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  1. TO ANYONE IT MAY CONCERN. This gift was the best gift I have ever been given I e used EVERYTHING in here and still use the box! Thank you so much best friend!! Ily♥️

  2. love this. my best friend is better than me in terms of money so she always give me expensive stuffs on my birthdays ( this year she bought me an original anime hoodie!) i felt bad for her so i always looked up ways to give her handmade gifts. seems like ill get her a birthday box this year!

  3. I'm going to make one for my bestie we have been friends for 10 years (and I'm not even old) I've known her longer than I haven't so this will be perfect

  4. I just found your channel while looking for ideas for my Grand daughters 18th Birthday on April 1 2021. My daughter her mother passed away in Jan and now I have both of the kids living with me now. My daughter was such a great Mom and would have done her proud for this birthday so I am trying my best to make it special for her. We have only 3 family members so her party will be only 6 people due to Covid and since they moved out of their home town to live with me she has lost touch with her friends there, we are still in lockdown. I think is a great idea and I do crafting so I am making it in purple as that is her favourite colour. Normally we would have had a big event but it's not to be.

  5. I know im extremely late lol, but im gonnamake this for my friend in blue and purple her fave colours and im gonna tell tall what I put in and how much it cost! I hope she likes it coz shed my bestest friend hahah

  6. I did this just now. Idk if I like it…. but it's going to my sister soooo yeah it doesnt look too terrible I dont think…

  7. This helps a lot but I have to change it a lil and make it red cause my friends favorite color is red

  8. I watched this awhile back but never got around to asking where she got the picture globe thing. Anyone wanna help me?

  9. i'm gonna do one for my friend fir her bday even if ik she won't give me smtng like this in my bday but

  10. When you use OCD as an adjective when actually its a mental illness. You arent ocd for wanting paper to be straight… im sorry but that comment urked me.

  11. Perfect i love it!TYSM! My sister always goes to work with my dad NONSTOP so i will make her this tysm!!!!❤❤❤❤❤


  12. I've always done stuff like this for my best friends for 3 years (one of them has been my best friend for 8+ years, known her for 14+ years) I never get anything in return, I spend so much money even if I can't fully afford. I know I shouldn't expect something back if I'm doing it from my heart, ofc I love them, but atleast a little card or some cupcakes would make me happy, but just feel disappointed sometimes :/

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