Lying on your resume – The reality | #grindreel

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48 thoughts on “Lying on your resume – The reality | #grindreel”

  1. I have only had a couple of companies with issues with job gaps and those are the same companies that I would have turned down given how bad the interview went.
    My cover letters make a huge difference when I have gaps. I even got my government clearance with gaps.
    The issue you have is beating the AI and getting it to pick you for HR to call for interview.

  2. Not until they did the background check on your resume. Things will be laid out quickly. Don’t lie on your resume!

  3. adulthood is so depressing. you need to get a job and when you have a job and/or try to get a job everything is your fault.

  4. 1) I got CCNA certified
    2) I worked 6 months as a telecom slave for very shitty company, on linkedin I called myself 'Network Engineer'
    3) I found a new REAL job as Junior System Engineer.

    I needed to lie to get the job of my dreams, but I do my job very good!

  5. Lie! Lie! Lie! Who cares if you get caught. Most likely you won't be fired. You may be moved or embarrassed. If I had a job gap, which I never have, I would lie about it. 90% aren't going to check it and if the do and call you out on it then just take the offer from company #2 that didn't check. The whole world is one big fucking lying contest. Cops lie in court. Lawyers lie to their clients. Spouses lie to their spouses. Plumbers lie about how much time it took to complete a job. Contractors lie about checking for gas lines before digging. The whole fucking world lies.

  6. Like the concept, but I can’t change my job titles to match the position openings because of gd LinkedIn…My whole job history’s already there. And you gotta have LinkedIn.

  7. Totally agree on not putting your Job Title as given by the company. My previous company gave me a reporting analyst role but made me build complex statistical models.

  8. Great insight I was afraid being weird because I think like that. Kind of an impostor syndrome. I am happy that this way of thinking quite spread

  9. You lie to them. They lie to you. You both know that's what's happening. You both pretend it's not happening.

    No fucking thank you

  10. Be honest when applying. I have done very well by putting in the work. Believe me it is very obvious when people lie to get in. It shows almost immediately and usually it does not last long. Consider the military. Also good background checks will reveal the truth so if your going for a job with little to no background check it might not be that great of a place anyways.

  11. If employers lie about the job description, what makes them entitled to your honesty? Just do what they do.

    At the end of the day, as long as you love what you do and produce good results. It's all good.

  12. I would like to share,
    my answer the job gap is how I am filling those months with the self improvement activities or something that I'd like to explore.

    Another pro-tip:
    In addition, you can mention that your gap is under your control because you planned it from a previous year.

  13. They want me to check "yes" when asked "Can we contact this employer?"? That's fine, but good luck when the company went out of business 6 years ago.

  14. Your Lexus nexus report explains where you’ve worked what degrees you have and your full criminal history in every state… employers can just get this report for free… most small employers don’t use this though but the large ones do

  15. Any company that gushes about how wonderful they are to work for, either in the ad or in the interview, that's automatically suspect. If they were really great to work for, they wouldn't need to advertise jobs the same way they advertise commercial products.

  16. Employers lie all the time about jobs, along with endless nonsense at the company, such as promotions, wages, and so on. They're just more sophisticated and trusted more.

  17. I've lied about everything in my career. My experience, my titles, hell… even my education.

    They only care about how much you're wanting to be paid and if you're a criminal. Everything else is bullshit.

  18. Them: Why do you have a job gap?
    Me: Cancer.
    Them: ehh…ehh… ok… ehh… ok… was it fine?
    Mc: Well I'm alive

  19. During the recession, a job gap or deviation from my career path, was considered to just be my fault or a choice, respectively.

    Also, many years ago, when I went for a job interview, in my 20s, a woman at an employment agency told another woman right in front of me, that my job gap had likely been due to me being in jail. I am a black woman so, I guess that had to be true. What she didn’t know, in her infinite, ignorant assumption was that I had a job gap, because I lived with my parents, who were decently well-heeled, probably more so, than her white parents. So my job gap was because I could afford to be picky, again, unlike her.

    Also, I’ve been laid off or fired from every job. I’ve never quit. The job I have now, they hired me based upon being impressed with my last job — that I was fired from. Never asked how I left. The clincher was that I lied about my degree. But, they liked me enough to remove the requirement, after I worked as a contractor for 6 months.

  20. If you told the new company you are still working for your last employer then it is well within reason that you would not want the prospective company contacting them.

  21. HR people are so stupid they automatically assume you were in jail during the time gap!!! Hahaha!!

  22. Background checks can require proof you worked at a company. I was asked to provide evidence that I really worked at my last job. (ie: a paystub with numbers redacted)

  23. I am tired of receptionist job I want to change my job but I don’t know what to do or how to lie on my cv I need help

  24. Me lying allowed me to go from having almost no interviews at all in highschool to over a dozen interviews during college with probably a dozen more interview offers and even working in a crappy job for a short time.

  25. There is a line between saying that you can do something which you cant, and between phrasing a statement differently.

    I can immediatley think of that meme which says how to add playing DnD to your resume.

  26. 13:28 "especially when your new to the industry and you never had this kind of corporate….". Just say it brother, it's corporate BS all day 😀

  27. And employers wonder why they get so many people in their industries who are untrustworthy, and better at being a BS artist than actually doing their job.

  28. Thank you so much for sharing your advice, it makes me realize how much of a snake work environments are, and that we really need to start standing up for ourselves.

  29. If you're going to lie on a resume, it should be small lies. Never lie about job experience, that won't end well (like make up some job at a company that you never got hired from)

  30. If they don’t wanna hire me, then I’ll just take govt handouts. And they wonder why the youth is turning to socialism after the toxic environment they created.

  31. But that's so messed up that you have to go all in in lying and deception just to get a desk job just because life happens,like how tf I'm I supossed to control life??

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