Military daughters denied enlistment because of dependent mental health notations

This military family didn’t know notations about mental health that would keep their daughters from enlisting — and that dependent medical records are merged with new active duty medical records.


12 thoughts on “Military daughters denied enlistment because of dependent mental health notations”

  1. TreoView says:

    I say, if you’ve ever had mental health issues, you shouldn’t be near a gun or any weapon.

  2. Coffee is the path to victory says:

    Catch 22, suffer while having a mental health condition, or suffer lost opportunities with a healthy brain.

  3. just Mo says:

    That's crazy many people have had depression

  4. America Awesome says:

    Every Marine has mental health ! Those guy are crazy fuckers . First to fight ! First to die ! That Marine Corps . God Corps Country !

  5. Atack helicopter Definitely says:

    I couldn't join because of past mental health and it was a life long dream. So no I got no goals or ambitions in life.

  6. E #! says:

    The authorities just cant bring themselves to acknowledge that Psychiatry is a scam.

  7. B Watts says:

    Everyone has had depression and anxiety at some point in their life

  8. Lyndon Domingo Lonzanida says:

    that pisses me off so much, I was in the similar position as her daughter but they found borderline glaucoma and eczema in my medical records because my Dad was in the Army and I was a HUGE disadvantage at MEPs against other applicants whose parents were never in the military and had zero records. I have doctor's notes proving i do not have those medical conditions and they still medically disqualified me. I cannot believe they kicked her out while she was in bmt. Well, if the military DOES not want them, then that is their loss, not the daughters.

  9. Epic Clips says:

    Does visiting a therapist for depression disqualifying? I sought help because of marital cheating within my marriage. I do not have any or suffer from severe depression and disorder, it was only at that time when I was going through separation.

  10. killingkarma says:

    Don’t ever go to the military for behavioral health. They will screw you over and deny you a prosperous career.

  11. Hayden Follis says:

    If she had depression that’s her fault

  12. 79dogface says:

    Good. Probably saved the tax payers from supporting her for the rest of her life.

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