Monday Motivator When references are checked 08132018

Recruiters want your references. You don’t have to give them – yet. Recruiters burned out Randy’s references, and Abe lost a job offer because one of his references wasn’t ready for the call. Don’t let that happen to you! Want to learn how to prep your references? Head on over to to get instant access (with your Total Access Pass to the Job Hunt Toolkit) right now.


3 thoughts on “Monday Motivator When references are checked 08132018”

  1. Hi, just wanted to have your advise. I had an interview, a written test and then a second interview. After a week the HR officer asked fo three professional references and sent me two forms to sign. The first is a biodata form, where I put all details regarding academic and professional background as well as my annual salary. The second is an NDA ( non disclosure agreements) which was about which was a confedentiality agreement to protect the company's data to be signed by me and the COO. Does this mean I will get the job

  2. But it doesn't work well for us Hispanics and blacks. What do you recommend us color folks do? When we get interview by White people.

  3. At least get a chance to make sure that's the job you're wanting to do. Before refrences are given and make sure its gonna be the right fit.

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