leave ASAP if someone asks you this… (Adopt me roblox)

Hey guys! In todays video, I showed you guys the dangers of fail trading. I also showed you guys what to do to avoid getting scammed by fail trading!

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~Q~ What do you use to edit/record?
~A~ I use iMovie, available on IOS, to edit. To record, I use screen recording if I am on my phone or tablet, which you can get for free through settings on an Apple device. If I record on the computer, I use Snagit Screen Recording Software.

~Q~ How do you get so much money on bloxburg for giveaways?
~A~ I get my money on bloxburg from working a LOT. I prefer using the pizza delivery job, especially because I get the most amount of money from it.

~Q~ How do you choose your giveaway winners?
~A~ I choose my giveaway winners by recording all of their names onto a wheel. I put all the entries onto the wheel then spin. This keeps the giveaways fair.

~Q~ Can you friend me?
~A~ Sorry, but no. If I friend you, it would be unfair to others that also want to be friends with me. I’m really sorry, but keep in mind I have over 600+ friend requests.

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43 thoughts on “leave ASAP if someone asks you this… (Adopt me roblox)”

  1. I didn't get scammed I got banned and it's a big deal because I spent alot of money on it and I will get in trouble:(

  2. RenThePeanut BIG FAN I LOVE YOUR VIDS YOU ARE AMAZING I LOVE YOU SO MUCH EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I don't get why people try to trust trade instead of trading at the same time. It's the stupidest and yet somehow most successful scam in Adopt Me. I get that the majority of Adopt Me is kids, but seriously, this is absurdly dumb.

  4. TYSM for saying It To us!! also u guys can also probably Turn off your "Who can give me Items" in the settings. tho thank you so much!! I'll make sure I will be careful!!

  5. Hii can i enter for the giveaway i really want the neon crow bc i get bullyed bc my avatar is a noob 🙁

  6. If ppl will ask me for a fail trust or even a cross trade I would get on My scammer police costume and Say YOUR UNDER ARREST

  7. Its very hard to fall for a scam, especially like this. But I like how you alert us on scam’s

  8. Don’t scam it’s bad. Scammers don’t care about how much effort people work for their pet,
    so please don’t scam. Working hard is the key to get your dream pet, Anyone who does this please comment. Scamming does not help you, it just makes them feel sad! So don’t do this.

    Edit: You reached so much subscribers!

  9. TIPS ON FAIL TRADING: if you dont wanna get scammed and you wanna do the fail trade for fun, i recommend you to turn OFF YOUR gives so you cant get scammed i do this multiple times and i dont get scammed if you do this tell me if it works 🙂

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