover a past employer? I ask because ever since i got fired from my three month teaching job in November 2019, i have been including that job in my resume because of all the conflicting information i have found in the internet, some saying that background checks will inevitably uncover anything in the teaching field and ruin me if i am caught lying. I really wish i could leave it off.

  5. Don, if omitted a past job, is it okay to leave it off the job application as well? Employers may look for consistency.

  6. I am new to your channel and with this being the first video, I am definitely tuning into all other videos, as I update my resume and LinkedIn profile. Thank you for being so detailed!!!

  7. I was told that recruiters & HR people hate functional resumes. Is that true? That is the style that I like to use.

  8. I like your content but I do not agree that you leave months off. No no no! I need to see everyone's months. That may be for the USA but if you are applying to Canadian jobs, you better have those dates on Sir. I find that writing a resume depends on where you are sending it. There is no cookie cutter way. Especially we are sending resumes to the Feds in Canada, we have to demonstrate the timing. I find that some of the advice on the internet is O.K. but there are certain nuances that make a difference to your success depending where you are sending your resume.

  9. Hi Don …..You are awesome……out of this word. This is the most helpful video ever. I have a critical question to ask. Usually, when one applies to a company and he intends to not list a position he held by using YEARS instead of months/YEARS, how can he go around the online job application where the resume is uploaded. The online application is programmed with drop-down menus requesting the provision of months/YEARS of employment at each company listed. There will be a discrepancy between the resume and online application. Although the resume is not legally abiding, the online application has legal implication. Can you help solve this dilemma?

  10. As someone who has spent the better part of a 25 year career as an independent contractor working 9-24 months on a job, it can be challenging to present a compelling narrative of experiences that doesn’t look like an unstable job-hopper at first glance. It looks like I’m going to have to let go of those big name businesses and demote them to a line item as a client of my business instead of showing them as an employer.

  11. Hi this note is to thank you for all that you teach us . Thanks to all that is been taught I got called for an interview after applying the methods of resume writing. I was asked for references in 2 days and now i see the date for the job advert extended . what should I do.

  12. Unfortunately, some jobs I've encountered, have asked for the month and even the date I was hired.

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