MEPS Background & Security Screening !! MUST SEE !!

MEPS Background & Security Screening

Every applicant who goes through MEPS is given an FBI-level background check. This check looks for past criminal offenses, misdemeanor and above (this does not include parking tickets and minor traffic violations). MEPS staff will also ask applicants a series of questions about their backgrounds, for example, if they have used illegal drugs. It is crucial that applicants answer honestly. Admitting a past offense does not necessarily mean an applicant will be automatically disqualified, but dishonesty does. In some cases, lying at MEPS is a criminal offense.

Applicants are also fingerprinted for their records at MEPS. Additional processing may be required of applicants whose future military job calls for higher security clearance.

Security is of utmost importance at MEPS. A lot of personal information is being submitted, and great care is taken to respect applicants’ privacy and protect their identities. Biometric screening has been implemented at all MEPS to increase efficiency and safety. This equipment scans for points of recognition on each applicant’s face to guarantee an accurate ID.

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37 thoughts on “MEPS Background & Security Screening !! MUST SEE !!”

  1. Among other reasons, it is an integrity check. How can an applicant be trusted to live up to the higher military standard if from the get go they're being dishonest and withholding criminal history? The USMC has their three Core Values, of which the first, "Honor" states that a Marine will never lie, cheat or steal. The Army and National Guard have the 7 Army Values, of which the value "Integrity" states, Be willing to do what is right even when no one is looking. Each branch has their own.

  2. I have 2 questions,
    1st: I have a "X" tattooed on my right calf, its 3.5 inches tall and 3 inches wide, I can cover it with my hand. so would I still have to get it removed?
    2nd: I have a gross misdemeanor because i was in possession of a stolen moped, but I didn't know that it was stolen, could I still be qualified?

  3. Yeah. They also DQ you if you ever took more than one piece of Candy from someone's house on Halloween.

  4. can i get DQ'd if i got a ticket for skipping school, resisting arrest, fighting a peace officer, and second degree murder?

    lmao just kidding, rock on!

  5. Confidential is the basic clearance for all members: FBI check basically. A Secret, they look at local checks… they are just seeing if something comes up.

  6. Ok what if i have smoked weed in the past and I stopped to join, will they ask me if i have ever used and if so will they let me continue through MEPS or will they just drop me there.

  7. how far back does the screening check? i checked the SF86 and it goes back 7 years for criminal cases. would this be the same for MEPs?

  8. Well, it kind of depends. When was the last time you smoked weed?
    They won't bother you about it because they don't show you the results and your recruiter should have done that in the recruiting station before your trip to MEPS. If they found weed in your system, i think you'll have to wait for a month to retake MEPS.

  9. I know a man who was attacked by a gang of thugs when he was 17 and used a knife to defend himself and HE was the one who was arrested and tried. Now All charges were dropped except for possession of a deadly weapon which he pled guilty to. Years later after working crummy jobs until he got his record expunged he tried to join the armed forces but couldn't because he was charged with felony offenses and it was his childhood dream to become a Marine but he can't!

  10. Continuing, this guy was a good kid, never got into any trouble, never bothered anybody but was bullied by a gang of drug-dealing punks who harassed old people and now he has to pay for their sins. His rejection from the U.S. military has made him a bitter 25 year old man who is plotting revenge on American society. He talking crazy like staring a revolution and wiping out evil from the world, eradicating unrighteousness! Is there any hope 4 him?

  11. Also, this guy had a scholarship to enter into NYU to study film & television until he got arrested. When he finally got into a community college and try to apply for an internship at the White House, even though he was truthful and told them what happened, they still rejected and some universities have rejected him as well! Life has destroyed this man that I know, what would U do?

  12. I passed out at MEPS while they took my blood, it didnt help that I was going into the Marine Corps and the MEPS station was run by the NAVY

  13. I never had my finger prints done at meps idk why. I had to do 2 twice at the recruiters place, but they are not going through for some reason, about to have them done for the third time

  14. Can I join the Guard if I have a surgical wire and washer in my shoulder for shoulder surgery…I was cleared to wrestle in college after my surgery and have full ROM

  15. my recruiter and the main guy in the office told me to lie about my background to meps I did and am now enlisted I feel disgusted with myself and want to come forward how do I ? also I have a recording of my recruiter saying it was okay to lie to meps .

  16. i lied about my dislocated knee, will that come up on my security clearance if i tell my references to lie?

  17. I have a friend he's joining the Navy he's been arrested three times already but he doesn't have a felony or misdemeanor I want to know what the likelihood of him still being accepted and one of the arrest that he had there was a weapon involved but no one was harmed or and no one use the weapon?

  18. This is what scares me the most about joining the marines. I've comitted a few crimes in my past. The most recent was 3 years ago. All misdemeanors, most were drug related. I'm terrified of going to MEPS and being told I don't qualify.

  19. Cant wait to see when past felony marijuana charge can be re-considered for a wavier of morale for enlistment. Got in trouble 9 years ago, only time ever getting in trouble and every recruiter so far has told me no, and that i would be almost impossible to get a wavier. I know the military doesn't need drug addict's or stoner's but what about people how honestly made a mistake and have been since changed their lifestyle.

  20. I was in military. I know everything about recruiting. If you have never been arrested FOR A FELONY, CONVICTED OF A FELONY, PLEAD TO A FELONY OR A DOMESTIC CRIME YOU MORE THEN LIKELY OK. Getting just question by police is not anything you need to tell them. Cops can think you are dick head criminal doesn't mean. You are one. Honestly I wouldn't join if I were you. You will have to live paranoid once you are in if you are going to be in trouble for minor shit. There is very little support from other military. They can ruin your life if they wish and the va is not going to help you if you need them. Be educated go to college. Screaming and marching isn't gonna help you in a career.

  21. If I know someone lied about the mental history to join the Marines. And they were injured during boot camp and can no longer be in the Marines but they are inow collecting $1700 a month from the marines.. What can be done.

  22. Me: I want to join the military it's my childhood dream

    Meps: You're getting Disqualified. You killed a spider when you were 4 years old.

  23. If u want to be military keep your mouth shut and keep it shut after do what they say or u wont succeed xusn only way I opened mine a few times but they liked me knew I would step up if the shit hit the fan. When I did talk it was after they knew me not defore 3and half years on USS Trenton it's no joke I started out cleaning everything that earns u respect dont knoe bout army but it's the same. Better score better on the asvab if u want to be navy better be willing to work harder than other branches life at sea is very hard. But u will never regret it. Walk like a navy man not many can say if u want to be a pussy join the air Force. All other branches do laugh bout them. Talking bout army Navy marine s

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