Make 10k a Month With a Mobile Fingerprinting Business in 4.5 Steps

This video goes through 4.5 steps on how to build a profitable mobile fingerprinting business in any type of economy.

Generate recurring and up to 10k a month just offering this one service to your business.

Here are the steps…

1) Setup
2) Website
3) Education
4) Marketing / Channeling

Although I am my own business owner of a web design and SEO agency, this business model absolutely crushes it with very little effort.

This will be part 1 of a very long series which will be all about fingerprinting businesses and live scan side hustles.

If you’re interested in becoming a partner with PrintScan. Click this link below, fill out the form and we will be in touch to book a call with you.

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30 thoughts on “Make 10k a Month With a Mobile Fingerprinting Business in 4.5 Steps”

  1. Hello, thanks for the information. I'm in the process of starting my notary public / loan signing agent business in North Carolina and I'm also very interested in expanding to finder printing as well! My question is can a finger printing business owner also have their own channeler company?

  2. I think your info on getting a website is very inaccurate. People can get a very professional website from godaddy and NOT pay 1-5k for it!

  3. Great Video Dan!!! I can definitely attest to what he is saying. I have seen great gains in my business with Print Scan and Dan with Bumpit Marketing!!

  4. Why can't the person providing the finger print services send the finger print, palm print directly to the agency the finger print is to go to?

  5. Is this something that a person with a criminal record could do? Sometimes that's a barrier even after a person has gotten their life together.

  6. I’m sorry I’m new to this, how do I find the link to fill out the paperwork to partner with print scan

  7. It was discouraging that you stated in the email that if you don't have $3,000-$7,000 to gain insight that you could do meeting and cancelled. Either way I'm going to have a successful business even if it means getting the information somewhere else.

  8. Is there anyway you can number your videos if they are in a series? It's hard to figure out which one to watch next if you're trying to watch in order.

  9. Ok I really believe in this but.. couple of huge red flags on your website. Just constructive criticism.
    When I click to become a partner and go to the FAQ's.. all it does is take me to the top of the page. There's no answer to the FAQS. then I click around other places and it brings me to something totally unrelated. I would fix that so others can know what they're getting into:/

  10. Thanks for the video. I am on Print Scan's website and it is awful! I cannot submit my contact information to receive information on equipment.

  11. Great video! So is this attached to being a mobile notary or separate? I’m currently a mobile notary and I’d like to also offer this as part of my service offerings

    Just subbed btw

  12. Did you fix the links on your website? I'm looking to partner but the website has so many broken links .

  13. 7 years ago in California I did a livescan for a big police department which I never continued in the hiring proces because I got another job. My question is, since I was never hired, will that livescan comeout in a new livescan? I have a job lined up that requires a fbi doj livescan investigation for a secret clearence.

  14. This is what I'm confused on, and no one really explains this. Although i know this is a big investment business, but live scan has a training dvd they mail to you, so after that once someone gets their scanner, they can just jump right in and just start fingerprinting anyone? The Dept. of state, or wherever doesn't need to know about this act, because I didn't really see much on live scan website

  15. Hi! I live in KY and we’re a “closed” state. Does this means I can only use an ink pad and the paper? No live scanner?

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