Jobs for Felons 2019 | Companies that hire Felons

Hey SIDE HUSTLING FAMILY! HAPPY MONDAY!! It’s been awhile! Your questions do not go unheard! Today we are diving deep into lots of awesome companies that hire felons!! Yes you heard me right!! Lets get into it!!

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Companies mentioned:

• – Take free online classes in math, science, art, computer programming, history, economics, as a few examples.

: Access most of the learning materials used in MIT classes directly through their OpenCourseWare project, free of charge.

• to code for free in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby, and more.

• a nanodegree in web development, building mobile apps, or data science, and take advantange of their free online courses to advance your career.


Impact Employment Solutions: Ohio, indiana, gergia michigan
Kelley Temps: 
Malone Solutions: 
Pirate Staffing: Types of Jobs: Laborers, Plumbing, Sign Holders, Food Service, Restoration, Payroll, Order Puller, Construction, Class A, B, C, CDL Drivers, Skilled Trades, Warehousing, Janitorial, Manufacturing, Caterers, Assembly, Clerical, Freight Handling, Forklift Operators.

Skyline Design
• Website

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Jobs for Felons 2019 | Companies that hire Felons



35 thoughts on “Jobs for Felons 2019 | Companies that hire Felons”

  1. You would think that getting convicted felons to be contributing members of society again would be important. Why would we want a bunch of unemployed felons walking around and committing MORE crime and serving more time!?!$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  2. I use to be an adult Education teacher and some of my students have a record. My students are going to love ❤️ this. Thank you so much! This video is going to help a lot of people.

  3. Hi, I am a convicted felon. I had 1.89g of cocaine in one bag with no scale in my car and was convicted of distribution because in SC they can charge you with distribution if it’s over a gram. I have also completed a rehab program and have been clean. I have a bachelors degree in business with experience in sales/account management and I am trying to get a pharmaceutical sales job. I have an interview in a couple weeks and I am very nervous. Do you have any advice? Everything I’ve read online is basically saying I don’t have a chance.

  4. I’m so glad for this very helpful information!
    I’m a middle aged female. I am educated and had a great career. When I was 41 my life changed forever! Never been in trouble in my life. It hit me out of nowhere. I have been devastated emotionally and financially for the last 6 years. I’ve lost everything! I feel like a high school student trying to find the best low paying jobs that don’t do background checks. Companies can be so quick to judge someone without knowing any of the circumstances of another human being that made a mistake in our early lives and caught up to us later in life.

    This definitely gives me hope! Especially in such a competitive and unforgiving workforce out there.

    Thank you!:)

  5. I just got caught for stealing from Walmart it was a class d felony this is my first offense but I haven't went to court for it yet I'm 18 pretty much I'm asking how do I make it now

  6. I’m an ex offender. Since my conviction I’ve went and earned a Bachelor’s in management. I’m presently in retail management as a sales and services manager which it turns out I HATE lol. Definitely not getting paid what I should be and I hate dealing directly with a lot of the type of customers I have to deal with. Looking for another field or level of management to get into like maybe project management or something until I go back to school and earn my JD.


  8. People say I look like a murderer but I don't know what a murderer looks like. I have a squeaky clean police record but because of my look businesses think I have been to jail or smoke and I don't smoke or drink

  9. Felons need to start their own party. Imagine what 11% of voting power actually is.
    That 11% is huge. I say start a party for felons. Then when a election happens broker a deal to help felons or all felons voted for the libertarian party.

  10. Commercial diving is underwater welding back in October 15 of 2009 I was convicted with two Felonise and one misdemeanor and ever since then I have been having a hard time I move back to Tennessee in 2010 and I don’t know very much of any resources here in the state of Tennessee.

  11. And is there a list of welding programs and heavy equipment operator programs that may be affordable and if is there any programs for felons that is similar to job Corps?

  12. Was accused of beating my baby mother. She later tried to fix the situation in court to help me but couldn’t do so without screwing herself because she had already made a statement in court about what allegedly happened. Ended up with a record couldnt find a job and did some shady work to pay off lawyer fees and child support (which I did) and now I’m in even deeper trouble (again) for the shady work I did. I’m exhausted I just want a good paying job ice if I work 15 hours a day I’m 24 I have the energy I just want to have my life back to somewhat normality

  13. Exceptional video, thank you for taken time to encourage so many people, that its not too late. There is life after a felony. Thank you.

  14. Your video says Jobs for Felons but all your doing is talking instead of sharing the actual jobs that are hiring. Waste of time.

  15. The government will not tell you while you're in the joint and will not tell you when you are released, is that if your criminal record goes back to your teenage years you will most likely qualify for a government check each month. Contact a social security lawyer.

  16. One of the best things to do is get a cdl working for 20 years save up in 401 k and leave this horrible country called USA

  17. Hi Vlooger, can I used your video in my prison documentary. My objective is to get the information out to those who have survived. Mass incarceration. Ok, thanks I just heard share, so I will share this information & your up coming information.Thanks, HeavenLee Justice

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