Most Common Questions Before Working at an AMAZON Warehouse

I answer the most common questions that I always get about working at an Amazon warehouse. I intend to help out potential, future, or even current Amazon employees in these Amazon videos and I am just giving my opinions based on my Amazon experiences.

In this video I talk about a variety of things such as “does Amazon do background checks?” “Does Amazon do drug tests?” “Is it worth working at an Amazon Warehouse?” “How much do you make working at an Amazon Warehouse?” “Is it hot inside the Amazon Warehouse?” And many other things useful to know before working at an Amazon warehouse.

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26 thoughts on “Most Common Questions Before Working at an AMAZON Warehouse”

  1. Amazon UK FBA steal items from sellers. This is Disgusting English operated system what does not protect sellers. Tipically English Attitude! Do not deal with them! Be careful!! They do not refund you no matter how long you fight for your right.

  2. I worked for Fed Ex im doing this for the extra cash gonna be working another job till now Fed Ex is alright not badly I like the early shifts sunrise after that 2nd job.

  3. love your videos… thanks for be Honest about the Pro's & Con's of the job…
    I'm thinking seriously of applying for a part time job on Jacksonville, Fl, hoping to get a evening shift..

  4. I see a problem in this work environment.. ok where everything.. one person at a Staton … what for real.. it should be two.. people at a Staton.. why.. because its so busy.. that you should have two.. people. Ok

  5. Really good information you are offering thank you. Any chance you can shed some light on somethings: there ever any down time? If so do they send you home
    2. Would you say this is a stable/secured job
    3. How do the benefits work I.e. health insurance,dental,and vision
    4. Who pays for health coverage? Us or amzn an employee do you get any stocks? If so how?

  6. Appreciate your videos man I start on June 11th hopefully I can manage being musicless for 10 hours a day

  7. I saw on my local news that they aren’t test for weed anymore. Which, let’s be honest, that’s prob 99% the reasons fail.

  8. amazon no longer includes marijuana in their drug testing. Its an Oral swab now and unless youre a driver or something they dont care if you smoke marijuana in your free time.

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