Lyft/Uber: Upping Security On Background Checks. Will You Pass?

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39 thoughts on “Lyft/Uber: Upping Security On Background Checks. Will You Pass?”

  1. Robar Inc. says:

    Checkr don't work!!!!!!

  2. The Badger Report says:

    How long does the background check take? I heard uber doesnt take nearly as long as lyft

  3. Aiden C says:

    What about a accidents?

  4. Monica Lewinsky says:

    Are there some neighborhoods in your area that you would refuse to drive to?

  5. Andrew Williamson says:

    Do you have a PO Box for fan mail?

  6. Bill Moore says:

    Your hair!!! What happened to your beautiful hair???

  7. Emmanuel Sanders says:

    Looks like you hit the 10K, congrats !!! Love your freckles !

  8. Lee Forman says:

    How do you know when they've approved you? I see they processed background checks and I'm allowed to go 'online' in the app, but haven't gotten confirmation that I'm ready to start or anything.

  9. quest 77051 says:

    YOOOO..i've been doing lyft for a few weeks and got a ride request at 1am from a person named SUICIDE WITH NO PICTURE….i canceled that crap. why does lift allow people to use the app. with that kind of info?

  10. Your Personal Driver says:

    Wanted to come back here and say congrats on 10k. You asked and you received!

  11. jebusm86 says:

    There should be case by case exceptions though especially on non violent or non theft related offenses. I was rejected by uber over a drug misdemeanor over 9 years old. I'm going to school to be a class A cdl truck driver with multiple pre hires all willing to hire me and not one disqualified me over that charge but it's not good enough for uber? What a joke and you are using your own gas and vehicle.

  12. Entropy Regen says:

    They need to do background checks on passengers as well!

  13. Renjith Gopi says:

    How to clear bgc fail???

  14. Mark Arciosa says:

    Hello what brand of your car seats cover and where did you bought?

  15. Goddess Rulz says:

    Ty for the advice!

  16. ranger02 smith says:

    Convictions ? No. No convictions. (from the movie Stripes)

  17. M.r Ish says:

    I got kicked out because I have a dropped charge where I was accused.

  18. Mitchell Harris says:

    I really enjoy your videos.

  19. Alvin DP says:

    That's all good but what about those who are illegal that possess a social security and driver license. What I mean is that those who came to the USA THAT HAD A VISA AND NOW IT EXPIRED AND THEY DECIDE TO STAY.

  20. Alvin DP says:

    So what about them! I did not made a statement that they are dangerous not at all, you being informative on how background check is being perform by UBER how are they doing background check on overstay Visa in plain English illegal already of course it will comeback as without no record because it's only here in the states not outside How are they accomplishing that, first of all they don't even know if they're legal to stay or work here.

  21. Hard candy 711 says:

    This information is good to know about uber and Lift ,no wonder why they are always looking for new driver , I guess they function like a busy high rise office building revolving door or disposable water cup ., thank you for the advice .

  22. william harmon says:

    But yet no background checks on the customer who's getting into your car.
    They should be rejected to. This shows how much they really care about the drivers. Money over your safety

  23. Justin Harmon says:

    I was charged for theft of mislaid/lost property in 2013 which didn’t result in a conviction . For that I was rejected from both uber and lyft

  24. Zigzag says:

    Why don't run back ground checks on passengers . Your security won't matter ?

  25. Ehhrik says:

    If I have a criminal speeding ticket for going 75 in a 45 do you think I’ll still be able to drive for Uber? That’s the only ticket I’ve ever gotten

  26. Itty Bitty says:

    Congrats on 1k

  27. Spi says:

    They recently cut me off for a supposedly yearly background check? I don’t believe that one bit!
    I have no idea why? But I don’t expect to keep driving for them anymore.
    After 3 1/2 years too.
    Something is rotten in Denmark!

  28. qjtvaddict says:


  29. Bumpsmak DC says:

    Does anyone know about running a red light and getting caught on camera? Can You be deactivated? Anyone?

  30. Junior Esprit says:

    Will they deny me for 1 super speeder ticket ? I did 90 in a 70 ?

  31. naysan lived says:

    I’m driving Lyft for almost 4 month now when I go online it says background check processing I never had this issue before so you this this is normal and for all drivers or only me ?

  32. moe says:

    Are dismissed cases show on lyft background check !

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  35. Prime Clement says:

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  36. N.E C says:

    Are misdemeanors okay?

  37. James Ortom says:

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  38. YUSUF DIALLO says:

    This is crazy they losing workers

  39. shockawha9 says:

    Amazing that I pass the Federal fingerprint background to drive Limo/Taxi/Wrecker/Uber Black but just got deactivated after driving my own car with Lyft for 4 years with no changes to my background.

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