Jo's Application to Adopt Luna is Rejected – Grey's Anatomy

Jo (Camilla Luddington) is frustrated when Luna’s guardian rejects her and Hayes’ (Richard Flood) surgical plan for Luna and brings up that her application to adopt was rejected. Meanwhile, Bailey (Chandra Wilson) has an offer for Meredith (Ellen Pompeo). Watch ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ on ABC and Hulu, streaming and on demand.


27 thoughts on “Jo's Application to Adopt Luna is Rejected – Grey's Anatomy”

  1. Tasha Persaud says:

    Damn I feel bad for Jo

  2. Dylan says:

    They should just kill Jo off. They literally can't give her a single ounce of happiness.

  3. LP says:

    I think Link is going to help her. He wants more kids……

  4. Heena says:

    I think writer don't like jo..too much whatever she do they just make her miserable whether it's her past or her love life or career anything..I feel bad for her I wish she just get a proper closer with everything

  5. Sara Malaney says:

    I’m so upset.

  6. Birdie Wolf says:

    Lol what did Jo do to fail the background check? A couple weeks ago I saw a story of a felon with a history of drug abuse adopt a child from foster care.

  7. Kevin Sam says:

    Considering meredith got to adopt zola after kidnapping her, im sure jo can get luna eventually.

  8. C Wemba says:

    She definitely does not need a child until she gets help

  9. Allison says:

    I knew she wasn’t going to get her with the tiny studio apartment with two roommates. Wasn’t expecting it would be the background that denied her. Hoping it works out for her and she does get Luna in the end

  10. Justin W says:

    Messed up they denied her because of her past. Exactly what is wrong with the world.

  11. diana fagundes says:

    Why can’t they let jo be happy, it’s not even funny like god.

  12. Brenna Butler says:

    this season has really disappointed me

  13. Jordan Skolkin says:

    please let jo be happy

  14. Group 4 - Fernandez, Irylle says:


  15. Melissa Dant says:

    God to GA writers : and let there be no happiness for Jo Wilson

  16. Chudawa says:

    Oooh, I love this idea for Meredith!

  17. Ana P Ruggeri says:

    I feel she is gonna fight for luna like mer did for Zola is season 7

  18. Annette Arellano says:

    If Meredith could get Zola back after messing with the trial why can't Jo adopt?!

  19. Ange W says:

    I frankly found Jo to be rude in most of the episode. she woke up on the wrong side of the bed. She knows Helm is going through depression, yet gives her crap left or right, not making her feel welcome, and was in the end harsh. She was rude to the social worker as Hayes said, doing her job. While it's great she wants to foster/adopt the baby, the reality is harder than filing paperwork and get approved.

  20. Lena Southall says:

    this kind of reminds me of what happened on private practice when addison was trying to adopt henry. i hope that hayes does what jake did and then jo can adopt luna <3

  21. Goose Baby J says:

    “Richard Webber isn’t going anywhere, but he’s got too many jobs”

  22. Toli Oliver says:

    The fantastic improvement observationally allow because animal therapeutically rush versus a political throat. abashed, sticky onion

  23. mercyd239 says:

    Honestly i genuinly feel like Jo shouldn't adopt Luna. She is simply not even close to being ready to take on that kind of responsibility.

    She lives in an apartment she shares with two other people, she recently started a new residency and the girl still has a lot of trauma to work through before she becomes someone's parent.

  24. Alexandria Graham says:

    Someone is going to do for her what Alex did for Derek and Meredith

  25. wildflower says:

    y’all don’t understand how the adoption system works and it shows

  26. Cláudia Teixeira says:

    It's just me or on this episode I got an idea that Hayes has something in mind?

  27. Magda Girón says:

    You are my plan! 😀

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