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  1. Mandykay Marie says:

    TO ANYONE IT MAY CONCERN. This gift was the best gift I have ever been given I e used EVERYTHING in here and still use the box! Thank you so much best friend!! Ily♥️

  2. refilwe raseroka says:


  3. refilwe raseroka says:

    yes lovely Ariya the gift is the best

  4. user name2 says:

    heyy what’s the mini printer u have

  5. ms. aena says:

    love this. my best friend is better than me in terms of money so she always give me expensive stuffs on my birthdays ( this year she bought me an original anime hoodie!) i felt bad for her so i always looked up ways to give her handmade gifts. seems like ill get her a birthday box this year!

  6. Lauryn M says:

    How much did this all cost?

  7. Lauryn M says:

    I'm going to make one for my bestie we have been friends for 10 years (and I'm not even old) I've known her longer than I haven't so this will be perfect

  8. Nadia Ebery says:

    SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ugly Frog says:

    Hehe has she never heard of editing… like… u. can go faaaaaster u know


    I just found your channel while looking for ideas for my Grand daughters 18th Birthday on April 1 2021. My daughter her mother passed away in Jan and now I have both of the kids living with me now. My daughter was such a great Mom and would have done her proud for this birthday so I am trying my best to make it special for her. We have only 3 family members so her party will be only 6 people due to Covid and since they moved out of their home town to live with me she has lost touch with her friends there, we are still in lockdown. I think is a great idea and I do crafting so I am making it in purple as that is her favourite colour. Normally we would have had a big event but it's not to be.

  11. i s l a says:

    I know im extremely late lol, but im gonnamake this for my friend in blue and purple her fave colours and im gonna tell tall what I put in and how much it cost! I hope she likes it coz shed my bestest friend hahah

  12. Evelyn Hillier says:

    Intro: 0:08

  13. Emma Bryan says:

    You tiny doggie children are watching

  14. TraaaaGiiiiKz says:

    I did this just now. Idk if I like it…. but it's going to my sister soooo yeah it doesnt look too terrible I dont think…

  15. AdeQueen says:

    Hey were do yo get the printer???
    Plss answer

  16. Suheir Maarouf says:

    Box of j-hope

  17. DeadlyNuggets says:

    This helps a lot but I have to change it a lil and make it red cause my friends favorite color is red

  18. Yanissa Agbigay says:

    I watched this awhile back but never got around to asking where she got the picture globe thing. Anyone wanna help me?

  19. Unyk Santiago says:

    "zucco! got u!" I am done!

  20. Animal Communicator Holistic Pet Healing says:

    Your pups are adorable!!!

  21. Ash says:

    From where did you get the box?

  22. Titan Thea says:

    4:54 what's the name of the song please

  23. darine cherif says:

    i'm gonna do one for my friend fir her bday even if ik she won't give me smtng like this in my bday but

  24. deathbyrockandroll says:

    Lemme guess… She likes yellow?

  25. Nevaeh Dodd says:

    When you use OCD as an adjective when actually its a mental illness. You arent ocd for wanting paper to be straight… im sorry but that comment urked me.

  26. Samanvi Reddy Kaki says:

    where can i find the sun flowers?

  27. Paula Ways says:

    this was a
    gorgeous present

  28. chlo olivia says:

    Awww where did you get your mini printer? I'm doing this in turquoise for my friend.

  29. scotch eggs are amazing says:

    ayo my best friend is moving schools 🙁

  30. Natalie corbin says:

    you did a really good job. very thoughtful gift.

  31. Baeji Ploshp says:

    Perfect i love it!TYSM! My sister always goes to work with my dad NONSTOP so i will make her this tysm!!!!❤❤❤❤❤


  32. Selvarani says:

    I've always done stuff like this for my best friends for 3 years (one of them has been my best friend for 8+ years, known her for 14+ years) I never get anything in return, I spend so much money even if I can't fully afford. I know I shouldn't expect something back if I'm doing it from my heart, ofc I love them, but atleast a little card or some cupcakes would make me happy, but just feel disappointed sometimes :/

  33. Chris says:

    where did you get your box from?

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